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Dream About Jogging meanings

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Example: Meaning of really disturbing dream.?

can anyone tell me what this dream means?

i was with my best friend and we were jogging across the beach. We jogged pretty far, then we saw a large bus/truck ahead of us. My friend saw it and said Alexa when we jog past the truck, dont look at it. Of couse, when i go by, i was curios and looked at the truck. The truck had run over a kid and he was dead and had blood everywhere. I saw his mother sitting there just staring at his body and a few other people but i cant remember what they were doing. I was really disturbed and started crying for the kid. When we were at the end of the beach my friend wanted to jog across it again, but i didnt want to see the kid again. Then i realized the life guards would move the body, because it had somehow been hours since we saw the body. So, we ran across the beach again and i woke up.

does this mean anything?

I haed a dream peatty simialr to this, i was on the playground whare i spand most of mai dais chiling otu making relaking all cool and shoting sum b-ball outsise the schol, whne a cople of gais the weer upo to no good staerted makin truble in or neigborhud. i got it on litle fighe and mai non got scared she said your moving on with yrou anty and uncle in Smel-Air i whistied for a bac and when it come naer the linsesce plate=e said frash and had dace in the maroar if anthing i could sai that this cab was raror but i thought nai, forget it yo house to bel-air! i-pushed- up tp a hoe about seven or height i smelled to the cabbie yo home, smell you later(to pai the bil) looky at my kimdog i was fettily thereto sit on my throne as the prince of bel-air

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream last night, or more of a nightmare, I'd say! It started off okay! I can't remember exackly what happened. I was fired from my job about 2 weeks ago, and I had a dream I was sitting on my checkout, then my best friend Josh was suddenly working there too (only in my dream) He shouted something horrible and I turneed around and said "Did you say that to me" and he started laughing at me. Then I walked up to him & said "why did you say that" and a girl next to him laughed so I started punching her in the face, then my boss came up to me and was like what The hell! I started screaming and crying and had a nervous breakdown and ran out! The I woke up and went back to sleep. I had another nightmare after that. I was walking across a road with a baby girl, who was my friends child, she was really heavy and I could barely carry her, and I was pushing her buggy and all this other stuff, I couldnt do it anymore. Then I got on the bus with my best friend and these girls that we have both fallen out with. Then me & my best friend fell out and were really nasty to eachother. So I ran off the bus and started crying and screaming, I was walking through a woods and i fell to my knees, In my dream I couldnt stop screaming or crying, I got a bit of glass and tried to slit my left wrist. Then a woman who was jogging stopped and sat next to me and was saying "are you okay?" and talking to me saying this is not the answer. The my best friend, the one I argued with, came out and was saying "Hollie! whats wrong!" and I woke up. It really freaked me out and was horrible! why did I dream this? x

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream last night. It's kind of weird...and I want to know what it means.

So I was in the stall of some public bathrooms...doing my thing...and there was another stall right next to mine. There was a big crack that the person next to me could see in. They were staring at me and I thought they were weird. Then they got out a really big knife and they were about to cut them self. They already had one cut on their wrist. I got up and went over to their stall and took the knife from them and told them to stop it. They said thank you and left. Then the next day I was driving down the road and I passed this little yellow building and they were in there. I wanted to go and talk to them but I woke up before I could.

My dad came home late and said I let in the door. I don't remember ever getting up.
He also said I was talking to myself while I was asleep, but he couldn't understand what I was saying.
Does this dream mean something, or is it pointless?

Example: Whats this dream mean?

i just had this really weird dream. i was jogging on some trail, and this guy and girl were behind me. i start flirting with the girl andi basically steal her away from the guy. we start running together and leave the guy behind. later it turns out the girl is my real-life cousin JEN! i remember thinking shes hot. and we were kissing and all over each other and decided to date. my mom was in the dream too for a second telling us she is going to work. and also my ex-coworker was in my house sitting in front of the tv. me and jen go back to her place and her physco ex-fiancee shows up. i try to fight him off with a metal pole but he turns out the llights. i beat him down with the pole and i keep going. finally hes down for good.

me and jen run out and i give her the car keys and we take off. thats as far as i remember, i think it ended there.

BUT the thing is... IVE HAD THIS DREAM BEFORE, EXACTLY. cept her exbf kills her the first time and my coworka isnt in it bc i didnt know him then

Example: What does this dream mean?

