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Dream About Jaw meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do the following dreams mean?

Come on humor me. I WILL report you if you say "dreams mean nothing"

Dreams 1 and 2 has my close friend in it in real life he's like a third brother to me(I have two brothers), a male version of me only older.

Dream 1 was about me being in LA, his homestate(GO SAINTS! =D) I went to a restaurant at night, minding my own business until a group of guys started yelling at me and started ganging up on me. My close friend comes in and rescues me, drags me out of there and outside in the pouring rain. He doesn't have a coat on but I hug him and then I nuzzle up to him, and kiss his jaw, then we start kissing. Then the dream moves to we run to a green wheat field(I dunno it looks like wheat only the tips are bent and they're green), and we roll around, and I get on top of him and kiss him and he rolls me over and kisses me.

Dream 2 is about I have feelings for this guy and we start dating. I hang out with him while he works. we are in an open cave(walls around, sky above, pond in the middle and sand all around). I kiss him and then he plunges me in the water, we swim to the shore and I kiss him again. Then he gets on top of me and starts french kissing me. My close friend(same guy that rescued me in dream 1) comes, I lift my head and look behind me, he comes running towards me, grabs my hand and literally pulls me out from under the guy who wouldn't get off of me. I run away with him, then he starts limping and he has a huge gash on his arm, so I help him up on the cliff. Then it switches to a room with bags and he's there.

That's it =)

Dream 1:
Maybe deep inside you, you know that you have more feelings for the guy who rescued you than being just a friend. Maybe it mean he likes you too and he would help you in you were in trouble for anything , anywhere, whatever the weather or circumstances.
The people ganging up on you may suggest that they are jelous of something that you own, or a physical attribute of yours.

Dream 2:
If your close friend fancies you, he wants you to get away from that other guy because he wants to be with you. If he just really likes you as a friend he may be feeling protective of you. Either way, the gash on his arm is because he was scared for you and it scared him, or if he fancies you it left a wound in him to see you with someone else.

I think you should try and find out if he thinks of you as maybe more than a friend and if you feel the same try to ask him on the subject.

=) Hope I helped!

Example: What does it mean to have a dream about arguing with the one you love? (sorry its long)?

ok well i've had a number of dreams like this maybe about 8 times so far but the one i last recall was last night because i still remember it but this is how it goes its starts of im with a few of my friends we were at a store at a grocery store and we were acting like dumb asses to say the least and out of no where i see my ex and we start talking and everything was going good until i forgot what was said and we got into an argument so we all got in our cars and i guess it was a road trip because i had no idea where we were and there was about 3 other cars with us and we all had our stuff in the back but anyway we ride in the same car with two of my friends and we start talking again then we argue and so on and so on and later on the ride she said damn i need a valentine and my friend who was driving at the time leaned back and gave her his hand and said ill be your valentine but she didn't take it so i leaned over and punched him as hard as i can in the jaw because he knows how much i love her so after that she gets in another car with another one of my friends and i was driving another car and i dont know how to explain this but like i was out side of the car floating looking down on their car i guess you can say i was looking at their car in third person and i remember saying to my self "F--- it ill let them be" so i went ahead in front then i slowed down because it hurt she wasn't with me and after that i was still i guess you can say floating over the car so i speed up real fast i don't know how fast but fast and once i took off i looked down below me and i was above a windy(as in so many turns not windy as a lot of wind blowing) high way it had so many turns on it and had a bunch of ice on it too and there were giant red wood trees all along the high way too so i slowed down because it was getting to dangerous and after that i woke up but can any one tell me what it means to be arguing with my ex that i love unconditionally because this is not my first time dreaming that i'm arguing with her and also if you can may you please tell me what this dream means thanks and this is also how i know i was on a road trip on the high way that was windy i said there were a lot of those giant red wood trees sorry if i have the name of them wrong but you know what i mean but anyway yeah im in Texas and we have none of them over here ive been to California and they have them there but this place wasn't California it was raining a lot and was cold a lot of the time just thought i added that so it might help a little

Example: I had a dream that my teeth on my bottom left h/s jaw went wobbly and fell out, what does that mean?

they went wobbly and fell out one by one

Example: What's this weird tooth dream mean?

Alright, so I had this dream that I was walking up some steps when I suddenly slipped, fell, and hit my jaw off of one of the stairs. It was pretty painful, and as I ran my tongue over all the teeth in my mouth I could tell that some were cracked, bloody, and coming loose. It was horrible. I finally reached in to feel some of the most loose ones, and they just came right out! And it was weird, in the dream I had a LOT of teeth. I'd reach into my mouth, take out one, then take out another and another and another...etc. What's weird though is that the teeth that got all cracked and bloody were the ones in the BACK of my mouth. All my front teeth were fine. As in: I could smile at someone in the dream, and they'd have no idea that my mouth was all bloody and broken in the back.

So for all you dream interpreters out there- what's this mean?

Example: Crocodile/Alligator/Snake in dream whats it mean?

