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Dream About Irish People meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do my dreams mean?

I havent remembered a dream in years then 2 nights in a row I remember them and I think they are trying to tell me something... First of all some background to the dream; I have recently gone off the rails a bit taking unauthorised absence from work and drinking too much and generally having fun, its a job that I am sick of but won't quit because im anxious about the jobs market and the lack of alternate employment, but also at the same time I have become lazy and havent been looking for another job because ive become too comfortable with the easy money. Also ive taken last week off pretty much unauthorised, and havent heard anything from them, and I am due back Monday, I am almost begging to get sacked, but havent taken the action and dont know if i will quit

1st dream: Im at my house, theres a kind of party going on and Im chatting to a charactor from a program I watch in a language that I am learning. My and my friend leave the party and go to get the tram in town, which happens to be Galway (ireland), out to the Gaeltacht (irish speaking area) where I can speak the language I am learning, however when we get the tram is packed and I cant get on, then it starts moving off and I am trying to run after it but I cant run very fast and I cant quite grab the handle on the tram to pull myself on. Then my friend wants to go the pub and wait for the next tram, at some stage we end up back at the house. The last thing I remember is going back to the tram station with my friend but I cant find out which platfrom (i think its a train station now) the tram/ train we want leaves from... I cant remember if we ever get the train and I certainly cant remember getting to where I wanted to go

2nd dream: im back in my old school but its a college lesson, which is optional i.e. I chose to study there (i am studying part time for a subject that is linked to qualifying in the job im doing - law - and im not in love it and have been questioning whether to continue or now, the course and career im in were pressured on my by my dad) and Im a bit of a messer and the teacher gets angry with me, throws my assignment back at me and its a low grade, something which I dont care about because I hate the course, and I turn and say to a friend (an old school friend who I havent seen in years) that im done with it im leaving, and he turns and says "what now?" and I say, 'no', but I wont becoming back, for some reason I feel a bit apprehensive about getting up and leaving in front of everyone. Then it gets a bit crazy and there are a sort of gang but in cars trying to get into the school to get me, so me and my freind start running through the halls and at every corner I see the bumper of a car of the baddies pull up at the window, I can only see the bumper I cant see whos in it because the blinds are down almost to the bottom, we run and run and I know a place to hide (for some reason this is a place I dreamed of YEARS ago and never remembered until I rememberd this dream), the dream I had years ago was in a big house and it involved squeezing into secret doors and passages into deep and solitary places. But in this dream im with a friend and as we progress through doors im not 100% where it is but I know eventually we will get to a good hiding place. It gradually becomes a hotel, I have to stop to go to the toilet and thats when we are caught, but I dont think the person who caught us were the people in cars outside the school trying to get us. The person who caught us was more like a headmaster, someone trying to keep me in schools, he says get back to school and we leave, and thats all I remember. Also the people who were trying to get into school to get us were not police or anything, there were normal cars.

What I get from these dreams are that a) im trying to get to somewhere I want to be with something I love (i.e. the language im learning) but I cant get the transport for get there, b) im plan to quit the studing but people are chasing us and I am trying to hide, I never actually seek to get out of the building, im trying to hide within it. c) the character I talk to at the party represents someone who was encouraging me to go for what I want but I cant get there and d) in both dreams I have a friend with me, in the first dream the guy just wants to go to the pub and I follow and in the 2nd the guy doesnt want to quit school but nontheless is running with me. In the 2nd dream a person in authority I.e. the principle finds me and tells me go to back to class. e) I remember fear at the people trying to get into school to get me, thats who Im running from, despite saying in the dream i will quit at the end of the day im always running from the people outside trying to get in. But maybe those people dont represent a threat? maybe they represent the way out of the career/study im unhappy with? The fact im trying to find a hiding place, does this mean im scared at breaking out the career/ study im in?

If anyone has any insi

Your observations are fairly good. You only need to know that you control your future and the Creator is showing you what you are doing right and wrong about getting there (that Source provides our dreams for a wide variety of benefits). Put some effort into going in the direction you want to succeed in. My initial impression is that it is doing business (going to the toilet) in a place (school possibly) that becomes a hotel (starts small?) Sounds like you have to take action to make it happen, in spite of more than a little opposition.

Galway= probably woman's way.

