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Dream About Juggling meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Does this dream mean something?

Ok so I keep having repeated dreams of having a baby! She's 6 months old and I named her Emily (which is my great grandmothers name) this dream keeps happeneing and I feel sad when I wake up and it's not true like I miss her or something. I have 2 children and thought I was done as suffered really bad postnatal depression with my eldest (I'm only 22 and my son is almost 7) so I started very young. I started uni when my kids started school and nursery and I know if I had another baby I wouldn't beable to juggle all of it. Plus my son has autism and having a 2nd child was hard enough. But I can't shake this feeling of wanted another and keep dreaming about a baby? What does it mean?

There's a number of reasons you could dream this, as it's personal to you. The "baby" could be some kind of new project or new start in your life. It may not be linked to actually giving birth. I have dreamt that I had a baby and I've NEVER given birth. You have to think why you chose the name Emily (that's a big clue - what does your G-Grandmother mean to you, what does she stand for in your life and feelings?). Even though you know it would be foolish to have another child, it doesn't stop your being broody, and the dream could just be about that, or wanting to go back to the time when your children were born (or even when YOU were born). But whatever it means, it's not a prediction! It doesn't mean you will fall pregnant.

Example: What does this weird dream I had mean?

I was sitting on a rock at a beach. It was morning time. Sea Gulls were screeching and tourists were meandering about here and there. Suddenly, the rock I was on transformed into the head of a giant. It plunged upwards out of the sand and threw me into the water. People started screaming but I didn't have time to as I was sucked into the water.

The ocean currents were strong and dragged me down swiftly. Instantly, a group of mermen in full suits of Greek-like armor came and grabbed me. The dragged me through the water and tossed me out of their ocean as if they were disgusted with me. I was sailing through the sky and thought It'd go on forever and ever when a swarm of Sea Gulls came and plucked me up with their claws.

They took me through the air and dropped me on a forested island. Before I could catch my breath, the ground exploded around me and the trees turned into Ents like that movie The Lord of the Rings. They picked me up and tossed me off their island. I flew speedily through the air and landed on a mountain. The mountain shuddered as if in fear and split in half dropping me neatly down in the middle.

It was dark only for a minute and I wasn't left alone very long. All too soon, I felt an underwater river pick up my trail. It whisked me away and dumped me off it onto a pile of sand. The sand churned and moved. It flowed like water and carried me to a room of stone filled with gold, silver, and jewels.

Then it fled out of the room and the hole it passed through sealed up. Nothing happened and I nearly jumped for joy. However, it seemed as if nature wasn't through with me for seconds later the treasure in the cave began dumping itself on top of me. I was smothered and getting strangled. As if to make sure it had done a proper job, the stone cave around began breaking up and falling on top of me. Just when I thought I was going to die; I woke up!

Now what in blue blazes does that mean if it means anything? Thanks a ton in advance!

Example: What does my dream mean?

I was with my parents driving twords a gas station and we pulled up it was raining really hard we all got off and when we were on our way out my parents asked my to get the car because it was raining even harder. As I'm driving back the steering wheel is oddly to the right almost in the middle of the car where the radio should be and I'm having a hard time reaching it from the seat then I see my dad making chicken arms running down the sidewalk sprinting actually , meanwhile I see other joggers ahead of him. When I catch up to him he gets in the car . For some reason we stop next to a 10 story tall hill. We both get off in the rain look at it and out of nowhere lightning strikes it and lava just erupts out of this huge hill. Oozing out as the sky turn a red hue. We run to find my mom we can't find her anywhere , we somehow find her. Then I woke up.
What does this mean?

Example: What exactly does this dream mean?

I had a dream a couple of nights ago and it was really weird. Actually, just about all of my dreams are weird but this one was really weird. It was a dream about my high school becoming a high school/partial college/mall. I just graduated from high school and I am going off to college in about a month and a half. The partial college in my dream was for kids who didn't wanted to start off their first year of college there and there were no dorms because it was sort of like high school but a college lifestyle and schedule. Quite a few of my friends were in the dream too and the first class I was in was my Honors French 4 class. Then I moved into Spanish 1. Then I went to this carousel apparently and I saw a couple of my now sophomore friends and the person I like was one of them and he was talking to me while we rode the carousel. After the ride was over, he got up and I noticed that he had his toenails painted orange. This is pretty much what happened in my dream.
The next day, we had a family gathering and my cousin ended up painting one of my fingernails and it was red in color. Before the gathering, I told my mother about part of the dream and she thinks that the additions to something mean that you are going to really enjoy your life coming. However, the way I think is that I might really have a hard time letting go of the past because of the college in high school and this person I like who is still in high school appearing in my dream. What do you think?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I keep dreaming that I keeping loosing important things. In one dream I was in a fashion show and minutes before the show I could not find the skirt that I had to wear and I had seen it like minutes before right infront of me. For some reason my room mate from highschool was in my dream wearing one of my tshirts!The second dream I was in the tube station in London and I couldnt find my oyster card and the lady at the gates was very helpfull she just gave me an oyster with her picture on it! what does this mean? serious answers only

Example: Meaning of this dream ...?

