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Dream About Islamic Law meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this mean? Islamic dream interpertation?

First, let me tell you guys who this has to do with. My son-in-law well he was going to be my son in law,my daughter is having doubts about him their in the engagement stage. Ok I dreamt that i gave birth to a girl and that it was his baby. during the dream I actually was like married to him and i enjoyed being with him. In real life I do like him. My daughter is the one who fro some reason after accepting his marriage proposal, said i'm not feeling secure with him. This man did Haj twice and eight umrah's. You would think why? we still don't Know. But about the dream, any help fellow muslims? May Allah help everyone in need.

Seeing a female infant in a dream typically represents a good omen or sign. Ibn Sireen said the infant girl symbolizes the coming year; if it appeared good, then the year will be good and if it appears bad, the coming year will be toilsome. If the infant is hugged, then it symbolizes and increase in rizq in the coming year. Some of the goodness of the coming year may be as a result of your daughter's fiance, since he -in the dream- is the one responsible for the birth. And Allahu 'Alim.


Example: Dream of seeing my dead father-in-law and he was so tall what does it mean?

dream of seeing my dead father-in-law and he was so tall what does it mean?
my father inlaw passed away this past week of pancreatic cancer, he was a devote Muslim man. I saw him in my dreams and he was so tall, what does that mean?

Islamic tafseer, or Islamic interpretation would be best!

Example: Someone who knows meaning of dreams in Islamic meaning for a female?

It starts out happy and good, my aunt came over, my sister in law is there with her kids, - my husband went outside for a smoke, and when he came back inside the house. People came from all over asking me "where is he?" surrounding my home, I had my family inside including my sister in law and aunt, they were here to because of my husband, it was dark inside the lights were out, night outside, I saw them through a large glass window, I was not scared but strong to keep everyone in my home safe and away from danger, I'm a female who stood up to fight to protect my family inside, does this means I'm fighting evil off my family? some of them were at the front door, I could see them through the glass door, this was my house but bigger, with more space, and beauty, what does that mean? I had a phone in my hand - trying to call for help. someone called my phone a male asking for two ID's. I didn't get the chance to talk to him, the strangers by my front door smiled at me and I watched them without fear, I couldn't call for help because the man was still on my phone.

I woke up.! - Now I'm worried because it is ramadhan - the shatan is locked up - so I know it's a dream from Allah not shatan, I need to understand it. Please someone help me figure it out. Thank you!

Example: How we can stop Iranian regime and break "The Islamic Block"?

There are Radical Islamic activities in some Countries such as Egypt, Tunisia and Yemen , We know Iran's Regime (not innocent Iranian People, as I'm an Iranian, Iranian hate this regime more than all of you) Is behind all of those, The Iranian Evil Regime want to establish an Islamic superpower! worst than Soviet union, and they glade to see radical activity in middle east, They want to make "The Islamic Block", If they succeed, Then the Huge War will begins, Don't tell me they're weak! an important point in war is: "Never assume your enemy weaker than yourself, although it is true" they gonna turn all people on Earth into muslims, no matter in kindly or force action. That have been proved at least in my country!
If we (I mean free humans) let them to obtain more power, then nobody can defeat them easily, that's their dream and our nightmare, they try to introduce "seyd Ali khomenei" as holy man, Iranian people now that he is just a filthy leech.
I'm Iranian(Persian) I'm not muslim, Please don't insult me and my compatriots as terrorists, But this Regime is an Antichrist inhuman organization, We don't consider its members as our compatriots, they all are vicious mercenaries.

Example: Christians, if you were born in a serious Islamic family in Saudi Arabia would you be a Christian?

MC B-Fresh,

Yes but it has got an actual answer zero times.

Example: What would be your Islamic interpretation of this dream?

In real life, I met a police officer who along with some colleagues violated my rights under American law by breaking down the back door of my home to enter without a search warrant and then arrested me on a fake bench warrant as well. He is the same cop who drove me to the jail and read to me the faked bench warrant. While I was in the jail, I had a dream with that cop in it, he was leading a Nazi youth group meeting in my town.

What do you think the dream means?

Example: What does my dream mean? Could someone interpret it please :)?

I had a dream a few days ago. Well it was a dream within a dream. In my dream I had a dream where I was being told to fast on the 17th fast of Ramadan, because fasting on the 17th fast would mean my future and past sins would be forgiven. When I woke up from the dream (i.e the dream I had within the dream) I started telling people I knew to fast on the 17th fast, especially because their future and past sins would be forgiven.
Well basically that was the dream, left me really confused at the end of it, because it seemed so real that I actually thought I had told people in reality about fasting on the 17th fast.
Is this just a dream? Is there any meaning behind it? Please let me know :)

Example: What does it mean when u dream of a cat attacking you? (islamic point of view plz thanks)?

i had a dream of my moms cat attacking me in front of my house, then the night after my dream was my mother law was verbally attacking me , the following night i dreamt there was witchcraft left by her in the bathroom i was changing in, 2 days later i had a dream about 4-5 cats surrounding me but they didn't attack...what do you guys think...i know in islam cats are something bad in dreams..i also had a huge fight with my mother law in the summer , she talks about me left n right , always threatening me

Example: Poll: If you are a muslim, do you believe that Islamic law (Sharia) is outdated, or that its implementation ?

to govern over the world should be a goal?

How could sharia be reconciled with ideals such as Personal freedom (sexual freedom, free speech, and expression) and religious freedom (especially for Atheists, agnostics, pagans, polytheists, apostey, ect.)?

ps. I'm an agnostic.

Example: Interperate islamic meaning - Giving birth?

I had a dream that I was about to sit on the toilet and I could see a babies head, my elder sister was there to.  I told her to call my husband by the time she came back I pushed the baby out myself and was sat on the toilet holding him in my arms. He was not crying just blinking so I knew the baby was alive.  By then my husband had come whilst i was holding my baby but when he came into the bathroom I didn’t look up at my husband - I was just looking at my baby.

The baby looked exactly like my 11 month son but the new baby I was told was a girl. Also after the birth in my dream i didn't see any blood or experience any pain what so ever.  What does my dream mean?

Also in reality my husband has divorced me in English law but not islamically. So not sure if I am fully divorced.

Please interperet my dream I don’t understand why I would be having a baby with my estranged husband.

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