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Dream About Jumping Jack meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What could this dream possibly mean?

I had a dream a couple of nights ago that I was clinically depressed and "everyone was against me". In the dream, I had an emotional breakdown at school because I couldn't take it anymore. A girl started making fun of my breakdown and I told her to shut the f*** up because I was contemplating suicide because of people like her (making fun of me, teasing me, against me, etc.). At the end of the dream, a fire started in the school and I jumped out a window. I tried to escape the flames but in every direction I ran, the flames appeared before me. I don't know if I died in the fire or what because my dream ended. In reality, I have horrible days (more frequent than it should occur) where I feel like I'm depressed (nothing's right, I'm a horrible person, I'm not good enough, I hate life, etc.). What could this mean?

You might be clinically depressed...but even though school sucks and many people are just muddling through? I don't think they are actually out to get you...(hopefully not!) usually other teens are so self involved with their own survival...

If you ARE contemplating suicide for goodness sake...TALK To someone immediately! Please!

I don't think you died in the fire...your dream ended and that's that. It made you think; mission accomplished.

Sometimes dreams mean nothing more than us hashing out our feelings in our sleep...but sometimes they are more meaningful and clear.

You are struggling, so hopefully you will be able to get help.

I'd worry less about the meaning of the dream and MORE about you RIGHT NOW.

Three basics to look at are:

Nutrition. Depression can be directly to what we eat (or aren't eating enough of.) Eat well. Eat the right amount. Eat often. DRINK ENOUGH WATER.

MOvement: Move and groove. Pick an exercise and stick with it. Even fifty jumping jacks in the AM is better than nothing. IDeally...a routine of 20 minutes of blood pumping effort (with five minute warm up and cool down). It can be as simple as walking or as complex as an organize aerobics class.

SLEEP. (Which can be hard if your dreams are disturbing.)

Most people don't get enough sleep. Teenagers need between 9 and 10. Sooooo turn off the cell phones, computers, tv, whatever else might distract...turn off everything and go to bed...

NOw if you are already making a totally honest effort in those three areas and still feel like junk? Get help! If you can hang in and DON'T feel like dying...then give those three things a try...and start counting your blessings. If you believe in God pray and thank Him for your blessings. If you don't...that might be part of the problem but we can all believe as we see fit...so if you don't...make a list of the good things in your life.

You're young...you have lots to live for. Find those things and make your life beautiful. THe cruelty of immature people will fade...and as you create a life for yourself you will find strength and joy.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Okay, so last night I was dreaming about my favourite band, Muse. I was going to see them in concert. So it was the day before Muse's gig and I randomly met them at McDonalds. So I was talking to them, and I asked them: "Hey? Can I write out the set list for you guys?" and they said yes! I was happy, so I got to writing it, and I walked out of McDonalds, and I end up near my pool (Apparently McDonalds are in backyards). So I'm writing it, and then some jack *** jumps in my pool and gets the paper wet, and I freak out. So I go to type it out and I don't have any ink in the printer. I eventually found a paper and pen and wrote down the setlist. A lot of the set list was their songs, but I also wrote down some songs that weren't there.

Do you think this could just mean I am excited to see them in October?

Example: What does or could this dream mean?

*Im not gonna use any of the real names*

I went to my friend Jacks house and when I got there Jack and Cody walked out and said "hey" and that there were on there way out. They took Jacks car and Cody said I could take his car and follow him. So I did but I like had to push the car at first and I told Cody "I think im gonna crash it" and then i ran into another car and he came back and said "Don't run into other cars" and i said "okay" and after that I was actually in the car driving it following them.

Then we went to like a city central, to a place to a hair place to get someone i believe. Then all of sudden there was this warning, screaming sirene, and we all ran out side and it was for a hurricanen warning. Then we went to this dentist office to get a map of where to go. And liz showed up and the city central was green and just outside of that was yellow and just out side of that was red and just out side of that you were in the clear. ( the colors are like the level of safety, clear being best then green, yellow, and red being worst) And Liz wanted to get us in the clear and didn't want to stay in the city central. So the only way to get out was to go threw peoples houses, secret passage ways. We went to this house when we opened up the door we saw a family who were sitting on their couches and staring at us, them looking dead, and the father pointed to this door and their was a path way made from baseball bats leading to the door, as we were heading to it, the little girl jumped up and started to scream and cry don't go in there,don't go in there!" So we followed her to another door and she showed us what to go threw (all the while her father was screaming "Maci how could you! we had a plan!" over and over and it sounded like he was coming towards us, so we started to hurry.) We went threw a fire place and then then behind a book shelf then she told us we had to move the table. We did and then there was a latch and a wooden door, we opened the latch and a wooden door then and then there was just a lot of fabric that you had to pull out of the way piece by piece and as i went down i felt like i was being sucked in. Then I woke up.

And the whole dream wasn't like adventure feeling, it was like death, like a do or die feeling.

