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Dream About Irreligious meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: How can i get an aries guy to like me again?

Astrology is not your daily horoscope. How could 1/12th of the world's population have the same fate as you? Real Astrology is so much more. Your personality has a bit of every sign and every planet, in a blend of elements unique to you.

It's not the best way to decide what to do today. Regardless of what your astrologer or horoscope may say, your choices will ideally be based on your own inner voice, your higher self - the voice of reason and clarity. Whatever you may learn from a Transit or other predictive reading will hopefully give you insights into trends and possibilities in your future, with a focus on opportunities and feelings - not specific events. The intention will hopefully be to help you accept and prepare for your challenges.

Astrology is not a religion, nor does it make one irreligious to use astrology. God - whomever or whatever that means to you - created our universe ages ago, and gave people varying visions of spiritual meaning for existence in this universe. One of those visions grew into the art of Astrology - in all it's many forms in various cultures. It is deeply ingrained in Eastern philosophies, and in the West it has been accepted more often than rejected by popular theology*. It is a living art, growing and changing with each new cosmic discovery.

Your Natal Chart is not a way to cop out on personality problems. Whatever difficult traits you may have are meant to challenge you to become a better, stronger, more spiritual person.

In General

Aries likes to be excited, and gets bored easily

The Aries is guided by flashes of intuition and irresistible impulse. He is a fiery dynamo who is driven by a constant desire to forge ahead into new territories. When Aries sets his sights on a goal, it becomes an all-enveloping quest. The Aries native never gives up, but moves ever forward with an obstinate force of will. Like all fire signs, he constantly feels vital energy pulsing through him, and he must use that energy or burn up!

Aries strives for independence, and success is defined by a series of distinctive or high-reaching personal achievements. Coming in first or accomplishing the impossible are the ultimate goals. Athletes, entrepreneurs, soldiers, doctors, religious leaders, race car drivers and explorers are all associated with this sign. Aries does not fear danger, and accidents are all too common with this sign, particularly head injuries.

If the Aries seems brusque or disinterested it is because his mind is set on a goal that entirely absorbs his energy. Anything that interferes becomes an annoying distraction. Once the Aries sets his sights on someone or something, that becomes an urgent and immediate priority. If you are that goal, you can be sure that you will be showered with a love that burns as bright as the sun, and you can expect to be blessed with the greatest fire of devotion.

Your Aries is a highly intuitive, fiery, fast-acting, independent person who needs freedom above all. Aries people can stand alone in the world, and take pride in their ability to go through life without leaning on others. They always have a plan of action. If your Aries is not moving fast physically, you can be sure that mind is brimming with ideas. For Aries, the head is what it's all about, and Aries wants to put every idea into motion.

Let your Aries know how wonderful and special she/he is. In spite of that bold, confident appearance, or perhaps because of it, Aries can be somewhat the loner and not get support when needed. Also, your Aries may never feel truly complete or accomplished at anything because of the high standards he sets for himself. So, feed him with praise to boost his ego, and offer your loving encouragement to fan her passionate fire. Then, allow your Aries to follow those dreams, and offer helpful pointers and solutions wherever needed. You might feel invisible and unappreciated, but don't despair. Your Aries feels as if you are a part of her, and so may not understand the need to show gratitude. Just notice the way she glows inside when you give your advice, or the loving looks he gives you, and his determination to do even more. To Aries, this is the biggest thank you of all.

Most importantly, do everything possible to make your Aries feel unfettered. Like all fire signs, Aries can't stand to be led around or confined - unless as a means to an end. Let your Aries come up with the idea first, if possible. Otherwise, if you want your Aries to do something, ask gently! Your Aries has a passionate heart and the best of intentions, yet is a very sensitive, instinctual and intuitive individual. Your thoughtful love will be rewarded with heroic efforts and a proud devotion to your needs.

Example: I had a dream...?is it good or bad?

I dreamt that iam inside a big haunted castle .It's very dark inside but i can see my surroundings as if it was lit by a dim lamp.Iam standing on the very top inside of the castle with a stairs to the down.I couldn't see any ghosts or anything of that sort but i coild feel the danger hidden in it.I got a sudden feeling in my mind telling me not to come down by steeping on the stairs instead climb up the stairs holder and sweep down.I was having a friend with me.We both came down from the very to to down sweeping very speedly.While sweeping down we were saying some godly hymns from getting safe from demons.While down down very speedily we saw one demon standing down to catch us in his hands.Then we started to say some other very strong goldy hymns and it got vanished and we got down safely.Then what i saw was iam enteriing into one of the very big hall in that castle .It was very silent then from nowhere i saw someone telling me it was like an angel but i couldn't see his face.That angel was so comforting and i felt very much safe with him.Then the angel told me to follow him and also said from today onwards no body can hurt you.Just follow me .Then i saw him moving to another room and a moment i just stood in wonder and i followed him.

That's all.Can anybody tell me what could be the meaning of it.
Is it good or bad dream...

Example: What are aura''s? I saw one recently I think in a dream. What is going on with me?

