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Dream About Jewelry Box meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Meaning behind the dream?

well it starts off with me about to take a bath. but its not in my bathtub or restroom. the bathtub is like one of those old white shallow ones with the four legs at the base. well anyway, i turn the nob, get undressed, then slip in. i put my headphones in my ears. pick a song, close my eyes then as soon as my ipod leaves my fingers onto the table beside the tub i hear like a sniffle. i freak and open my eyes an once i do im no longer in a restroom. im in like a desert outside, where the ground is cracked and gray. ugly. i look down into the water but its not water anymore either, it this black sticky tar looking stuff. i slowly stand up and im wearing clothes now, but im still cover in this disgusting fowl smelling gunk. i get out of this tub and start to walk. everything is dead. the sky is like black, depressing and hopeless [[i have a sort of odd obsession with the sky in reality so this really hit me hard in the chest when i see it]]. then i finally see a sliver of silver light in the horizon and i just start running to it but the more i run the farther it looks so i stop. then it just disappears, and its completely pitch black. then this LOUD purr of what sounds like a huge generator vibrates through the air and i turn around to see a single beam of light shining down on a woman, slender, and in a black tutu. a ballerina i guess. she starts to dance in place, spinning and moving her arms around. she reminds me of like one of those ballerinas in jewelry boxes. I get closer to her and see the black crap that im covered in is in her hair. like gel slicking her hair back into a bun. i get to the edge of where the narrow light meets the dark but i dont step into the light. but when i do that shes spinning and she very slowly stops. like in slow motion. then finally she freezes. and i stare at her. for a real long time, until i muster up the courage to step forward. but before my foot goes forward i stuck a deep breath in like im being strangled and i wake up.

nearly half way on the floor hanging off my bed. im guessing i scared myself wake by the sensation of me falling.

but i REALLY REALLY want to know what this means. i have really strange dreams, im just really lost.

any help?

please and thank you. ~♥

So what she look like, just you seemed to stare at her for a long time?

Black stuff is emotion which has a lot to do with say having a bath as it eases emotional tension..
Emotional tension can mess up people deeply lets say in extreme traumatic circumstances like war and such..
Desert can mean lost hope and a high vibration can mean a change in fortune to bring about resolution..And sometimes you got to take a leap of faith and trust in life..

Powerful dream...

Example: What does my dream mean?

ok so in my dream me and a bunch of people were in a forest preserve and their was this box thing with a window in it where they were growing trees and their was lights that kept going on and off and their was a giant rock inside it with three faces on it. The faces were of guys and one of the guys were looking down and the other two were looking straight ahead then all of the sudden this guy came walking up to the glass where i was standing but he was on the other side of the glass and i couldnt go in the box. so in my dream i said, "hi david" and its weird because i have a friend named scott who iv known for a few months and i just found out his real name is david but the guy in my dream didnt look at all like my friend and he always lost his lighter and in my dream he said that as soon as he got in town lost his lighter. then this guy named ryan came up and asked "so how much money do u ow her know" and i said "he ows me 90 dollars" and i just really have no idea what it means

Example: What does it mean to dream about someone stealing my earing?

i had a dream that someone stole my earrings, but they dropped one...so thats when i realized my earing were stolen, so i looked in my jewelry box to see that they were taken out of the juicy box?

so what does it mean to dream that someone is stealing from you?

Example: What does this dream mean?!?

I usually couldn't care less about what my dreams mean,but when I notice a theme, I get curious. A few nights ago I had a dream that me and my friend were dating,and I was walking down the street I used to live on,but he was with his friends and ignored me as I passed them,but one of his friend started talking to me and we walked to an intersection an cross the street,and for some reason I had my hands behind my back as I was talking,and about half -way across the crosswalk my friend shows up and places a jewelry box in my hand. I thought that it would be a necklace,but as I brought the box around from my back to my front. I was alone in my room on the edge of my bed with rings in a box, at first it was two : one gold band and one that had a flower in the middle, then it was just one ring with a fortune cookie- like piece of paper that said something like " There must be a reason for ... accept? And I closed the box because I didn't want him to know that I would accept, I wanted to surprise him. At that moment my sister walks in with a gift,some flower-like barrette as a gift foe my birthday,which isn't until November. I woke up right after. Someone tell me what this means? I keep having similiar dreams about my friend.

Example: What do you think this dream means?

Last night, I dreamed about a Mansion filled with many objects but objects that were odd like death masks, candle clocks, armillary spheres, an orrery, dress forms, suits of armor, scarecrow dolls and many statues of unicorns, griffins, fairies, gnomes, gods, cherubs with arrows, animals and historical people. The Mansion belonged to a witch.

Then a group of right-wing fanatics, cultural conservatives, fundamentalists, ultra-nationalists, anti-feminists and evangelical men and women stormed in the mansion with bibles, wooden crosses, rosaries, picket signs, paint sprays and hitting tools. They tried to destroy and cleansed the mansion with holy water and quoting scriptures and psalms. But then, the objects and statues come to life and start battling with the mob.

