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Dream About Jeweler meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean to dream about getting an ugly engagement ring?

Last night I had a very vivid dream that my boyfriend proposed to me. Only problem is that the ring was so ugly. It was yellow gold with a really tiny diamond and multi color diamonds on the side (i think I remember seeing green, red and purple). In the dream I confronted him about it and he said he would take me back to the store to return it. When I took it off the ring actually broke and the lady behind the counter asked if he had the receipt. I practically screamed at her and said he doesn't have the receipt but he bought it Saturday and it's Monday so you must be able to take it back. She did and gave him six thousand for it. Then him, his mom (randomly appeared) and me went to look for a jeweler in the mall to pick out a ring. I was really excited, but we didn't get there in time. All the stores inside the mall were closing and I was left engaged without a ring. What do you think this means?

a dream is just a dream

doesn't mean anything

Example: What does my dream mean!?

ok basically there was this thing like msn but it wasnt msn and i wasnt going out with my current girlfriend i was going out with Lauren (one of my ex's i liked for a year) and in our names it was the 4/10/12 so thts my bday this year but the date was 3/6/16 it was kinda wierd what does it mean?

Example: Extremely loud and incredibly close by jonathan safran foer?

can someone give me a really detailed discription on everthing that happens in this book? it would mean so much to me :) thanks!

Example: FEZ from that 70s show BISEXUAL?

Is Fez bi?
in the shows he is obsessed with girls yet he shows interest in other boys. (Naughty dream of Nurse Kelso, arguing with the gay man who sells jewelry , forgot his name)

Example: Is there a Aeropostele in the Rockaway Mall?

Example: What is the best way to ask a girl I''ve been dating for a week to co-sign a loan for me?

She is just wonderful, and I'm sure we are going to be together forever and procreate and all of that stuff.

I need $15,000 for a little project I have going on and I need her to co-sign it to get the loan. What is the best way to ask her?


Example: What could this dream mean?

I had this dream the other night and it's been on my mind since, I hanging out in the kitchen with my husband and we're laughing and just having a great time. I wave my hand at something and my wedding ring slides off my finger and hits the floor. When I pick up the rings one of the diamonds on my band is black. Any idead?

Example: I had a dream that my boyfriend proposed to me but i hated the ring what does that mean?

i had a dream that my boyfriend of 3 yrs proposed to me and i was so happy until i saw the ring it was like a stretchy band like a watch and it had a tiny baby blue diamond i hated it what does this mean?

Example: Looking for some interpretations to my dream about an engagment ring?

i had a dream last night that my boyfriend told me to go pick up my engagement ring from the jeweler (he is in the process of looking in real life) so when i got there he brought me the ring and it was an ENORMOUS and i mean enormous setting, like the size of the top of a pill bottle prescription from the pharmacy, so without checking it out i brought it home and when i looked at it...i had to look reaaaaally closely and there with this diamond the size of a pen dot inside and i started laughing and didnt even care.

like i said in real life we went looking last year but lost a baby shortly after so it got put on hold, now we bought a house we are flipping and def wont have an extra $5k sitting around so i know its not coming anytime soon...thats why i am curious as to the meaning of this dream. im not the type of girl who has to get married before you move in or whatever, obviously because we have a house, but i know know we will someday when its right, he knows i would never rush or force him, i told him if we plan on spending the rest of our lives together anyways, whats the rush?

so do you think the dream means anything or is it just a dream?

thanks =)

Example: I''ve had this dream 3x now...?

My bf bought my ring a month ago, and we are just waiting for it to come in to the jewelers since it had to be made. Since then I've had 3 dreams about getting the ring and it being broken...either the diamond is loose or falls out, or the side diamonds fall all over the floor...

Before you say it means the relationship is going to break, it isn't! What ELSE could it mean, I can't find it in any dream dictionary site!

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