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Dream About Jewelry Shop meanings

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Example: What do you think this Dream means?

Do dreams mean anything?
Last night I dreamt that I robbed a jewellery shop and my boyfriend was in the car, get away driver, we drove to some place and then this fat girl I know turned up and asked what was happening, we never got caught for the robbery.
It's so strange, usually my dreams are normal compared to that lol

You should probably repost this under Dreams.

That said, I think dreams do mean something - I just disagree that they have universal meanings.

I think that it depends on what each individual element means to you. What does a jewellery store mean to you? How do you feel about theft? Have you gotten away with something that you feel guilty about? That's how I'd analyse your dream.


Example: What does this dream mean?See below.?

I dreamt that I'd won the lottery and I had tonnes of money . I walked past lots of jewellery and shoe shops and went to find one of my colleagues instead! I found him in a big workshop ,he was wearing a lovely 80s denim shirt and blue jeans, he walked away at first but winked at me. He looked so vividly real and totally beautiful - exactly like he does in real life in fact. I asked him to 'come here' so he did and we kissed . It was the most amazing kiss EVER. It really blew me away!

So what does it mean?

Example: What is the meaning if dreaming about gold and jewelery?

n my dream I was at the jewelry shop and the seller came to me and showed a ring of special design, but I did not buy because I realized that I've got my wedding ring and when I came out of the store I was so surprised when a group of gold necklaces on the ground When I asked the seller he told me that the buyer might accidentally drop it, so I helped him to collect them. When we complete the seller shows his grateful and gave me a necklace.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had this dream last night that I just cannot shake. I was shopping in a massive store with a friend of mine for a dress for a formal dance. This part makes sense to me, considering yesterday I went shopping with that friend, and I also watched a TV show where a girl was going to a formal dance. The next part is what I don't understand. I kept getting separated from my friend, and kept getting lost in the store. It was a huge department type store and each time I found a dress I wanted to try on, I could never find the fitting rooms. I ran into a male store worker from what seemed like a jewelry department or maybe the perfume department, and I asked him to take me to the fitting rooms. He was SO attractive, I was completely infatuated with him. I even asked to take his picture because I wanted to show my friend the hot guy that helped me. This is weird because I am married and don't act this way normally. The guy walked around with me for a while and I kept showing him dresses I liked. Then I found my friend and we were at what seemed like a movie theatre entrance that was IN the department store, and I wanted this guy to come with me to see the movie. This is where the dream begins to be fuzzy but it turns out the guy that I have such a huge crush on in the dream is not a good person at all and ends up trying to rape me in some weird room. I make a huge fuss and after that, all I can remember is people asking me what happened, and there was a lot of blood everywhere (TMI, but I'm on my period right now. Maybe that's where the blood comes in?). My dad was there and I was telling him the story like a zombie, and I can remember thinking that I missed my husband a lot.
It's very uncharacteristic of me to remember so much about a dream. I usually can remember bits and pieces but this seemed like such a long dream, I can even remember what some of the dresses looked like and what sizes they were.

Example: Dream about getting married (in city hall)but changing my mind at the last minute? what could it mean?

I had this dream a few nights ago:

I was walking with my dad, and a young ugly guy with a beird , in my dream i knew he was my fiance, but till this day i have never ever seen him in my life. and his dad was also with us. we were dress shopping for some reason and we had bought some real gold jewelery for me. we bought a ring, bracelet, necklace, and earrings. they are meant to be a set but i didnt see them, i somehow knew what i bought?
so we didnt find a dress after hours of looking. and the guy with me wouldnt even talk or look at me or treat me like his wife to be. so we get to a place where we were to sign the marriage papers and write the demands i have .before i signed my name i told the guy i wanna talk to him alone, he sits near me and his dad follows, i asked him one question and he turned to ask his dad for an answer. when i saw that i said i didnt want to marry him and he can take the gold back. and i heard my dad say in a low tone "thank god" he was really relieved. so what could this dream mean?

also i am not married or engaged or dating or anything so this dream is sorta weird.

Example: Reoccuring dream about an occult shop?