Old and middle-aged men fighting tables, gloves and drawers; 30-something men fighting chairs, dress forms, shoes, water bottles and pots; young 20-teen something boys getting attacked by statues, spears, jumping ropes and getting hit by fly swatters; old women fighting while screaming with dresses, bathrobes, flower vases and floating dolls; middle-aged women getting smacked by long spoons and getting poured on with hot water by glass cups; adult women getting poked at by chopsticks and fairy statues and getting kicked by heeled shoes; young women getting punched and smacked by brooms or mops and water hoses squirting at them with really cold water; teenage girls being pushed and pounced by shirts or trousers, getting jabbed by jars, poked by umbrellas, and patted with books. Mostly everyone is trying to fight back, say prayers and mumble to themselves 'destroy the devils' but later get pounced, punched or poked at by walking sticks, feather-dusters, forks, arrows, jewelry boxes, unicorn horns and sandals.

Ultimately, the right-wingers all get frightened and embarrassed that they hurriedly rushed out of the mansion with fear and confusion, and eventually go crazy with befuddlement and wounded pride.

Example: Why did i Dream of velvet?

I had a dream that I recieved a velvet jewelry box from someone and I was rubbing it and it was really soft and I felt nice..what does this mean ?

Example: What is the meaning of dreaming with silver jewelry, wedding, and fear of theft?

I had a dream in which I was dressing up, about to marry my husband(we had a civil wedding but decided to wait for the religious ceremony, something that I've been waiting for) in the church; I was in my childhood home, and took out some silver jewelry to go with the white lace dress I had on. In my dream I owned the jewelry. My mother came and brought me a box full of silver jewelry. It had some small gold pieces but I did not pay attention to them. I took them out, trying them on, trying to decide what to wear. I remember all the silver shinning as if it had moonlight on it. I decided for a small crown, almost a diadem, and a silver necklace that reminded me of the moon, and started trying and looking at earrings and rings to match. The whole time, I had the jewelry on top of our dining table(a rectangle, Wood, 6-seater table I loved in my childhood home-I lived there right up to my marriage.) and I was afraid of someone stealing some of it. In my dream, I knew who it was, but now all I can remember is that it was either a girl or a woman, and she was small, perhaps with an ugly/distorted by hate face. As I was waking up, I was seeing her picking up some of the jewelry, but I was in a hurry to go to the church and decided to forgo my fears of her stealing. It was implied she was a close friend or relative. Of this dream, I remember the most, the silver in the jewelry. It was very shiny and well-finished, pieces that must have cost a lot to buy, and I loved every piece. They made me feel good when I saw them(in the dream) and I was surprised in my dream that my mother had rounded up so much silver, since she likes gold(I like silver best), so I knew some pieces must be new, and some might had come from my husband or family. This dream has stayed with me all day, like other dreams that have had some impact in my life; however I don't understand this dream too much, but at the moment, I'm looking for a job, and expecting several other good changes in my life, I thought the dream might be telling me something...could you help me understand it?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream where it was night time and I was with a few "friends" I don't know or recognize them. I do remember there a great shine of moonlight. My "friends" and I were trying to sneak into this rich man's manor (it has a small resemblance to a section of my backyard) and we were trying to look for something he had taken from us. I remember being behind a wooden fence and I had a small jewelry chest, full of jewelry. The necklaces hanging out of it were clanging against the fence hence alerted guard dogs. We ran down some steps and went into a door that looks like my backyard door leading into the garage. I remember the next thing I end up in is this stone cobbled cellar or perhaps a hallway, because I remember seeing sunlight going through windows. It reminded me of European architecture. I was still trying to find the rich man. I can't remember how I ventured about the place but I do remember going up stairs into this room which looked pretty modern, it had stucco walls and there was this blonde woman who mentions that she does services for the rich man and that's how she ended up in the room. She tells us to hide in the bathroom and she meets a man with glasses, who looks like a lawyer of some sort. She tries to kill him and we stop her. Next thing I remember is that we are trying to escape. The landscape I see is mountainous and there was a town up upon these mountains, as we escaped, we escaped by flying away by hand gliders and almost crash into a lush green marsh at the bottom, but we fly back up and land into the town. The mountainous landscape made it look like we were in China. This probably one of my best dreams I've ever had. It was very pretty. I'm glad I am able to remember it. I noticed that I was always I searching for something. I even woke up later because of it. It was very vivid, could it perhaps mean anything?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had the weirdest dream...