During this dream I was at a basketball court. But I was on the bench. My team was losing 50 to zero so I decided I had to go into help. When I stepped in the score changed from 50 to zero to 50 and 15. In the end I was so good I ended up winning the game for my team.

im horrible ay basketball what coudl this mean?

Example: Wat does dreaming about a baby mean?

I had a dream a couple of nights ago that I can't get out of my head. I normally don't remember dreams so well of for this long so I'm assuming that maybe I'm trying to tell myself something.

It was a baby boy, maybe two months or less, wearing a green and light green striped onesie. I knew he was mine and though I knew it was a challenege to take care of him (changing extremely messy diapers, trying to carry him into Walmart, closing a car door while trying to keep hold on him and grabbing a basket to put him in while trying not to drop him) I enjoyed it. I stuck it out no matter how difficult it was to me. I've taken care of my baby cousin mulitple times and that overwhelmed me so I know it's not telling me to have a kid.

My little sister enjoyed him being around and always asked questions and though my mom didn't say anything she supported me and I think even helped me out financially though I would never want her to. Around the end of the dream I was actually starting to enjoy it more then I woke up and felt kind of sad.

From all that I gathered so far there's some creative idea that I should probably put more focus on. If so, I know what the idea is, but I need more info. I've never had a dream that's stuck with me like this before.

Example: What this two dreams mean?

surveilance on girl
jack bauer has aids
wife, lover and spy woman are shocked -this is the end of the dream below is going back chronologically really images
the cameria zooms in on the shocked women and wife who dodged a bullet, phew. May not jb just a generic spy
his lovers were hottta and polter the note says
I get some enemies and grill them for information and documents on a battleship
175 dollars
mission to kill father
cause is threats to security
I'm pretty sure this person is not jack but it could be
2nd dram
walk across raolroad track to the other side station
nareowly dodging the upcoming train
trip to rockyland
trip to state seomwhere
trains a recurring theme
other details in between are forgotten

Example: Awesome/weird dream? what does it mean?

OK, so I usually don't remember my dreams and I also don't care for the most part but I had this dream that just seemed weird to me...maybe I wasn't dreaming since it seemed pretty real maybe I was like in that state between asleep and awake I dont know if I explain myself well here. Anyway, it all starts with me walking in this kind of forest, or sierra in spanish, that really resembles where my grandma lived. I remember that place well for It was always green, full of pine trees, and it was in the middle of nowhere...lol I also remember that sometimes gypsy settlements would arrive and try to sell you stuff. My mother says that when she was a kid they would bring a circus like tent and set up like a movie theater since back then she says there was no movie theater in that village so that really gives you an idea of how small and isolated that place is lol. But I digress, as im walking (I am watching myself in the dream) I can also hear this song that really resembles ¨elephant gun¨ by beirut which by the way is really awesome you should check it out. As the song progresses I keep following this path in the forest that eventually leads to a canoe/small boat in a lake that is foggy. As I make my way to the other side of the lake, which by the way i cannot see because of the fog, I start to see a lot of lights and the music gets louder. When im finally close enough I realize its a village, a really pretty village, that has some kind of carnival going on. the place had this carnival light s going on, you know the ones that hang on the street from side to side if you know what i mean, and a whole lot of other crap lol... it seemed like a combination of mardi gras and a gypsy party or something...too bizarre. When im finally in the main street ( dont know how i got there) I realize that a lot of the people in the carnival are a bunch of my old friends. Some are drinking, some are talking, hell even some are juggling lol. It felt good for I felt welcomed in that place. The dream gets even more weird because as Im contemplating all this stuff going on this girl that I know and havent talked to in years comes up to me and says ¨welcome back¨ it is really weird because we used to like each other a long tome ago. Anyway, she also gives me my ¨devil sticks¨ which in case you dont know what they are they are these really fun juggling sticks used in the circus or cirque du solei or whatever(just google it). So the dream ends with me saying ¨ thanks, Ill enjoy this while it lasts¨ I dont know wtf that was or to what I was referring to but this whole dream seems weird...it was too lucid. I sometimes remember dreams but this one was awesome. And again maybe I was half awake and asleep because shortly after my mom woke me up: ¨ Ivan! wtf wake up its 7:40!¨ lol

Sorry for my crappy english and no, im not batman! haha

Example: What does it mean when I'm packing in a dream?

In my dreams there's a recurring theme of packing - like a suitcase, picking stuff to take when time is running out, that kind of thing? What does this mean?

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