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Dream About Jinn meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this weird dream means o_0 ?

I dreamt that my brther and I were fighting with ghosts.They were invisible and we were in my room.What does it means?

Sometimes dreams are images that your brain conjures up to relate to some problems you might have in your life. The ghosts for example probably might mean that you or you and your brother have this certain problem or problems that no one else sees or understand but only to you to. For example, I used to have dreams that my teeth were falling out. But that was a self-image problem I had. Since we smiling is a way of people noticing you, the falling teeth symbolizes that I don't produce a good self-image of yourself. So find out for yourself what "ghosts" are in your life.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I'm having this reoccurring dream. Rather than continuously having the same dream every night. But its occurred three times in my lifetime. Once when I was 8 The second was when I was 13. And the third at my current age.18 I had the dream two nights ago. The dreams are like episodes they continue every few years. I thought it was a coincidence the second time. But the third takes the cake. I don't dream to often and when I do. I don't bother or care very much. But the reoccurring dreams are way too vivid and strike emotion after I wake up i can literally tell if i had the dream due to how i felt the past times i had it. I couldn't concentrate all day because I was trying to piece my recent dream together since i couldn't remember. I usually don't bother with stuff like this but the dream felt so powerful and Its interesting to have a continuous dream from childhood through adolescents. I tried going to sleep while thinking about the dream but all it did was trigger more emotions and tears kept dropping from my eyes I don't know why but the feeling from that most recent dream was really sad. I tried listening to binaural beat as I heard it triggers intense dreams but nothing. I guess I have to wait a few more years to see it again. Here is a description of all three dreams
Dream 1
The main character in this dream is me. Although it doesn't look like me. It feels like me. my age is unknown but i looked like i was 18 or 20 we didn't really age. The essence of my dream has a solemn , serious and a paranormal feeling to it and its always dusk outside. I'm greeted by a strange being. it was a male. it looked like a human but I felt he wasn't . i suppose some type of extraterrestrial or spirit. he injects something into my arm then tells me to find my female opposite (my soulmate) after I found her, she also seemed to be looking for me. we feel in love etc. years later we decided to have a child. but after a few attempts. we weren't able to have a child. i suspect it may be because of what that alien injected into my arm. my girlfriend then told me a strange female had injected something into her too before she met me. the two beings then re-appear. same from before. (i had forgotten their dialogue) They take a DNA sample from themselves and us and create a perfect offspring or clone. An experiment I guess.. the baby didn't grow like a ordinary baby. But started as a blue light.
Dream 2
The blue light developed into a little girl. But something happened that caused her to die. The two beings from before tried to save her but nothing worked as the blue light dimmed. my soulmate was very broken up about it and didn't want to see another child die we were very upset that we had lost our first child. but they decided to start another experiment. They extracted their dna as we extracted ours. my soulmate had left the room Later. The blue light developed into a boy. the experiment seemed to be a success to the two aliens/spirits but to me and my girlfriend, we had a son. we didn't know what the aliens intentions were but we were excited since we were finally able to have a child of our own. but still upset after we lost the first one

Dream 3
this dream i couldn't remember very well because someone had woken me up
but here is the gist of it.
Me and my son who is now 8 went out to look for something. I cant remember. but it was a large open land. it felt eerie to be there. we came upon a chasm. i heard a voice. crying to be spicific. we went into the chasm to see who was there. after a little exploring something had walked out of the shadows, frightened it was a girl. she was very familiar. and i quickly remembered it was our daughter who we thought had died in the first dream during her development. she got a vibe from me since she was the perfect clone / offspring, as if she remembered me aswell. she had aged since then. about nine years old i didn't know if she was a spirit or alive but she was there physically, we had taken her back to the house where the extraterrestrial beings had examined her. as we asked her questions. before she could answer. i woke up.

that was the most recent dream. I wish some of the things that happened were able to be explained. like how I never really aged biologically or who were those strange beings and many other things i think its really strange for me to have dreams that continue in episodes. like i have a TV in my head or something. and it feels too realistic almost like lucid dreaming but I can't control what's going on but I can only watch what's going on. as for my emotions toward this dream. I don't know or care why I have them. but it feels like a part of me does. is it a past life experience or something? or maybe a dream of my alternate life experience. or just a meaningless dream. I'm trying not to make a big deal out of it but what ever it is. its interesting as hel

Example: What does it mean if you were dreaming that you were about to raped by a jinn?