Interesting dream, where I was not really wrestling a croc or alligator, I think it was a crocodile due to having a wide snout. Anywho, I grabbed its snout and forced its jaws closed and was in a garage. Its snout slowly was shrinking down from long to short and it became more docile at this point, I let it go and was just staring at me at this point with a look in its eye that was saying, I don't want to get you, I grabbed its snout again and kinda felt bad for it, then it slowly morphed into a beige or sand colored snake (about the size of a rosy boa).
At that point I really couldn't hold the snout so I tried to grab it behind the head, it wriggled free and I dropped it to the ground, where a puff of greyish or reddish/crimson smoke puffed from it as it hit the ground. Then I woke up, anyone that can help me put all this together and help interpret it would be great. Thanks!

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was chased by an alligator for like a hour started at a pond were it sent its babies after me. after i kicked one it ran back to the mother i assume and it fell off the log and the gator tried to catch the baby and bit the babies bottom jaw off (y the bottom idk) then the gator gets angrier and starts chasing me more and devouring everything in its path at the pond as i hop from log to log then i wind up been chased by the same gator into a movie theater were im jumping all over the place and i run towards this little girl and her father jumps out the way and the daughter stays and i jump over her and the dad looks at the gator comming for his daughter and hits the gator in the head with a metal object and saves me and his daughter crazy

Example: What does this reoccurring dream mean?

I've had a reoccurring dream (or theme I should say) since I was a child. The common theme is an alligator. He's always trying to kill me with his giant razor sharp jaws. There was a period of time when he would hide in random household objects (pots, shelves, ect). But in my most recent dream, he tried to attack my little cousin, and when I tried to save my cousin, the alligator came after me (as always). It comes and goes, but the alligator always comes back. Does anyone have any idea what this means. Please, try to analyze this, don't just send me sites for dream analysis or copy descriptions from another site. I've done my own research and know about the basics. If anyone could give me a reall good analysis I would be so greatful!

Example: What does my dream mean?

Lately me and my boyfriend have been just going back and forth over stupid little things and last night we just really didnt get along at all. I felt so unwanted and I cried..so did he.

So when I finally fell asleep last night I found my dream to be very peculiar for me and Im just wondering if it has any meaning: The dream started off with me opening this jenga box with my pet mice in it(my pet mice are all dead in real life but alive in the dream) They were trying to climb out and the brown almost made it out so i quickly closed the jenga box and backed away feeling very weirded out. Then I felt bad for keeping them trapped so I let them go. They all quickly scurried away. Then I go outside with my dog and just lay in the sun petting him and then he suddenly gets up and i watch him chase something abd catch it. I rub over to him to check what he has and when i see its my brown mouse being crushed in his jaws i scream and tell him to let go, but he refused so i had to pry his mouth open and grab my mouse out. The mouse lay in the grasstwitchibg for a few seconds and then stopped moving at all. I gently stroked it abd started to cry and tell it to wake up, then these people came out of nowhere abd started to tell me she is dead, its over, there is nothing I can do... and it made me cry more then i woke up.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I was scared when I woke up... My Dream started at Six Flags, wherever that is. I stared at the rides, they were so high! Then, my best friend was with me. THEN! Death showed up(wearing the big black coat thing), and we ended up in a car with him. We were riding down a train rail thing, and we stopped in this weird meadow. It was dark, and ominous. He told us to find a concrete bat wing. When we did, we too it to him, and drived on. Then, we were at this house. We went in, and started searching for another Bat Wing. I had a handgun, and this person came down some stairs. A women. We his under a cabinet, and she walked by. Then, A man. He saw us, and I pretended to be a doll. I then pulled out the gun... No bullets. The Bat Wing was above us, so my bestie grabbed it and we ran. The man followed. He grabbed me, and I started beating him with my gun. His head. He fell, and the women came. I beated her jaw with it, and she fell. We shot out the door, and got in the truck. I asked Death if we could sleep, and he said no. The, I woke up.

What does this mean?

Example: What could this dream mean?

I had a weird dream quite a while ago but ive been thinking about it a lot lately. Ill give some backround knowledge first.

Im 17. My parents used to not let me stay out late so id tell them I was going to work when I really wasn't. Id just go out and smoke weed with my friends and stuff. But anyway Id leave my car at the store where I worked then id cut through a different parking lot over onto the bike trail which has these big like 10 foot hills on each side. It gets pretty dark in that spot making seeing the moon and stars very easy and Ive always liked to look at the sky. whenever I was out pretending to be at work id always be pretty anxious and worried I would get caught or I wouldn't be able to get back to the store and get my car and go home in time. This was when it was still winter and really cold out. Now the dream happened in the spring when I got my parents to let me stay out later and not have to pretend to be at work. Also I should point out that I had not used any drugs or alcohol the night I had this dream.

Ok. I wake up on top of one of those hills on the side of the bike trail. I look up at the sky and its really clear and I can perfectly see the stars because the sky looked so dark around them. Then I realized I had fallen asleep so I pull out my phone to check what time it is and I see it was some really early time in the morning. I dont remember the exact hour but it was somewhere between 1 and 3 AM. Then I get up all freaked out. I was wearing the same clothes jacket and hat id always where when id pretend to be at work. Then I hear the barking and I see coyotes and one of them jumps up to try to bite me and I fall on my back and im holding its jaws open with my hands. Then I woke up.

Any one have an idea about what kind of meaning this could have if any. Or if you can kind of answer me with a question it would be appreciated.

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