I have had this dream for the past couple of years every few months. I have had it again, and I though I knew the meaning, but what is going on in my life now is different then when I originally came up with the meaning. Dream analyzers, get your thinking caps on:

I'm always going into an occult shop- for all of you pagans/witches/magicians etc., you know the fare: lots of jewelry, stones, herbs, fantasy artwork, spiritual statues, and whatnot. I am a practicing witch, and I've been to my share of them. In my dream, there is always a section of goth clothing as well, and another section that resembles a Starbucks to sit and have some coffee. I am usually there with some friend or another, happily having coffee or looking at the wares (with people that are sometimes staunch Christians). Sometimes I am there with a lesbian lover (which is especially baffling, as I am not a lesbian or bi and am currently in a happy relationship with a man). This shop is always in the strip mall next to my work, where there is not an occult shop.

I originally thought this was my desire to have my spirituality more accepted and to be closer with friends (obviously not in that way), but I now am in a relationship where my spirituality is more accepted and I just finished schooL, l so I have more time for social things.

So, any other ideas? Thanks!

Example: What does my dream mean?

Okay,my dream is pretty weird. First I'm shopping in a jewelry shop when I see my best friend.
I turn to her and start walking when this guy in a black hoody comes alongand steals a diamond necklace I took off to show my friend. So I start fighting him (you know, blocking
his way) and eventually he's about to jump through a hole in the window, when I tackle him to the ground. However he throws it out the window, where a guy outside catches it and speeds away in a car. What does this mean?
Thanx in advance

Example: What does this dream mean?

okay I had a weird dream last night... it might not sound scary, but it was creepy-ish

a 11 year old girl and her father go into a jewellery shop, a 30 year old woman runs it. The father looks at the rings and buys the expensive one, but the man pays her with blank sheets of paper. (cut into the size of a bill) later the lady finds out.So while the girl and man try to walk out... next the lady grabs the girls wrist and says:" you will pay for what you did,even if I have to kill you" So she takes the girl and puts her into this creep/scary looking house, and from there on the girl must work in the house doing chores. There are 10 other kids, all punished for what bad things their parents did. There all only 2 weird/scary things about the mansion... it is run by a 90 year old woman... apparently every child in the house fears her... the other is that when they do their chores they have to use marionette dolls that look exactly like the child... ( EXAMPLE: if they were picking up trash they'd have to control the doll to use it's hands) ANYWAY... the girl calls the "principal" of the house mama (a 50 year old woman) because the girl never had seen her mother before... she tries to escape, and "mama" tells her what to fear, who to trust and so on... but the little girl doesn't leave, because she's kinda torn between leaving "mama" and going... next the Headmaster ( the 90yr. old) and "mama" are in a office and the girl walks her in... the 10 children who are now her friends watch... she starts a conversation with the Headmaster... she asks thing like: "how long have been here?" "were you always headmaster?"... at that question... the old lady stops and says " my life was filled with blood, and working as a slave just like you...I had to kill to get to the top... to were I am" the girl looks at her friends and there giving her a shaking look like " you shouldn't"t have said
that"... LATER the girls and her friends are cleaning the hall... the phone rings... she picks it up and a lady talks she says " I will kill you, you won't see it coming...watch out" and the lady talked so evil, dark and sinister... but the voice sounded fimiliar, not the headmaster nor "mama" but someone else.

and that's were I wake up and my dream ends


please and thank you

Example: What does this dream mean?

Last night I dreamt thta I dreamt found a hundred dollars in my wallet, then I dreamt that I'm in a jewelry shop or something.. anys I throw a tantrum or something.. whatever cuz my mom won't get me the earrings I want.. so I run out of the shop.. its nighttime and I run into this really dark alley where theres nothing but scary freaks and monsters and they keep trying to touch me and say my name.. they this multiple times "Natalia come to us" .. then I see a door and I open it I'm all of a sudden at a beach and I see my friend Gladys.. then I wake up.. Btw I'm 19

Example: Can anyone tell me what this dream means?

ok well i was in my house and everything was normal then couple of minutes later i had found out that mum mum and dad was moving to canada with some friends (to live there) and i thought me and my brother was not going to go, well anyway me and my mum had a talk and i found out we was all going to canada (don't know why canada) so we all had a party and we invited everybody we knew and i mean everybody, they gave us all presents and money and at the end all i remember was going down the street to the church we go to but we went in to some shops and i was looking at jewellery in a Camera shop but before that shop we went into Woolworth's but then i was walking down the street i was crying but everyone was well in front of me so i had to run after them but then i woke up,

can anyone help me i go really confused about it can someone help thanks =]

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