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Dream About Jesus meanings

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Example: Dose anyone know about the meaning of dreams about jesus?

I had a dream that i was in heaven with clouds all around me and it was realy bright. I dont know how but i just knew i was in heaven.(i dont play any type of instrument) i was playing a big white piano and my brother was there and jesus was the, he looked like jesus and just like i knew i was in heaven i knew he was jesus. I could feel his presence it was like nothing i had ever felt before not a care in the world just love joy happieness. When i woke up it felt so real but i just thort that it was just a dream but ive never felt nothing like it so if anyone knows about the meaning of dreams or anyting then your answers will be helpfull thanks god bless

well most people would say it was just a dream. i on the other hand am not so sure. have you been having an kinds of issues in your life lately? and do you remember exactly what jesus looked like? reason i asked that was because when i was 18 i had a c-section. during the c-section i experienced what they call 'awarness'. i could feel everything that was happening to me, and was completely alert but could not move. i was in an extreme panic, and was screaming in my mind. after enduring this for a while, i suddenly felt like i couldnt breath, and started to see speckles, and felt as though i were falling down a colorful tunnel of some sort. i was then in a white room with 2 people. i remember the room, i remember what was said, i know one of them was god, the other was a relative. but the weird part is i cant remember who the relative was, or what god looked like! i was completely happy, and i wanted to stay. i did NOT want to go back, and never thought about my life at all. god told me i could not come yet, i hadnt completed something i was suposed to do. i got desperate and told god i could complete it right there! he thought that was kind of funny, but said i couldnt. the last thing i remember i was trying to do this 'task', and the anistigiologist was thumping me on the end of my nose. i woke up feeling disappointed, but i felt i had just been to heaven. the people i told all said it was a dream, but i REALLY felt i DID meet god. oh yea, and the 'task' i HAD to do...i could remember what it was either. I dont think thats a coencidence. i think god wants me to figure it out myself.

Example: What does it mean dreaming about Jesus?

i had a weird dream the other day , i saw Jesus smiling at me while he sent me some light from his hands that covered all my body & i became very powerful .. can anyone tell me what does it mean (if you know ) I'm a bit worried :( thanks ..

Example: What does it mean if you dream about Jesus?

Anyone have any insight into this? A while back I had a dream, and in this dream Jesus came to me and spoke to me. Does this hold any significant meaning?

Example: What does it mean to dream about Jesus?

I'll start by saying i'm a christian and i talk to god/Jesus quite often by preying, acts of kindness etc.
when i woke up in the morning and my alarm went off i hit the snooze button so i could sleep longer.. i closed my eyes and when i opened them again i was in a completely white room. It was so bright i could hardly see anything but i remember feeling at peace and happy. Then Jesus appeared in front of me in my dream and he was talking to me! He told me that he "watches me all the time and i'm very special to him". I"m not kidding i actually dreamt this... and i don't understand how because thoughts about this were never going through my head in the first place.

Then he said he's "proud of me and that he loves me" and i said "I know" he snapped his fingers and i woke up! Please don't make fun of me for it, i just want to know what it means. I felt amazing after that dream.

he was standing about 10 feet away from me, I could not fully see him because of the bright lights. I could see a bit of the face, long hair down to the waist, and a beard. That's it . he also said he would reveal himself to me one day. weird dream. does it mean anything?

Example: What does it means when I dreamed of Jesus?

Dream: He suddenly came in our old house. I'm with my friends and we're doing Christmas tree. He's talking but we never give him attention, we just continue on doing Christmas tree.

Example: What did my dream of Jesus mean?

my parents went through a divorce, everything changed, including the house me n my mum lived in. I was living with her and her new partner, and was lonely and was really uncomfortable with it all.I then had a dream one nigh, about Jesus. In the dream, I was stuck in traffic (altough i dont drive) and there were a lot of cars jammed up and there were lots of cars around waiting to drive off. There were lots of banners and signs everywhere saying the world is soon coming to an end. In the front of me, staring back at me, was Jesus. It was a sort of faded image, but I knew and could make out it was Jesus. He was so bright and stood out among everyone. It was altho nobody could see him but me. He was stood on top of the car in front of me, with his arms widely open. Soon after that, I had woken up ver confused and made nothing of it. What did this dream mean? and why did Jesus show me that? I was only 17 at the time.

Example: What means to dream Jesus?

thank you.

Example: What does it mean when I dreamt about Jesus?

Like I remember in my dreams that I met Jesus and we became good friends and he protected me from bad. What does this mean?

Example: What does my dream about jesus mean?

i had a dream that i saw jesus, he then smiled and touched my head and then held my hand, when he touched my hand it started to burn. what does this mean? i know it might sound crazy but it was so real. in my dream i felt this overwhelming joy and love for him and i felt his love for me and the other people in my dream worshiiping him. please dont leave any mean comments, i just want to know what this means.

Example: What does this Dream about jesus mean?

basically it was the end of the world and the world ended by a great black smoke and if you didnt by that youd die by water. but i ended up going to heaven and jesus was there, what could that mean

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