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Dream About Jewelry meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Dream meaning.?

I am 5 months pregnant & we haven't found out the sex of the baby twice it has had it's leg closed very tightly. I am going thru rough times right now w/ my family. I am married, & we do have a little girl. I dreamed Me & some old friends were @ a table & I remember seeing a Blue Belt with a Big Bling that was the Number 3 on it. Could anyone help me on what that means?

I felt it meant take care of my husband, daughter, & myself, & that the blue represented a boy? , but I'm confused b/c I dream alot about baby girls?

To dream of a belt indicates a restricted course of energy of life and topics of ethics. You could be experiencing issues between your instincts and your ideology. A belt can also represent control and retribution. It also means holding up. Securing. Linking. Approach of a love affair.

Blue symbolized honesty, integrity, intelligence, dedication, solace, and divinity. You may be wanting to escape from the pressures of life. You have an extremely positive outlook on life and believe that you will experience only good in your future.
Depending on the context of your dream, the color blue can also reflect a mood of anguish and despair.

1) In a dream, the number three is a sign of stamina, might, ingenuity and introspection. The number represents a threesome -- the olden days, the current moment, and times to come; or dad, mom and baby.

2) Three is considered the number of the Holy Trinity and therefore sacred. It is vibrant and alive with hope and possibility. To dream of a three is not in itself significant but must be considered as a whole with the dream, whether or not is religious, etc., and then you will be able to tie it in to get a true reading.

To see jewelry in your dream, represents how you see yourself, your worth and personal value. It also signifies acute awareness of what you want in life and what you hold dear. These jewelries highlight the significance of psychological and spiritual riches. A particular piece of jewelry you own, may symbolize a certain facet of your relationship.
To dream that you receive jewelries as gifts, denotes a need to be thankful – to acknowledge and embrace good qualities within yourself.
To see broken jewelry in your dream, implies grave displeasure in your failure to accomplish your set goals.
it also means Treasure. Essence. Precious. Revaluation of principles.

Example: What do you think this Dream means?

Do dreams mean anything?
Last night I dreamt that I robbed a jewellery shop and my boyfriend was in the car, get away driver, we drove to some place and then this fat girl I know turned up and asked what was happening, we never got caught for the robbery.
It's so strange, usually my dreams are normal compared to that lol

Example: What does this dream mean?

me and my bf have been going out for a year, then he broke up with me, then asked me out again, after thats hes been treating me good then towards the end bad. hed ignore me, so i broke up with him, and he didnt even reply to that... in my dream he was running after me and trying to get back together with me then told me about how he passed the jewelry store and realized he wants to spend the rest of his life with me, and told me he loves me

Example: Heart shaped jewel dream meaning..?

Last night i dreamt that i was chased by someone but i got away from him... Then i entered a room and it was bright and i had in my hand a small heart shaped necklace. The heart necklace was bright red and when i opened the necklace, inside it was a watch .. So what is the meaning of this dream..? Is it a good or bad one ?

Example: What is the meaning of dreaming with silver jewelry, wedding, and fear of theft?

I had a dream in which I was dressing up, about to marry my husband(we had a civil wedding but decided to wait for the religious ceremony, something that I've been waiting for) in the church; I was in my childhood home, and took out some silver jewelry to go with the white lace dress I had on. In my dream I owned the jewelry. My mother came and brought me a box full of silver jewelry. It had some small gold pieces but I did not pay attention to them. I took them out, trying them on, trying to decide what to wear. I remember all the silver shinning as if it had moonlight on it. I decided for a small crown, almost a diadem, and a silver necklace that reminded me of the moon, and started trying and looking at earrings and rings to match. The whole time, I had the jewelry on top of our dining table(a rectangle, Wood, 6-seater table I loved in my childhood home-I lived there right up to my marriage.) and I was afraid of someone stealing some of it. In my dream, I knew who it was, but now all I can remember is that it was either a girl or a woman, and she was small, perhaps with an ugly/distorted by hate face. As I was waking up, I was seeing her picking up some of the jewelry, but I was in a hurry to go to the church and decided to forgo my fears of her stealing. It was implied she was a close friend or relative. Of this dream, I remember the most, the silver in the jewelry. It was very shiny and well-finished, pieces that must have cost a lot to buy, and I loved every piece. They made me feel good when I saw them(in the dream) and I was surprised in my dream that my mother had rounded up so much silver, since she likes gold(I like silver best), so I knew some pieces must be new, and some might had come from my husband or family. This dream has stayed with me all day, like other dreams that have had some impact in my life; however I don't understand this dream too much, but at the moment, I'm looking for a job, and expecting several other good changes in my life, I thought the dream might be telling me something...could you help me understand it?

Example: What does it mean to dream about lending your jewelry...?

...to someone? I dreamt that I was lending some silver bracelets to my cousin. Also, I was wearing a long pair of earings, then I changed it for a shorter pair..


Example: What does it means to dream with a thief ?

I dream that I saw a thief in a jewelry store and he was stolen a beautiful diamond necklace.

What does it means ?

Example: What does this mean in my dream?

I had a dream where I saw amber jewelry on a table. What does this mean?

Example: What does my dream mean- a pet rabbit in my jewelry box?

I had an odd dream last night and I'm wondering what if anything it could mean. I had a pet rabbit, he was small and fluffy, black and white spotted. He lived in my jewelry box on my dresser and he was so cute and affecionate. He required very little food and water and attention but what little I gave him he was so appreciative of it and loved to cuddle up to me and always looked so happy and content. I remember thinking I would like to do more for the bunny but he seemed to be very happy just sitting in my jewelry box, I just loved this bunny so much in my dream and he made me so happy and content! lol.

Could it have something to do with my boyfriend in real life who is so good to me and does so much for me, I sometimes feel like I should be doing more for him?

Example: What does my dream mean? Jewelry collection?

Its reoccuring in which I go for a walk and notice my mom's jewelry on the ground and in gardens so I stop to pick it up along the way. Its all her good jewelry if that makes a difference. Any thoughts?

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