One of the few things you have in life that makes you the kind of person you want to be is integrity. If you want a free ride you sacrifice your integrity.

Example: What does these two dreams mean?

Dream 1:

I was at home having a sleepover with my friends, and another group of people who go to my school. My brother was also having a sleepover with his friends. My Dad was on at a work conference and my mum was at home. My friends decide they wanted to sleep down stairs and this other group said they wanted to sleep upstairs, which was fine. I went down stairs to discover my friends eating icing; this annoyed me as it was supposed to be going on a cake my mum had made. Then my friend Charlie said to me 'Don't worry Catherine, Niall will be here soon'. This cheered me up, I guessing Niall (yes the 1D member) was a friend or something. Then all I remember is Niall Horan and Harry Styles having a camp out in my library, in the house.

Then I was at my swimming club, ready to swimming and my whole family was watching because it was a Gala, but we were all waiting for Niall to come in disguise because although to my friends, family and I he was just Niall to everyone else he was still the cute, Irish guy from One Direction. I had to leave my family as the race I was in was about to start before he got there but once I finished and was leaving with him, there wasn't enough space in my mums car he said to me 'You did it babe' and hugged me.

Dream 2:

I was at a family gather in a dress. When we left my parents were walking and my brother and I were biking home, even though it was over a hundred miles. I then managed to change into shorts and a t-shirt and was suddenly in a mountain biking race. When we had finished for the evening I was eating on a table with the people I sat with in Year 5. They were taking the mickey out of me for entering the race, even though they were in it to. Then the next part, was mid- late afternoon and I was biking in a field of sheep but then my bike collapsed in to a pile of metal. his guy who is in a band with me (I don't know his name but in the dream I was calling him by his brothers name) came to help me. We took my bike to the bottom of the field where there was a farmhouse, the farmer told us we could use his shed but then he went to shoot a dog which was disturbing his sheep. We were in the shed and the guy gave me his jacket as I was cold. We were flirting and as we were about to kiss his other brother (who also is in the band I go to) walked in and was like 'Oh finally you're here, pokers about to start'. *I woke up*

-I like One Directions music and think they are cute, but I'm not a mega fan, just a small one.
-I swim but never do galas
-My dad is never at work conferences
-My brother and I never have a sleepover at the same time
-I play the flute, The guy who gave me his jacket plays the drums and his brother also play the flute and once asked me out.
-I am friends with the people who teased me.
-I don't play poker.

Example: What could such terrifying dreams mean?

Last night, I had the strangest dreams.
From what I can remember, I was in my mother's backyard. The house I grew up in.
I was wearing all black spandex with an orange sash - like the "Miss america" ones, except all orange. To represent that I am irish.
I was with a number of other irish people, and we were fighting italians- in all black with red ones.
It was the early 1800's in my dream, I believe. It was a very long time period ago - except my house and playground at my moms house were still set how they are today. But the atmosphere and other people in my dream definitely lead me to believe it was a far back time period.
We were fighting. The italians had won because they had swords and the irish did not. So the irish got innovated, and the ones that remained decided to battle again. And I was the first to steal a sword of an italian man that dropped his own, I picked it up and slashed his wrists open. I did the same thing, slashing each mans wrist and making them suffer bleeding to death. I then approached the italian on my swing set and removed his head with my sword. and the italian that ran up after I did that, I removed his head as well. My fellow irish fighters were doing the same (I believe.) and I strictly remember slashing the italians wrists and necks. This was a long, long drawn out scene. And very, very gruesome images and words were shared.
The next thing I can remember, it five irish men and myself standing along the edge of my backyard. and we were debating slitting our own throats. We decided yes. So we all slit our throats. I remember all of us talking saying "We ****** up" and it was painful to talk due to the massive throat laceration.
We all fell to our knees, and I remember face planting in my yard. I guess that was the point I died.
The next dream I can remember was also in my mothers backyard.
I was with my twin sister, myself, and 2/3 of my older sisters. (both of which I do not live with any longer, I live with my twin now.) My oldest sister and my parents were not present. and only 1 of my cousins we with me. There was also few other people that I do not remember well because they were only background people on the swing set.
The next thing that happened was a large, meteor looking thing shooting across the sky, at the time I thought it was a cannon or something due to it's low altitude. But it was not steal, it looked like a meteor. The noise that it made sounded like the first time I had taken acid, I had heard thunder in a park when I was 16. It echoed through all my senses- making me think it was some form of alien or end of the world kind of thing.
I tried running up to my house, to get inside. Each time I got there, I was put back to the bottom of my yard and had to start over. My legs couldn't move and it was very hard to run, but i was trying as hard as i could. Finally, I made it inside and it was very creepy. It had a very bad atmosphere, It was like the parties I had in high school when my parents were gone and I stayed up all night to clean and the aroma was of spilled beer, marijuana and looming cigarette smoke. I had usually done E the nights of the parties (with only 3 other or so people knowing, the rest would take part in drinking or smoking, my high school friends were not much into e.) And each night I had a party it was a terrible atmosphere.
So in the dream, the atmosphere was much like that atmosphere. It didn't feel like home, it felt foreign. It felt like I didn't belong and had to get out.
We were packing our things because my oldest sister demanded we had to leave due to whatever fell from the sky. I don't remember where we were going but we had to go.
My twin sister was crying and I was rushing to pack. We got all the packing done in a matter of minutes. My twin, myself and 1 of my sisters were standing in the kitchen waiting for my other sister to come downstairs.
Then I don't remember the rest.
My dreams were terrifying.
what could they mean?