Example: Does my dream mean anything?

In my dream, I was in my own room and my heart was beating abnormally fast. I started panicking and tried to count my beats per minute with the clock, but that started moving really fast, too. That's when I really freak out and my whole body starts shaking uncontrollably for a while, like some sort of seizure. I try to scream, but throw up instead, and that's when I woke up. It was so real, I couldn't even believe it was a dream.

Example: What does my Dream about Jinn/Djinn mean? ?

I just woke up from a dream that I remember bits and pieces of it, but it freaked me out..

First I remember my mother in my apartment cleaning and making everything nice and neat and I was impressed (I have lived independently for the past 2 years, mom lives elsewhere)

Second I remember being with friends in a car and one of my friends said "i dont want to talk about Jinn anymore since I have been talkin about it too much" and then I look around and see one 'ghost' figure in a black robe walking on the sidewalk but it was almost see through.. So I start saying the Shahadeh and it doesnt go away, suddenly I see like 30 all around us walking in the same way wearing their black robes but all over the street and sidewalk, so we try to drive faster (while im reciting Shahadeh and Quran) to get away and then I look back and I see one chasing us and gets in the car and sits close to us. Turns out she looked like Kirsten Dunst and I almost kissed her?..but I still felt she was a Jinn/Djinn in the dream..then I start telling her I'm sorry if I did something wrong, but is this about me or my friends? what did I do wrong? I don't remember if I did anything wrong..so why are you here? and she just laughed.

then she started changing the street lights and train tracks for cars and trains to collide..but she changed them back..supposedly just to let us know what she is capable of...then I woke up..

I am Muslim and I haven't talked or thought about Jinn/Djinn in a long time..this dream kinda freaked me out..especially the black ghost robes walking around the street..

Example: What does it mean to dream of Jinn?

i constantly have dreams of them, they're quite frightening.
i don't want to talk about the dreams, but i want to know what the meaning is of having a dream of a Jinn. also i know what to read before i sleep, that is NOT the issue.

THANKS alot!

any rude answers, i won't bother with you so i am just going to report you.

Example: What did this dream mean?

I dreamt I was in my bathroom, and I turned around to see a woman. Initially, I thought nothing of it, but once I turned around, I realized I couldn't see her in the mirror. I turned around and asked if she was a ghost, she didn't reply. More shakily, I questioned: "Demon?", she smirked and said: 'I had to be SOMETHING.", and bit me. Afterward, it skipped, I was in my room, and I was alone. I saw her head pull up from my carpet like it was liquid, her body submerged from the nose down as she stared at me. Her eyes were yellow in the whites, and her irises had a red ring around them. She sunk back under, glaring menacingly. And in the final portion, I was in my living room, and I was standing on something, it was bare aside from whatever I stood on. I whispered "Come out, demon." Nothing, aside from a quick shadow scurrying across the floor. Again: "Come out, demon!" Much louder now. And it came as a shadow, slowly pulling itself from the carpet to meet me. The last words it said were: "I will do whatever you desire, but my purpose is to torture you." And I woke up. What does this mean?

Example: What does it mean if I dreamt I was possessed by a jinn?

And also, is it possible to be possessed and not know it?

Example: What does seeing jinns in dreams mean?

I this really hot jinn in a dream? What does it mean? Islamically...

Example: Is dreaming of Jinn/demon means that I saw a real one?

I had a dream yester day of a jinn and he looked like human beings but a total hot one :3 does it meam that I've seen a real one?they dont look like humans right?

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