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Dream About Jeans meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do you think my dream means.?

I was dreaming me and my sisters were dressing up for party. Room was full of women dressing up. I am wearing cowboy booths and jeans and leather jacket and i feel cold.. I am Ready for party and waiting for my sisters. I am kinda uninteresting. then i hear my sisters and My mom saying "look she is so beautiful .. O my God look at her.. I turn around and see young woman who looks like me , wearing red romantic dress and red hair like mine.. She looks just like me,and it is me. but somehow i do not feel connected to her.. I think it is one of my sisters...I see myself but i am 100% sure in my dream mind that is my sister.. She looks beautiful and feminine .. I am starting to feel jealous. and i feel pain.. I scream at my mom in anger.. why , you have never said I am beautiful , you never complimented me . I was screaming in pain and anger and i woke up with pain and anxiety in my chest... It was hurting so much that i was shaking from pain.. I was jelous at that woman in red dress..who was me .

I apologize for my friends misunderstanding you. You should be complimented for knowing more than one language, and writing in English. I think you meant, you were feeling bored, not uninteresting.

Only you can decide what the dream means. The dream is your anger and frustration at not feeling loved and accepted by your mother. When she compliments your sisters without complimenting you, it is like a knife in your heart. She wants you to be something you are not, instead of loving and accepting who you are. There is a more subtle message too, that you do this to yourself as well. You criticize yourself and put yourself down, rather than loving and accepting yourself with all your strengths and weaknesses. Try getting dressed up and then looking in the mirror and saying, "wow, I am beautiful." See how it feels to say that.

Example: What does this dream mean help?

Okay well we never dated but I love her and I care about her more than I do myself. Recently she told me it could never work and she loves someone else and told me to find someone else

I was walking her to class and at first we were quiet and I was in shock cause she was so beautiful she was wearing a black top in jeans but all I cared was looking at her eyes then I said I can't be with another girl and she fist pumped saying YES! I thought that was cute and seemed seemed really excited like she have been wanting to hear that, then she told me for a guy who doesn't know what love is you explain how you feel really good then she went to class and I woke up all sweaty I guess I was nervous in the dream lol.  when I saw her at school that day she had a black top and i was tripping balls then I look down and you didn't have jeans on. I don't know what that dream meant  but it confused me cause in my dreams we are always together and this time we weren't idk but it seemed like she wanted to be together maybe it's my mind just playing tricks on me. What do you think cause she doesn't like me Or she never told me and we hardly talk

Example: What's this dream mean?

Ok, about 3 years ago, I dreamed that I got married (strange enough I was wearing jeans under my wedding dress ;)... and I remember what the inside of the church looked like and everything, and I was walking down the aisle, and I saw my hubby-to-be standing w/his back to me up there. I woke up just before he turned around.

Now, 1 year ago, I moved and I go to the church that I dreamed about, it's the same looking and everything. Now, I still remember what the back of the guy's head looked like in my dream, and I know a guy who kinda looks like that AND he goes to that church...

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream I was in acting class and Hugh Jackman was sitting there, except he was a cross-dresser wearing a short jean skirt, a low cut v neck shirt with little sleeves and he might have been wearing flip flops. It wasn't a wet dream though, just very odd. If you know anything about dreams can you tell me what it might mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that makes me feel very uneasy. I cannot go back to sleep. In my dream I seemed like I was keeping a very low profile in a huge but confined city. I had ragged pair of jeans with white t-shirt and a black jacket (seemed like leather). I walked into this dusty pub looking for someone but I don't know who I was looking for. I sat at the bar and before I could say a word to the bartender, a vampire sat next to me. The vampire didn't have any interest in sucking my blood or anything like that. He just looked straight into my eyes and told me that "I should watch my back". In my dream I began to think about what the vampire said rather than getting scared. Then soon after, when I left the bar, I woke up.

Now I am awake and I cannot fall asleep for some reason...I cannot put my finger on it. Please help...I normally don't dream but when I do they always mean something.

Example: What does my dream mean..?

i had a dream that i was looking at pictures on my brothers phone and out of nowhere the guy i like comes up from behind me and says "i like this picture best". (it was a picture of a car) and i said "its okay". he said more about the pictures but i cant remember. what i do remember is i was looking down at myself and i think i had swimming shorts on lol and in my head i was thinking how ugly i looked. anyways, then the guy was taking off his jeans, but he didnt have swimming shorts, he had boxers so i said :"don't" (cuz my big bro was in the room).
and the guy said "i know its just..." and then i have no idea how, but the whole scene changed and we were then at the computer. i dont remember what we were talking about but all i remember is i asked him to make tea and he said"okay." and then i realized i dont like tea so i went back to him told him to not make me any tea.

WTF? lol i dont get it? it was such a weird dream .
what does it mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream that my jeans are gradually ripping from everywhere like on my knees, and so on?

I dreamnt that throughout the day my jeans were ripping from everywhere like getting faded then ripping on my wait and knees in a distressed kind of way but the holes kept on getting bigger without me noticing and I just felt my pants getting looser. I really appreciate any responses, and I am really into dream interpretation and if you are not then DON'T COMMENT!

Example: Dreamt that i was looking for car and after being drove away I realized I had lost my backpack that contain my jeans and laptop. Meaning?

I told the driver to drive back so i can look for it, but couldn t find it. I said to myself **** it. Our goal was to get home and before we even came near home I realized I was crossing a bridge. Then i woke up.

What does this mean?

Example: Dream Meaning - wearing Denim Jeans?

I recently had a dream where I was out with an old friend from High School and we were catching up on our lives. I was not all comfortable spending time with her, even apprehensive about meeting up with her as she was my best friend back then - but we lost touch a couple of years after attending University. Meaning, she wasn't such a great friend - but I enjoy at times catching up with her but keeping in touch with her all the time isn't what I want in a friendship with her.
In this dream we were together catching a casual Movie and all of a sudden my Denim Jeans I was wearing with a Belt kept falling down! I kept pulling it back up adjusting it, but it got to the point where I just left it loose. She did notice it, I explained to her my issue with the jeans, but we just had a humorous laugh about it. I was a bit self-conscious as I always like to keep my appearance together, but in this dream I kind of let it go... So unlike me...

Example: What does a dream of your old blue jeans mean?

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