I was a tourist in Disney World with my mother in a restaurant with A list celebrities and for some reason we were not wearing shoes...the celebs were complaining and the waiter came over at least three times to tell us to put them on. I remember ordering ice tea which came in a big bowl of ice, looked like soup, and on the side of the soup was a salad. We were sitting with Sara Jessica Parker who ordered this huge fish dish with rice and fennel and was picking off the potatoes. THen the dream jumped to a fancy store where I was talking to a women about her work with Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Lopez. I was helping her pick out jewelry for Jennifer Lopez's shoot at a karate convention and picked out these big purple hoops and a gold chain. Then I walked out of the store past a bunch of kiosks and stopped by a large mailbox in front of a bus stop. There were many buses that passed me and I knew I should get on but I didnt. Instead I started packing a lunch, I took out a lunch box and put in this really healthy lunch of salad and bread and as I was doing it a mother and daughter walked by. I think I was homeless at this point in my dream...and they were talking to me being very nice. Then my mother called me on my cell phone apologizing about some kind of fight we had just had. She told me to get on the next bus that passed to come meet her, I said I would walk over to the next stop. As I was on the phone with her a man in a white pick up truck drove up to me. He had a long beard glasses and was wearing a white stained shirt and ripped jeans. He creepily smiled at me so I looked away and began to gather my things to leave. Then he came out with a can of kerosene and poured it on me. I screamed for help for the other on looker, a man smoking a cigarette, to help me, but he he ignored me, like he didnt even hear or see me, as the creepy many lit a lighter and set me on fire. I screamed for him to please stop that I would do anything, and then immediately woke up. I am very shaken up by this dream...what does it mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

*Some back ground history on me* I have insomnia and I rarely remember my dreams, and when I do it's usually stressed induced. Okay, onto the dream...

(finally fall asleep around 3 am)
It's in first person but somehow I KNOW it's not me I'm some other girl whom I never see my face. I'm on a field trip with kids I don't know but they are all around my age, (16 17) and we are on the East Coast of America, I don't know how I knew I just knew. It was hot and we were in and out of museums and other random places that I wasn't sure what we were suppose to be doing but I Just kept having this feeling of being followed. I THINK (I can't really remember because it's kinda fuzzy right here) I was walking alone...somewhere...and this tall futuristic business man, (he was handsome in a grown up kind of way) told me to come with him and of course I said no, he was a stranger, and I walked away. I walked into this cute outdoor cafe and I was sitting there eatting...or was I drinking something...(it's fuzzy right here too) and then out of no where the business man is sitting there again (I just realized this part sounds like the inception trailer scene lol) and he's telling me I HAVE to go with him but I said no again then suddenly he was standing next to me grabbing my upper arm hard. I try and pull away but I wouldn't let go so I start screaming and crying and right there it goes to third person and I see my face but since I'm crying I can't really get a good look at my mystery face (it's not my real face)

And I kinda wake up to my phone alarm telling me it's 10am but I kinda punch my phone and fall back into the dream, yeah I know, that rarely happens and why couldn't it have been a less confusing dream! >.< Anyways...

I'm not at the cafe anymore but I'm somewhere else now, not sure where but it's kinda like a giant mall? (that's as best as I can describe it) and I was in the make up part of a store. I'm walking around very confused and looking out the corner of my eyes for that tall business man and suddenly I'm with my friends from school and this old women is telling us personality about us just from looking at us and she looks at me and says that I'm a very sweet person and so shy and cute and the kindest person she's met and I'm just standing there blushing and giggling and shrinking into my shoulders and stuff and then suddenly HE'S there busts through my friends and the old lady (they disappear) and he very roughly grabs my upper arms and drags me away,the whole time I'm asking him to let me go and I'm tearing but very innocently pleading for him to let me go. He then drags me into a dark little room where this long narrow cardboard box is and he tell me in a calm voice to get in it and I scream at him no so he tries to pick me up and throw me inside. I see inside and there is a big roll of what looks like paper, (you know, the giant rolls of paper you and your partner used in school to draw your silhouette on to learn about body parts) but it wasn't paper it was metal like and I kick and wiggle to not get in and he sets me back down and I run around the other side and we do that dance around the box but he eventually catches me again and for some reason grabs my sides by at my rib cage, this feeling was very real feeling, I could feel his fingers in between each rib bone squeezing very roughly and he throws me in and I'm crying at this point and the tears are hot but he closes the top and it's dark and then quite quickly the box starts spinning and I'm forced to hold onto the paper roll/metal thing. The spin makes me sick and then...

I wake up AGAIN to my husky licking my hand, grr. I push him away roll over and guess what happens again! I fall into the same damn dream.

The spinning continues and then it stops, I slowly poke my head out and I'm in a cloths slash jewelry store, I crawl out of the box, the business guy gone again and I look around. I feel that as I climb out of the box that I'm some how prettier. My stomach feels weird but not from the spinning. I realize that I was LOOKING for the guy and my stomach hurt because I wanted him, almost like a "I was missing him" feeling like something bad was gonna happen to me if he wasn't with me but he found me and he grabbed my upper arm again and told me to get in better cloths and was trying to put (I think) a shirt on me (it's fuzzy yet again right here) but I remember just running around the store trying to get away from him, I'd run through two racks of cloths, around a shelf with jewelry and back through the two racks of cloths, after awhile I lose him and I couldn't see him. I stop in front of the shelf of jewelry and pick up a fuzzy purple bracelet with what looked like little tiny purple bells but they didn't jingle they purred like a cat. And after playing wi

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