I want to just clarify something. For all of my 25 years of life I have been agnostic/atheist/irreligious. I follow no particular organized religion and am highly skeptical of many claims that some of these religious institutions have made over their existence. In my opinion, logic, science and education are key to lifting the veil of ignorance that has blinded humanity, with much help from religion over the years. I even have a shirt that says skeptic on it, and I wear it around all the time. This is not to say that I find everything about the world's particular faiths disturbing, I think they all have some inherent truth and lessons we can learn from them, only that the corrupting influences of the world have diminished this truth over the ages.

However, about two weeks ago I had a dream. I had a dream, but it didn't seem like a dream. It seemed real. I was lying in bed in my room in this dream, and off to my right I have a desk with my computer. My girlfriend was sitting in this chair as she sometimes often does. We live together with my parents and we all help each other out you see.

Anyway, in this dream, there was a distinctly blue aura flowing around her. She was so beautiful, almost angelic in a way. In retrospect, it felt like maybe, it was her spirit? I'm not sure though. I've always been somewhat skeptical, though open minded about such things. This however, was different. I've never experienced such a thing before. It was definitely my love, and she was definitely blue. She said something to me, I don't remember now, and I awoke. When I awoke, I was still in the same position. The same spot in the same bed, except my girlfriend was no longer in the chair, she was where she had been the whole night, off to my left asleep with her back turned to me. I instantly woke her to ask her if she felt anything, she felt nothing. I lumped it off as being a weird experience and nothing much to it. However, I started thinking about that moment again over the last couple days, and I actually found out a bunch of things about these so called auras. I never even was aware that such stuff existed. Over the last couple weeks I've also been randomly feeling a sensation in my forehead. My mother and my girlfriend told me my third eye is awakening, but I'm still skeptical of such things. I'm simply not sure what's going on, but it feels to me something is going on.

What are your thoughts fellow humans?

Example: Religious, help me with a dream...?

Religious people only please. I had a strange dream and I need some help deciding what it means. I admit I have been thinking about the gross injustices of the world and fearing what God might do about it, lately. But I had a dream that I was standing outside and there were many people in cars and on cars, on a platform and beneath the platform, and we were all looking at the sunset, because as the sun was going down, it starting glowing, getting bigger and bigger. The people were all watching and saying, wow, how cool it was and how great it looked. When I was getting scared because I knew what it likely meant, a solar flare or huge sunspot was radiating at the earth. I starting running as fast as I could toward a building at my right. Some people laughed and one shouted, where are you going? I said, I'm running for cover! As I was running, I felt a strong wind start coming from the west, and it was getting stronger and stronger. As I hit the building, it was getting hurricane strength, so i was looking for a place to get shelter away from the windows, but i knew I would have to get down soon, windows or not. Then I woke up. As I awoke, I remembered a dream I had before this one where I was talking to someone about how America had to start doing better as a community, living better lives, because God's justice was coming. So both those dreams spooked me, but now I am thinking maybe they were just a fear expressed as a dream. But I also thought I should post it just in case, as a warning. If the sun starts glowing, find cover fast.

Nonreligious or irreligious people, please keep your opinions to yourself, or make a separate post. I will report all disrespectful or non-responsive answers.

Example: Weird dream I had a couple of months ago...?

Okay, so I was in this forest and it was a greyish-blah color like right before it's nighttime and there's this circular clearing that I'm standing in and in front of me are these abandoned nests full of these poor little chicks and some are dead,sick or close to dying and it's just this huge pile of nests and chicks, and I'm trying throw little bird feed-ish stuff that was chick edible(lol) but then these big crows/ravens start flying at my face and I can feel them pecking at my eyes and what not but everything's black and i can't see:[ Know what it meant?

Example: Anybody here feel as the most cursed and unhappy person on Earth?Reasons below?Please decent answers?

long story short:i am nearly 27 my father dumped me before i was born my mother has schizophrenia;only person that really took care of me was one grandfather who died of cancer;bullied and despised very much in school;flunked first at end of high school's exam that didnt allow me to choose a good useful college;jobless since graduation for 3 years ; thinking i will inherit mothers illness
living for the moment in another place where i must leave when my grandmother dies
almost no money...WHAT SHOULD I DO?

Example: Cave dwellers in Plato''s Allegory of the cave?

In Plato's Allegory of the cave the cave dwellers perceive their reality different then it actually is because they are blind to the truth of what is going on
In today's world who would be considered a cave dweller?
I was thinking maybe really religious people
but your input is greatly appreciated

Example: Why have we made marriage so difficult?

You try to get married to save yourself from falling into a haram relationship and you want to start a family based upon the law of Allah, but our culture today has made it so difficult. Sisters are looking for a prince charming who bleeds money and waits for them outside on a white horse while their families expect someone with as much accomplishments as someone who has already lived a full life.

This is not even to mention all the stigma around marrying young or even how you can't find a sister who is not so westernized that she feels taking care of a human life and nurturing it into adulthood is a chore and a shackle.
May Allah help us.

Example: How to become a professional actress?

I am 15 years old , and i have wanted to become
an actress since i can remember . I go to a
magnet school and my "major" is Drama .
So i do alot of acting in class . I am going
to take acting classes either in March or June.
I have done plays in the past . I have my parents support .
What do i need to do from here? What should i add on my resume .
Should i start auditioning for small stuff . HELP? ( :

Example: Can somebody please tell me my horoscope?

please no joke answers, its just a bit of fun to follow!

I'm a leo =) ty

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