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Dream About Jot Down meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this reoccurring dream mean?

K so I've had this dream ever since I was little!its changed a little but has relatively stayed the same. It's always where I wake up in the dream and there's some issue ( when I was a kid it was my bears trying to kill me, now it's humans, or once it was my bed suffocating me ) but in these dreams I can never scream for help , I can't talk or anything. Now I usually can indemnify it's a dream & wake myself up, which is weird!

What does this dream mean? & why does it keep happening ? All the ought my life .. And why am I able to wake myself up from it!?

When I was a kid I was plagued by nightmares of large animals trying to kill me. It was apes, horses, cows, bears, and lions. I would have these recurring dreams constantly. I was a kid that suppressed a lot of emotions, fear being one of them. Naturally, it would come out in dreams. Is there something that you are afraid of but not ready to confront? I think you are afraid of something either happening or you fear not being perceived well by humans. Either which way, you have to move past the emotion.

Try a hot bath before bed. It will calm you and put you in a better sleep state. If you have any books you can read before dozing off, read them so your mind can be on other things. If all else fails, I would keep a notebook by your bedside and just jot down all the fears you had in the day. Doesn't mean you have to fix them necessarily but you do have to acknowledge them for better rest.

Example: What does blood mean in a dream?

I dreamed that I was bleeding from a smal cut on my (L) arm when I noticed that a small drop fell on the floor,as I kneeled down to wipe it I kept seening more and more blood all over the floor then the smell of blood made me look up towards the walls they were also coverd with blood.my hands were touching it as well. I've never had a dream were my smell and touch sence would react if any body knows the meaning please answerd I just cant get that smell of blood out of my mind and the feeling of it aswell it's not good

Example: Do these dreams mean anything? Opions.?

Last night I had a few very vivid dreams. Can someone tell me what they might mean.

1) I had a dream that I had a memory card for my camera, and I looked through the pictures. I saw pictures of my friend(who in the dream told me not to look through the card) and it was him at a much younger age, maybe 5 to 9. He was being forced, or maybe he wasn't i couldn't tell to suck someone else's penis. There were several pictures like this. This is weird because in real life he is very homophobic and even told me that he would run away if a gay person ever flirted with him.

2) In this dream for some reason there was a deer in my house, i can't really remeber but i belive the dear was originally something else. My mom was then trying to very forcefully attack the deer while my brother or father( again can't remeber) tried to held her back. Before she could attack the deer I stopped her by first ripping off a necklace from her neck(it was a heart shaped necklace that my other friend from school owns) and then pushing her behind a couch

3) In this one, no1 that i knew was in it. But a child had a mother that he believed didn't really like him or something. So while at a soccerr game he went with this man that i believe he knew from somewhere else. he went with this man back home to which he now believed that this man was his new father. He was having his friends sleep over when for some reason he had to escape the man. All 3 of them.(boy plus 2 friends) but for somereason rather then running they were very slowly scaling the walls with what seemed to be suction cup type things. The man was doing the same thing except he was much faster and i believe the dream ended with him catching one of them. Almost looking like a spider on top of pray.

These dreams are starting to worry me, they were really vivid and almost scary. Thank you

Example: What does it mean to dream about getting shot in the chest?

A few days ago, I dreamed that I was at school, and all of a sudden it was like a James Bond action movie (Most recent ones, ex. Skyfall). There was a robot version of James Bond (Daniel Craig) and the human version of Daniel had a gun in his hands, then it kinda fell out and slid at the robots feet. The robot picked it up and started shooting like the gun was a machine gun. My friends had a sort of shield, so nobody got shot -except for me. I was running around trying to protect myself and bam, I got shot in the chest, and a couple of times in the lower back area. I went to see a teacher, but I kinda fell down, and he helped me up, but I couldn't speak because I was in shock. I also had a out-of-body experience in my dream, and one of the teachers lifted up my shirt to look at my back to see if the wounds were real, and sure enough, the were.
Can anybody tell me what this dream could mean?

P.S: When I woke up, I wasn't sure if the dream was real or not, because I could actually feel the bullets going through my body...

Example: What could dreams mean?

some times i have dreams that stick in my head for ages and i dont know what they mean

Example: What does this dream mean?

