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Dream About Jewel Light Of The Father'S Eyes meanings

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Example: Allegorical meaning of this poem?

I was thinking it has something to do with man's obsession with death but that is more of a symbolic meaning than allegorical. Plus I think I am wrong anyway.

Tomb of the Kings
-Anne Hébert (Translation, Peter Garner)

My heart is at my fist.
Like a blind falcon.

The taciturn bird grips my fingers,
Lamp swollen with wine and blood,
I descend
Toward the tomb of the kings,
Only just born.

What thread of Ariadne leads me
Through soundless labyrinths,
Each step’s echo consumed as it sounds?

(In what dream
Was this child tied by the ankle
Like a spellbound slave?)

The dream maker
Grasps the thread,
And bare footsteps come

One by one
Like the first raindrops
At a well bottom.

Already, the odour moves in swollen storms
Oozes under doorsteps
To secret, round chambers
Where box beds lie.

Drawn by the reclining figures’ static desire,
I look with astonishment
Set into the black bones
Gleam encrusted blue stones.

A few tragedies patiently worked
Upon the breasts of recumbent kings
In the form of jewels
Are offered to me
With neither tears nor regrets.

Arranged in a line:
Smoke of incense, rice cake
And my trembling flesh:
Ritual, submissive offering.

The gold mask on my absent face
violets for pupils
Love’s shadow disguises me with meticulous strokes

And this bird I hold
And laments strangely

A long shiver,
Like a wind that catches from tree to tree,
Stirs seven great ebony pharaohs,
In their solemn, ornate sheaths.

But it is only the depths of death lingering,
Playing out the last torment
Seeking appeasement
And eternity
In a light rattling of bracelets
Vain circlets playthings of another place
Around the sacrificed flesh.

Eager for the brotherly source of evil within me
They lay me down and drink of me;
Seven times I know the vise of bones
The dry hand that seeks to rend the heart.

Pale and filled with the awful dream
Limbs untangled
And the dead gone from me, murdered,
What glimmer of dawn could stray here?
Yet how, then, does this bird tremble
And turn its sightless eyes
Toward morning?

The poet describes a nightmare where she visits the underworld of dead Pharaohs. In this nightmare land her heart beats fast and urgently with horror and fear and even bleeds. In death the seven corpses she sees are black and jewelled. They come to claim the poet and offer her jewels as they take from her her the evil they all share. Yes...in her dream she is bought and murdered for her evil nature shared by the murderers. She offers herself to this fate and is a submissive offering. Yes...it is quite the nightmare this one.

I guess the message is the poet is questioning her own nature and pondering how such dark thoughts can live in the morning light. The threads of Ariadne have lead her to question her path and the decisions she has made in life. She too questions her life via this surreal visit to the underworld where she seems to be helpless, faceless, blind, a tethered child sacrifice who somehow appeases the deeds of her murderers.

I'd say much of this theme has to do with her relationship to her father and her work. She is trapped and unhappy. Her heart is a trapped blind bird of prey. There is futility in this image. I wonder how much she actually likes writing?

The allegory...the visit to the underworld by Persephone?

Example: I need sad songs that are suitable, because I'm feeling glum :(?

My friend's moving, and there's a lot of drama, and things can't be the same, and blah blah blah.

Same old story, different time, different place.

I need some music. Suggestions?


Example: Song ideas.. they need to be sad?

what are some good but really sad songs

Example: What are some sad songs?

I like the sad type of song.. depressing almost, slow.. about love, heartbreak, I'm a big Taylor Swift fan, things like that. I'm being homeschooled and really want to add some new music to my list to listen to, any suggestions?

Example: What are some good sad songs?

Hi. I'm feeling kind of down at the moment, and feel like listening to some sad music. What are some good sad songs, that you can still rock out to a little? Something like "I Miss You" or "Adam's Song" by Blink 182. Thanks.

Example: Whats a good sad song to listen to when your sad and feel like crying?

What is one put anything ! I dont mind(:

Example: Any deep, meaningful, sad, songs?

I don't like any hardcore screamo, if it's kind of like A day to remember, then it's okay. It can't be some rock song with a ton of music and hardly any words. Boys and Girls voices please if you can provide both:) Anything that sends a good message, or makes you wanna tear up? thank you!

Example: Songs to listen to when your mad/depressed?

looking to get some songs for the mood ive been in lately. feeling the want to tear someones head off, but very sad. songs like Scream with me, Happy?, the red, Saving me etc. thanks

Example: Songs that make you sad?

Any songs that give you a sad feeling? I'm not emo, I just like them for some reason. Thanks! =)

Example: Who has some really really good inspirational quotes?

Ok, so I am a sophomore in college and well the first year didn't go so hot. First semester went fine but I wound up academic probation after the second semester. No, no partying or anything like that, I was the normal student, going to class and working, plus I commuted to and from school so I wasn't in a dorm room. I wanted to this year but due to financial issues and problems where loans are not possible, I am at home yet once again, but me and my parents talked it out (with some arguing of course) and they said they will help in making the home more of an environment for me to study (meaning no arguing and basically leaving me the hell alone when I am in dire need of studying and such). Anyways, I live in a decently sized house, lucky enough to get my brother's old room (the whole attic upstairs) its all nicely remodeled. While my father pretty much created this apartment style living for then my brother (minus the kitchen and separate entrance, which sadly would have been awesome had it been done) a bunch of walls were put up. Every wall has something by it or on it, whether it is furniture or posters or even a calendar. One wall somehow managed to stay blank. Its in a good spot, perfect for a quote that I want to paint on. My thinking was since I have a really light almond color for my walls, I was going to buy gold paint and stencil out a really good inspiring quote, or I might just do it in black and put a little design by it. What I am looking for, and can't seem to really find, is the quote that would inspire me to go through everyday and make something of myself. So if you guys have any really good quotes, whether it is your own or by someone famous in either history or the present (if so please include the name, I would like to have the quote recognized by who said it) please share it. Or even any websites with really good inspiring and motivational quotes and phrases would be very helpful. Also, any ideas to make this quote pop out and be more appealing to the eye would also be greatly apprieciated.

I was watching "A Cinderella Story" the other day and I got the idea from the scene in the diner with "Don't let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game- Babe Ruth(?)"

I just think it'd be a really good idea to do this, because I pass by this wall everyday a bunch of times a day, so I would see and read it a lot, and it might help me reach my goals.

Thanks to all in advance!

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