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Dream About Jacket meanings

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Example: What does this dream means?

My friend told me that she dreamed of me and my crush wich i really love, in a wedding, h was very cute and good looking and i was wearing red dress and white jacket, and i looked at him and he wasn't looking at me at all and wasn't interested in me, so i became sad, but my friend said : hey, he's looking at you every time but just he doesn't show it, so what does this dream means, i hope it's good lol

idk what your dream means but, you obviously don't understand the male brain, more specifically the teenage male brain... seriously just walk up to the poor bastard (make sure you look good, but don't over do it) grab him by his collar with your right hand, look him in the eyes for a second and say something in your most sudctive voice like "you belong to me now" and then grab the back of his head with your left hand (grabing a little bit or hair at the same time) and ram your tongue so far down his throat he chokes, if he kisses you back then you're sweet. to seal the deal after the kiss say something still using a seductive voice like "unless you want me to belong to you" ... and what do you know, you have won the game of high school, congratulations!

100% bullet proof plan, I swear!

Example: What do you think my dream means.?

I was dreaming me and my sisters were dressing up for party. Room was full of women dressing up. I am wearing cowboy booths and jeans and leather jacket and i feel cold.. I am Ready for party and waiting for my sisters. I am kinda uninteresting. then i hear my sisters and My mom saying "look she is so beautiful .. O my God look at her.. I turn around and see young woman who looks like me , wearing red romantic dress and red hair like mine.. She looks just like me,and it is me. but somehow i do not feel connected to her.. I think it is one of my sisters...I see myself but i am 100% sure in my dream mind that is my sister.. She looks beautiful and feminine .. I am starting to feel jealous. and i feel pain.. I scream at my mom in anger.. why , you have never said I am beautiful , you never complimented me . I was screaming in pain and anger and i woke up with pain and anxiety in my chest... It was hurting so much that i was shaking from pain.. I was jelous at that woman in red dress..who was me .

Example: What does my dreams mean?

Okay, I have two dreams that I don't understand. The first one is: We r on a class field trip at this lake or swamp. Something happened to the teacher. I dont know what but he/she was not in my dream. The class split up and they all went into the water and swam through the forest since that was the only way to go. I had a choice to either go in the car that will slowly sink to the bottom and we'll open the doors and swim deep underwater. The other choice was to go with a group of ppl I know and swim through the forest like the rest of the class. I choose the car, but as we were sinking, I chickened out and opened the door and left. I ran back and I saw that the group I could have gone with left! I sat at the dock and cried yelling if someone can help me. Then the guy I use to like and have no feelings for him at all, yelled "Over here". I ignored him and pretended I couldn't see him. Then my friend came and she pushed me in the lake just to be funny. It was hard for me to swim but I'm usually a great swimmer; just that in the dream I was struggling and I had the life jacket on! I swam to the guy and we just stayed there and waited. Just the three of us in the dark swamp or whatever u want to call it. What does this dream mean? To have your class leave you behind, chicken out, a guy u dont like at all help u, and u, ur friend, and a guy u use to like just wait. What does it mean?

The next dream is pretty simple. I was some stranger. Not me, but some person I didn't even know and all the people I hated or were mean just died one after another. They all died the same way though but at diffferent periods. They all got ran over by a train. What does it mean to have random people you don't know all die at a different time but have the same cause of death?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that makes me feel very uneasy. I cannot go back to sleep. In my dream I seemed like I was keeping a very low profile in a huge but confined city. I had ragged pair of jeans with white t-shirt and a black jacket (seemed like leather). I walked into this dusty pub looking for someone but I don't know who I was looking for. I sat at the bar and before I could say a word to the bartender, a vampire sat next to me. The vampire didn't have any interest in sucking my blood or anything like that. He just looked straight into my eyes and told me that "I should watch my back". In my dream I began to think about what the vampire said rather than getting scared. Then soon after, when I left the bar, I woke up.

Now I am awake and I cannot fall asleep for some reason...I cannot put my finger on it. Please help...I normally don't dream but when I do they always mean something.

Example: What does wearing a green jacket mean in a dream?

i dreamt of wearing a green jacket at school. it was dark at school but luckily i have two classmates with me. a boy and a girl, so i wasn't scared in my dream. what does the green jacket i wore mean?

Example: Dream about wearing someone else's jacket - what does this mean?

In my dream, I felt cold, so I grabbed one of my jackets and wore it. I felt warmer but I felt some parts were not covered, when I looked down to check the jacket I realized it is actually the cardigan of this person I'm sort of seeing (but am still trying to figure out if we are actually dating). I was very fond of this cardigan and often complimented it. It is black and very stylish. However, in the dream the cardigan was worn and tattered. At first I worried that I might have caused the holes and felt I had to patch them up. Then I realized they might have been before I wore it.

Example: White Jacket in a dream?

i've dreamt that someone i like gave me a white jacket
so what does that mean

Example: What does a dream about choking on a piece of a life jacket mean?

Example: Purple jacket !?

What does it mean if i dreamed that i bought dark purple jacket and then i turned it back

Example: What do these dreams mean?

Ok so one of my best guy friends and his girlfriend, who is one of my closets friends, broke up. My girl friend is with another guy already and my guy friend is crushed and heart broken. He's been having the same dream over and over again, Can you tell me what they mean?

Dream one: He is walking towards his ex-girlfriend, me, my sister, and my other friend. he has cuts all over himself and can't stop bleeding.The girls noticed him but then he blacked out.

Dream two: There are the 4 girls from the last dream plus another girl who he's friends with plus 3 of his best friends and we are sitting my a fire laughing but he said he doesn't know why. It's really cold out and everyone has jackets except him and his best friend.

Any help?

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