Example: What does this dream mean?

i have this dream alot it might not be the same dream but it's the same theme. i'm in some kind of store sometimes a grocery store sometimes a store like sams club and there are things chasing me (clowns zombies etc) and i jump on top of the aisles to get away (i somehow have powers but there always limited like when i want to fly i have to get momentum and sometimes i can only fly like a foot off the ground and have to climb with my hands if i want to get higher) sometimes i try to escape out of the store but i can't and there's usually like frankenstein trying to stop me or the doors shut

Example: What does this dream mean?

so i just had a dream. In the dream, i was with a bunch of Africans and we were all in a car smoking and drinking. A women passed us and we all got out of the car and knocked her onto the floor. We then took her to the nearby roof of a building. Over their, i remember she was struggling to get away so we all stomped on her till we broke her jaw. ...This is the weird part : all 4 of us then proceeded to rape her violently. When were done, one of the guys pulled out a brand new glock. I remember one of the guys telling me that "she is a witness for what she's gone through, and if you kill her, you are guaranteed a spot in the crew".

Oh boy, it gets even wierder now. I put the gun to her head then pulled off the shirt cover, it was my mother. I remember feeling all sad and depressed because i had just beaten up my mother. I had gone to the ledge of the building...their i jumped off the roof...right before i hit the ground i woke up.

This dream got my scared, what does it mean?Thanks

Example: What does it mean in a dream when you peek around a corner?

my best friend had this dream when we were in a huge argument and almost werent friends anymore and i wanna know if it means anything. if it helps she said i was wearing a red shirt and peeking around a corner at her and i wouldnt go away...?

Example: What does this dream mean? please help.?

well the first dream i had was i was in an isolated place and there were loads of wild dogs around me, i ran into a building to try to get away from the dogs and there were a few people in there doing the same (cant remember how many) and then one girl jumped out the window to try to free herself and landed on a metal pole type thing that stuck up in the air, it went through her stomach then came out of her back ... thats when i woke up, i couldnt stop shaking. when i finally got back to sleep i had another one. me and my boyfriend (weve been together 7 months now) were in about our 30's in the dream, we had 3 kids, a girl and two boys. i wanted us to buy a big house or something do we went to go house looking and we found a big, old looking house that i liked, he said we cant afford it but we got it anyway. when we moved in really wierd things were happening, he didnt want to talk to me and the kids were always arguing, even our little girl said she was talking to a 'new friend' she had made. jack then moved into the basement type thing and was isolating himself to everyone. the next day our dog went missing (he killed it because it wouldnt stop barking) so i went to someone in the village, because we didnt know it very well. he started talking about something simular happening only 1 year before. he told me i was living in there house and he thought jack was doing what the man done before. (he said he heard voices telling him to kill thier dog, children and wife because they were all against him) and on the 28th day thats what he done, starting with his dog. so when i went back to the house to get everyone else he was stood there with a gun. ready to kill us all, somehow he collapsed and i put him in the car along with the kids but when i turned around i saw a little girls face who used to live there (the girl my little girl was talking to) and then i woke up shaking, sweating and crying. do you know what these two dreams mean? exsechially the second one, thankyou so much for all your help in advance, i really need to know. xx

Example: Can someone tell me what this dream means?

I had dream that my friends were driving a giant, pink, Dodge truck around the fields at my school. There was a basket nailed to the back of the truck and while the car was moving I ran up and jumped into the basket. Then two of my best friends, my younger sister, and I were sitting with the guy I like[Let's call him Jack] and his friends. My sister and I started laughing really hard about something and then suddenly Jack got up and shouted at me, "Don't you get it?! I like you?! Why can't you see that?! I've been waiting for you to make the first move." In my dream, I said, "I didn't know! and that's what I was waiting for YOU to do!" And then this girl that I don't like[In real life, not just my dream...we'll call her Muffin] walked up to Jack and said, "I like you. What are you doing Friday?" Jack said, "Pick you up at seven?" And then Muffin and Jack just walked away leaving me in shock.

What does it mean? And what does it have to do with the pink pickup truck?

Example: What is the meaning behind my dream?

I had a dream about me being a undercover agent or something, and we had a target. And when we found her, she jumped in her car and drove away. So then I hi-jacked a motorcycle and followed her. Then she dumped the car, and ran into a mall. So I dumped the bike and followed her. I was running after her, and she was just out of my reach. I was literally an inch away from her. What does this mean?

Example: Dream of jumping off a cliff?

Okay so this is my dream:
Me, my friend, and the boy I like were at the library and him and her went outside because they were done doing whatever they were doing at the library. Then I came out and they were talking under a big tree. Outside it looked like a park a little bit. So I came out and my friend Jana was like come on Sara! So we all started running towards the cliff. My friend Jana didn't jump she stopped but I think me and my crushed jumped off together. It was beautiful like it was grassy and it was slightly foggy( like forest you would see on a pale tumblr blog) and the hills had flowers it was pretty. I saw my face and I closed my eyes(in the dream) and when I about to hit the floor I woke up. What does that mean?

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