Last night I dreamed of a strange Cinderella-like story; it took place in 17 century England, London was under Puritanism, they weeded out all Catholics and Pagans and destroyed statues of the Virgin Mary/Goddess. and here is were Cinderella character comes along, her mother died giving birth to her while under the statue of the Virgin Mother in some sort of graveyard. Her Puritan Father married an unkind woman with two most beautiful but arrogant and self-righteous daughters. The women of this time were looked down upon, Men called them daughters of temptation, which might explain why the stepmother seemed so cruel even to her own kind, but mostly to her stepdaughter because she was headstrong, optimistic, stubborn and (in her mind) not Biblically feminine. She would beat and strap her until her back was blue and bloody. The step-family left for a holiday to look at the handsome prince/king of some rich country and forbade the poor girl and if she was rebellious, the step mother threaten her to send her to a brothel and if she ran away she would have her chased as a thief and whore. the daughter ran towards the graveyard to cry, and she found the Virgin mother statue and wept underneath it. Until, a very ugly old woman dressed in black appeared and scared her, she thought she was a pagan witch, but the Pagan woman helped her in a fairy godmother way, but as the girl turned around to thank the Pagan woman, she saw the statue of the Virgin Mary winked at her.

Example: What do you think this dream means?

I kept trying to find my ex in a underground abandoned railroad. There was one in the city i lived in. I swang by the railroad on a thing, i saw him laying down relaxing and his friends were hanging around him. I kept trying to see his face but couldn't, it was weird. I quickly got off it then tried looking for him, when I couldnt find him and started crying. It was vivid to the point of being weird.

Example: Dream drawing? what does it mean?

ok, so for the past eight days i have been posting the question about my dream here and now (as the dream continues, so does the wierdness) i awoke to my drawing in the book i keep next to my bed for jotting down notes on the dream, and i had made several weird calls and jibberish texts to my freind alexa...

what does thjis mean?, pleas i want real answers...

Example: What does it mean if my dreams feel real?

What does it mean when I can remember thinking that my dreams were real while dreaming and that I can remember feeling things in my dream? This has been happening for about six months, and before that I don't remember thinking the dream was real while dreaming or remember feeling things in the dream. I also have been having trouble determining what is a memory and what is just a dream. Also, I haven't had any nightmares for about three years. I am a sixteen year old male (if that makes any difference). Is this normal or is it weird?

Example: Can you tell me what these dreams mean?

I woke up three times this morning before my alarm and every time I went back to sleep, I had a somewhat different dream. Can you tell me what they mean?

Dream 1
I dreamt that I was in a recording studio. It was built inside one of those outdoor wooden gazebos. It was a very sunny, warm summer day. Kesha was recording her song "come on". I was standing there listening to her sing. After she was done, Demi Lovato came into the studio and asked me if I could sing. I said no, because a few years ago I had part of my vocal cords taken out so sometimes my voice just...stoppe working. I sang along to a song from high school musical and ended up being an amazing singer. I sang along with a random guy. Nothing happened with the guy, he just showed up and sang the guy parts of the song.

Dream 2
I exited the recording studio and it was late at night. I became best friends with this black woman, she was the one who brought me to the studio. I walked to her house and went inside, her boyfriend was coming home so I had to keep running around the side of the house so that if he came he would not shoot me. Turns out he never did, but I still left.

Dream 3
This one felt really real.
I was in a mall. It had many floors and from the top of each floor you could stand at the railing and look down to the ground level. It was snowing outside, and was around Christmas time. I remember going into the Tim Hortons at the ground level and looking to my right and seeing the menu. There was a gingerbread house, for $30, premade. You could also buy a gingerbread that they would make in store but it cost $66 because they made it have wifi. -.-
I ended up waking up. I went back to sleep and this is what happened.
I was at one of the top floors of the mall, and was dressed in winter boots and a jacket. The floor was very slippery. I walked over to the edge of the floor to the railing, but slipped. Before I could fall I grabbed a chain that was attached to a ride and dangled off the edge. I was pulled up and rescued. The railing was only metal posts about four feet apart with red string attached to each post.

I have been trying to lucid dream for a while by jotting down all my dreams in my iPads notepad. The one at the mall felt SO real...am I close?

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