Example: Can someone tell me what this dream means...?

I dreamed that I was passionately kissing someone( a particular person that I am not romanticaly involved with) sitting on a bench in a bus or airport or maybe a bowling alley. The bus/airport/bowling alley was in my dreams before but it was a very different dream. Then I was in a Irish pub that sort of looked like the one I was in the night before and people that I commonly associate with this person were there also. The person was ignoring me and then we walked out and kissed on the bench again.

Example: Meaning behind these religious dreams?

I have had several religious dreams in the past but I had one 2 days ago that really got me thinking and was hoping that I could get some feedback from yahoo answers users... First off, I will tell the dream as I dreamed it 2 days ago and then I will tell the rest of my dreams for those who would like to keep reading and maybe give me a bit more feedback...

2 days ago I had a dream that I was walking along the beach (a very peaceful and serene setting) and felt very joyous as I strolled along the shore digging my toes into the sand as I walked. Looking ahead and all around me I could hear my favorite sounds of crashing waves, a bustling ocean and see what I have always considered the most beautiful and serene sight of all... the beach. (Keep in mind that in the past I have actually gone to the beach to pray or read the bible so the beach holds a special significance for me.) Anyway, as I walked along the beach and felt a rush of joy and peace within me I heard a voice which in my dream I thought was Jesus say "You have much to accomplish in your lifetime and you have led a good life." It was a beautiful voice and in my dream I knew it was Jesus' voice so I felt content knowing that he was speaking to me. When I woke up I felt so happy that I had another dream about Jesus but I wondered what it could possibly mean...

--- other dreams I have had in the past ---
I had a dream that I sat with a group of people watching Jesus preach in the days of old Jerusalem... I saw Jesus and in my dream he did not look like the man we all have seen painted in pictures but he looked very thin, frail and gaunt. He had high cheek bones and a long beard and his hair looked a bit dirty but glistened in the sun light. He spoke with his hands and was wearing a cream colored robe and prayed while a group of people watched and listened to his sermons... I was among those in my dream who watched a listened to Jesus preach. In the distance there were small homes which seemed as if they were made of clay and it was a desert type surrounding with lots of rocks in the area where Jesus preached. I dont remember having any "feelings" in this dream but in other religious dreams I have felt overcome with joy a million-fold.

I had another dream in which I dreamed that I was in a bright/light bluish place and saw bright angels in the background which were so bright that they looked like lightning but with slight forms of humans... They were waving at me and looked very happy and excited to see me and I excitedly waved back at them. In my dream I felt like I knew them and they were my family but I didnt know who they were because I couldn't see their faces, they were so bright but the most beautiful sight I had ever seen. In the dream I remember thinking about my life like life had been a dream and the dream I was having was reality for me. As the angels started to come closer and closer to me I thought to myself "oh no, maybe they are coming near me because I am going to die and I don't want to die!) That is when I woke up amazingly overjoyed still from my dream...