So in is dream I was in a house I've never seen but there was alot of gold and red. I was in a bed room hiding from my grandma. But then when she went to the side I was hiding on she couldn't see me I was invisible. So ran for it and there w as s an old baby blue wooden door and I walk through it. Suddenly I was in this shower in the middle of the forest. The shower had four support things and it had beautiful red and gold tiles on them and the cealing the walls were just red see through curtains. I was naked and the water was running . I looked for the door but it was gone I was just in this shower thing in the forest and I remember I was kind of cold. Then my idol celebrity (male) runs by and I reach for him because a bar( that look like the support beams) is in front of me. And I reach but can't make a sound but he stops and reaches for me and I smile while holding his hand but then he jogs away. And I almost cry because I was so sad. Then I turn around and a bunch of boy scouts are sitting on wooden benches staring at me. So I look to my side and there is a beautiful metal chair with blue diamonds on it so I scoot it in front of me to try to cover my self and I smiled at them and I wasn't as embarrassed any more then I look to my left and my friends dad is staring at me smiling while his wife is trying to pull him away and I just flash a little smile. Then I look right and see a cafeteria with a green metal roof an I run toward it. I open the door and there are tables full of cloths and then I see my celebrity idol sitting in a chair smiling at me. I stood there and smiled back. Then I woke up.(In this whole dream I never talked.)

Example: What does this dream mean?

i left my dads apartment to go to my moms and saw a girl jogging up the street she recognized me i looked at my car it had monster truck wheels so i started running with her we ran onto the beach and i ran onto a sinking dock then i was driving a motorized scooter but it was a paint roller like the one u paint ceiling with and i parked it by my moms apartment and it had a kickstand and the girl was with me and i was in a parking deck and the attendant was like u cant go in the building and the door was boarded up and all the people were in the building across the street and i walked in and they were all like burned in a fire or something and sitting and laying on the floor and i was with the girl looking for my mom but all the people were unrecognizable and the girl was looking at this one person for a long time then we came back to that person and it was my mom and she cursed me and turned into a circle x type shape and i started freaking out and i was like does that mean shes dead and the people working there were like yea and i walked out side and i was standing there and i said im in the street and the girl was with me and i didnt know what to do

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream my sister and I were jogging and the short cut to her house was through a lake filled with allgators i went around and she was eaten

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream that it was a very rainy day at daytime, and I wanted to go out for a jog still, so me and my brother went outside to find a place for me to jog. We were both wearing hoodies on because it was raining heavily, and we both got soaked. We went pass a door and a group of people that I don't know in realife. Then, we got to some cafeteria-looking place...Where there was a bunch of people I also don't know in realife, and they were showing people that have mental problems...Before I left the place they showed a girl with a horrible disease (I use to have it in realife, also I didn't get to see the girl with the horrible disease because so many people were blocking the view) and when they showed her everyone started to panic and many yelled "Oh my gosh why would you do that to yourself?!" I also HEARD people vomiting (I assume because she looked disgusting, I didn't see the people vomit) and alot of people yelling at her and calling her names all of a sudden the cafeteria got so loud I left the place right away along with my brother, I was scared for some reason. Later in the dream, I went to this aquarium place and found my mother there, I told her that I didn't have enough time to jog and if I can still go. She rejected my request a few times until the end of the dream she finally let me take a jog. What could this dream mean?

Example: What does jogging in a dream mean?

I don't often question my dreams, but this one has a message I am sure.

What do you think this dream means?

I was jogging almost at a running speed down a hill towards the town where I live. There was a man and a teenager I dididn't recognize an weren't being overly friendly who were jogging as well and I passed them on the road. they seemed jealous.

I then saw someone I know who used to be my hairdresser years ago. I caught up to him and passed him just a bit.

I was feeling great and thinking WOW I'm running. The guy started encouraging me saying; you can do it, keep going. I felt wonderful, but then realized I should stop. I started feeling afraid and started thinking I was having an asthma attack or thought I might be but wasn't sure if I was just merely out of breath from jogging.

I saw the beautiful view of our ocean. The scenery was exactly how it is in real life.

I woke up.

Here is what is interesting. I'm over weight and probably should loose 30-40 lbs. I'm middle aged now as well, so am starting to slow down and not the healthiest. I jogged briefly as a teen ager. Long distance never running. It would be odd for me to start jogging. I can hardly walk up a hill right now.

Think this dream has any special meaning?


Example: What does this dream mean?

Last night i had the wierdest dream, i started off on my way to school with my ex gf, but we acted like we were still dating which was wierd. Then when i went in my school it turned into my appt complex. So i walked outside there were some ppl with zombie make up on, but then they were zombies. So i started running away, but i could only jog for some reason. But i could leap while i jogged which made me go unbelievably fast. So i ran to my ex gfs place(idk why, something just told me to go there) and i spent a couple nights there. Then i turned on the tv and the news said i was a wanted man! Then i left her house and started running up the train tracks and found a rocket ship taking off then crashing. Then i continued on not knowing were i was going...someone plz help its so crazy idk what to think.

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