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Dream About Ironing meanings

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Example: Meaning of this dream...?

I've been with my b/f for almost 5 years and we have a wonderful realtionship; i had a dream last night that he proposed to me and i said yes. Here's the thing, neither one of us want to get married. If it means anything, what? It kind of freaked me out, but the more i think of it its less strange. Thanks!

One thing about dreams, sometimes they come true and sometimes they don't. Maybe down the road you may elect to get married, but regardless of what you decide, have a long discussion about everything like finances, school for the kids, which church to attend, etc. When you eventually get married, there will not be as many surprises. You have ironed most of them out beforehand.

Example: Does this dream mean something?

I was dreaming that I was entering this Hotel. Inside were rows of beds at first which looked more like a hospital. When I came further, I went to the bathroom because for some reason I knew that was where the elevator of the hotel rooms led.

I got in the elevator and as I got to the top floor, the hallway was so elegant. Bright chandeliers were hanging from the ceiling. I overheard 2 female-like voices talking in the background but it was unclear to me on what they were talking about. I thought I heard them say “Allopolo”. I just ignored the voices and walked slowly around the corridors. As I got to my room, I opened the door which had 2 beds inside. As I moved deeper into the bedroom the lights suddenly kept flickering on and off until the lights stayed off. I looked behind me and on the bed was a weird, white and arch-shaped object that wasn't supposed to be there. I just paused, staring at it until it slowly dropped as if it were only an ironing board. It gotten bigger and bigger and it was about to drop on top of me, then I passed out.

Later, I think I woke up in a run-down area. The place was so huge. It was almost a size of a football stadium, yet it was dark and only little light shinned through the holes on the ceiling. I quickly paused, hearing something. I looked behind me. What stood behind me was a weird purple-masked stranger. Around its head was a purple coloured, pin covered cloth so it couldn’t see. Suddenly, another purple-masked person came up and then lunged at the other one, not making any noise. The other one jumped around the walls, as if it was escaping. It then shouted “Allopolo” as if it was casting a spell and disappeared.

The other purple-masked person was still there, and mistaken me as the other one. I turned around running towards what looked like a ladder that would bring me higher up. Since the purple-masked thing couldn’t see me, its ears detected my every movement. It jumped up and tackled me out of the ladder. I fell down but kept on running.

It attempted to kick me but then I dodged it. I thought I heard it say “You’re Allopolo!” which really confused me, that’s when I woke up.

Ever since I woke up, I can still remember the word ‘Allopolo’ in my head and always think of it as a name. I’ve never heard of the word “Allopolo” before until I got this dream. Is this dream trying to tell me something, and who or what is 'Allopolo'?

Example: What does it means to dream of a blue snake n I found an iron club and held it down by the head?

I had a dream about a blue snake, I was picking up something on a corner of a room and as I lean down I saw the snake, it was rolling but I was not scared surprisingly!..i tried grabbing it by the head but it tried to bite me,then I reached for an iron stick n held it down by the head, n that was all, it's weird but I would like to know what it means thanks!

Example: What is this dream means?

actually its two dreams
in real : i have been reading books since 2005 which really changed every thing in my personal caracter and dreams it made me wise knowloge

well i had this two dreams
the first one is that i was in my sister rooms and ther was dinasores invasion and big hungray crocodiles and i was too afraid i was hiding under the bed and the bed wasnt covered(i mean any one who looks at the bed he will see me under it(it doesnt have the thing that we sleep on it)and then i climbed a book shelf(which doesnt exist in real)my legs were hanged in the air my hand were on the shelf andthe crocodiles where hiting the book shelf to make me fall then the books fall on thier head and died i was saved by the books
the second dream is that i was in pearl harbour attack(i read about pearl harbour attack too much)there were monkeys who were chasing me and i had no weapon
and i went to the library and get a book and hit the monkeys which make me feel safe book was my weapon

Example: What does my dream mean?

okay, so a few nights ago, i had a dream about my mother. lemme explain.
so it started out where i was getting ready for my mother's wedding and i was the flower girl, which was unusual to me, since i'm thirteen and i have younger sisters. so, i told my mom about it, and she told me she'd switch me to maid of honor. o_o so then, my five year old sister comes rushing in with her hair alllll the way down to her ankles and her hair was golden curls. my aunt followed her in with a hair curling iron. everyone acted as if her rapunzel hair was just natural and nothing was different about the fact that her hair was as long as a train on a wedding dress.
everything else is a blur.
i have NO idea what that could mean. o_o
help me?

Example: What does it mean to dream about fighting Black Widow to protect Iron Man?

Example: Iron maiden vs dream theater?

This is a great exapmle of an interesting comparison that isnt often made.I think that dream theaters first 3 albums are better than iron maidens first 3 but I think that peace of mind is clearly better than falling into infinity and powerslave destroys the vastly overated metropolis part 2.But after than it gets really interesting.Dont just say iron maiden because they are more popular,say your opinion on the better band based on quality of both their overall catologs.

Example: What is the meaning of iron maiden's "dream of mirrors"?

I looked up the web but i couldn't find a convincing explanation.
(I wish there was a category called "iron maiden")

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamt that i was somewhere...ahead of me was a street which in my dream realized it is a street i know in real life, then i saw an aeroplane flying very low...at the same height with the buildings, i made a mental note that it was going to crash...it then crashed in a field afew metres from the place i was standing...i went towards the place wishing i had my video camera with me, i found guys helping out, and realized that they were stealing from the victims, i started wondering whether i should do the same, went to a guy who seemed dead but on bending very close towards him he opened his eyes and walked away. NB: The crash looked very amateur, not a real crash...the plane actually looked like a sheet of iron on the ground after it crashed. please
answer as most sites inform on being involved in a crash and not spectating. This dream just doesn't leave my mind

Example: What does this dream mean?

I slept with my brother's best friend, I had feelings for him, but now our friendship is basically non-existant. My brother found out, he was mad at us, and now me and the guy don't talk anymore. I had a dream that he and I were in an unfamiliar place. We were in an old iron bed, and we were making out. My brother and another friend of ours were watching. There were also other people watching, but I didn't recognize any of them. I had a weird feeling. I knew we were going to have sex, and I wanted to,but I felt obligated to also. It was like we wanted to do it, but it felt like we were puttin on a show. We were partially naked, and I started going down on him. My brother was telling us to stop what we were doing, but we didn't care. I had barely gotten it into my mouth, and he said he was finished. I felt disappointed, but relieved at the same time. It seemed he felt the same way. And then suddenly, the dream changed and I was taking a shower alone. What could this dream mean?

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