I've had other religious dreams but I going to tell of only one last one which was a prophetic dream which did come true the very next day...
I dreamed in was in a church listening to an Irish Catholic priest preach a sermon. I came up to him and he touched my forehead then said "You shall now receive the Holy Spirit." In my dream I started to shake and felt overcome with joy so much that I cried. The morning after I dreamed this I told the dream to my mother before church. When we arrived at church I got in line to recieve holy water and the priest was also Irish Catholic such as in my dream, had an accent like the priest in my dream, resembled the man in my dream and when he made a cross of holy water on my forehead he said "You shall now receive the Holy Spirit." I began to cry because I had just dreamed this the night before! My mom was in aw because the dream that I told her about actually happened.


its really hard to explain but in my dream i was in school with a girl sitting beside me and my science teacher but no one was saying anything, and then i started packing up my bag with copys and sheets but it wouldnt fit so i had to take some stuff out and then put the stuff back in to make it fit? then i was with the girl that was sitting beside me and soon there was more girls then.
we were going to irish but the teacher was in a computer screen and there was a man with a sheet of paper signing it or something? but when i went to get it done the teacher in the screen like signed off ignoring me kinda and then i like woke up in my dream or something and went outside saying to myself why is so many bad things happening or something ? sorry that parts confusing
but i went into a shop and there was a man there with a knife and then i came out really scared and i cant remember anymore i think my mam woke me up for school..
has anyone any ideas what my dream meant ?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream that I was in my car and I parked next to a fire truck. I looked inside the widows of the fire truck and for some reason saw some good looking men inside, about 6 of them I think. They were mostly wearing white clothes. I winked at a few because I found them attractive but then something horrible happened. As I was looking through their window a beautiful but gagged Hispanic woman suddenly stood up inside and had tears in her eyes and I concluded she had been raped by these men and I became terrified.

Now dreams are fuzzy so I forget what happened from there but I know for another part of the dream I was trying to help this rape victim hide from the men.

Does this woman represent a part of me, what do you think of this dream?

Example: What does my scary dream mean?

So this isnt the first time i have it. My mum thinks maybe it means because after my Korean crush gave me s*it that I am starting to not trust Koreans anymore.

Plot: I am driving along and Im still the 15 year old that I am, minding my own business then some car follows me to a supermarket that I go to. I don't know what happened to my parents possibly got killed.

As I stop, the car parks behind and I run like crazy but then fall over and get back up and it turns out it was Koreans chasing me and Chinese as well. They all then say I am Russian but I tried to tell them I was British. They were following me of course like spies.

I then get so scared that everytime I run around to hide, the Chinese and Koreans still say I am Russian and tell me to speak Russian. I said I couldn't and only knew a few words in Japanese, I was an English girl and knew a little Dutch and possibly a little bit of French.

I told them that they accused me of being Russian because I was a white girl. Then a guy distracts them and tells me to follow him into the building and we manage to hide safely. The guy introduces himself as Lee and I said my name.

the dream ended after the introduction after my mum told me to get up which I then got really pissed off.

This was like a movie but what did this dream mean. Is it what my mum says what it means?

Example: What do these dreams mean?

<3 i dream in color!
1) so I had a dream several months ago that I am just now thinking about. I am 13, so I find this weird, but I was in a room with a bunch of other people, and me and some guy (don't know who) were kissing, and my dad came in and threatened him... then he left and we started kissing again. I don't quite get it. I haven't ever kissed a boy (yeah I'm a girl) and I know my dad is very protective of me...
2) so I had a dream that I was flying around my house, however if I tilted a certain way I would fall. Then I was flying again. But every time I tilted my body a certain way, I would fall again. This was a few years ago...
3) when I was quite young I had a dream I was sitting on my bed and my bed was falling down down down and the place I was falling in was white walled but it never ended until I woke up.
4) There is this girl I really hate at school, and I had a dream she was tiny, and I ate her. I was horrified when I woke up, and still am. I may hate her, but I don't want to kill her, let alone eat her!

WHAT DO THESE DREAMS MEAN?! if you only know 1 or a few, plz tell me what you do know!
thanks if you answer!

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream I was in Ireland "I think" and I met this really really cool girl and we got drunk together in my dream.

For some reason I remember swimming through green waters. Thats gotto be Irish. lol

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