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Dream About Judge meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that I was employed by someone (I don't remember who, but I think I knew the person in real life) to catch little birds for the person to keep. While outside on a sunny day, I saw a lovely little yellow bird. Now here's where it gets really weird - I understood the bird, and I think I actually conversed with it. It told me how it loved its life and freedom and such. I felt extremely sad that I had to cage the bird, but in a moment of callousness, I threw some kind of bird food on the ground and the bird dove for it. I put it in the cage, and I could no longer understand the chirping, which made me even more sad.
Do you think this means anything?

A yellow bird represents ambition. Having caged the bird means your stuck in a job, lifestyle or relationship.

So, You have an ambition to do something. When you see this person in your dreams? Do they judge you ambition or put it down? Conversing with the bird means your excited about this ambition. When you put the cage on the bird you ambition is gone.

In real life, I would be careful of who I tell my ambitions too. The negative people will instantly rip your dream apart.

Example: Do you personally think that dreams mean something?

I keep having dreams about a boy that I liked last year, and even though we don't talk that much I still kind of like him this year.

I know a lot of people say that if someone's on your mind they're supposed to be there, so do you think its true?

The dream I remember most was me hugging him in the hallway at school by his locker and resting my head on his chest/shoulder, and I remember he smelled really good.. like axe or tag but not like he bathed in it like most guys do.

What does this mean?
And what should I do to try to talk to him more?

Example: Dream meaning?

I dreamt I had a best friend who discovered my diary and read it and I caught her talking about it in shock to another person. I was really upset (in real life I do use a diary and would be mortified if anyone read it, some of the things in it are way too personal and revealing) and I told her we were no longer friends. I tried to leave then but she (and at some point she turned into he, I don't know) followed me, I ran and ran and she pursued me, eventually finding a bike somewhere and chasing me (I was on foot) through houses and streets. eventually I stopped running and she/he hugged me or something and we got on a train and presumably went back. I was really scared of her/him discovering something about me they didn't like but in the end they still wanted to be friends. what does it mean? real life- i've ditched more than one friend because I thought they were getting too "close".

Example: Dream meaning?

So I went to asda but it was one of them locations that you had been to before in a different dream and i only went there to buy some food but strangely i got lost and i ended up at school and i was eating a yogurt with a fork and when i had done i put the fork and yogurt pot in the bin. Then i went to a location in my school and saw this teacher i didnt like so i pulled a big leaf out of my mouth and threw it at the wall and the teacher looked at me really strangely. Please help😂

Example: I MUST know what this dream means, dont judge me!?

I had a dream, my boyfriends mom had cancer and died and I had to comfort him in a park. What does it mean? :0

Example: What do my dreams mean?

My first dream was my running up the pathway to my house, it would only take around 5 seconds in real life but when this was happening it felt like forever. When i reached my door way i just curled up into a ball a screamed. I woke up in a cold sweat, cross eyed, and panting. the second one was kind of like a cameras point of view above im guessing was a window. It was and old, rotted attic and there were two people in it. An old woman and a young boy, the old woman was dragging the young boy and the young boy was holding a noose. She pushed the young boy down the stairs to the house but when she tried to go down she couldn't, it looked as if she were hit in the head. There was an outline of a man as if he had put on like active camouflage from halo. and he grabbed her, he started dragging he towards my point of view and i saw his features. he looked like a Jewish man or a pilgrim. He had rotted skin, tattered cloths and when he went under my point of view (the window i'm guessing) i woke up. What do my dreams mean?

Example: Dream about being in Iranian President Ahmadinejad's mansion with US Judge Sotomayor? What does this mean?

The Dream:

I was walking into Ahmadinejad's property, which is a huge mansion in a tropical getaway in a caribbean island. I walk into the parking lot, where there is a collectionof luxury cars, a Lambo Murcielago, a Maybach, a Porsche Carrera, just to name a few.

I walk inside into his mansion, which looks like a huge vacation home, and Ahmadinejad signals to me "come on in", i keep on walking and im greeted by a lady who looks like Sonia Sotomayor, who i give a kiss in the cheek. Then, i look outside into the backyard and i see the mansion is a beachfront property, for which there is a typical caribbean beach up front, white sand, and turquoise water. It almost looked like Donald Trump's estate he used to have in Florida, which was once valued as the most expensive property in the US.

Seriously, this dream is not an exaggeration. I was actually enjoying the dream.

What is the interpretation of this dream?

Example: What does it mean to dream that a Supreme court Judge is going to prison?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Okay my friend had a dream the other night, it really freaked her out and she won't stop talking about it. I was curious if it actually means something or if it's just a creepy dream.

She and I were on a scavenger hunt in an empty museum. We end up finding this weird metal door and we go through it, it leads to this long creepy hallway. There is a woman chained to the wall and a cage mounted on the wall with a hole that goes into the wall. Right as we walk in a man comes in carrying a little girls who is screaming and crying, he throws her in the cage and the woman starts screaming too. My friend and I hide behind a door and we see this pale bloody creature with long hair crawl out of the hole in the wall into the cage with the girl. The woman and the girls a both hysterical at this point, but then the creature says "it's okay, I'm inviting you" and the little girls stops screaming takes the creatures hand and crawls in the wall with it.

Example: Dream meaning?

I had a weird dream last night, I'll try to remember as much as I can:

I fast forwarded to 3-4 years into the future, where I am 18/19 years old. And I was about to get married! Everyone, my family and friends were so excited for me, and I was happy in the begging cause everyone else was so excited, and buying a wedding dress and all that was fun. Then I was taking a shower, and it was 3 days before the wedding, and I didn't love the person I was about to marry (my dream self knew the person but I don't), I was worried because I was too young to get married, but I didn't want to cancel because my family spent so much on the wedding and I didn't want them to be disappointed. So, I was about to walk down the isle and all I could think about is my super crush at school (he's my friend).

There, I don't know if it was a dream (I really want to get married) or a nightmare. It's a short dream, but it was super intense in my dream.

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