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Dream About Kidneys meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this random dream mean?

I had a dream that I, my friend's prom date (K), a very attractive friend of mine (N), and a gay kid I know (P) were planning on robbing a bank to buy a new kidney for K. It was a very elaborate plan that involved us blowing up a building to get into the bank, and if we miscalculated something a bunch of people would die. Somewhere in the middle me and the attractive N hooked up. This all took place in New York City, even though we live in the South.

I am so confused, because, while K and N are friends, P doesn't even know them, and I haven't talked to him in weeks. Also, I found out the next day that another friend of mine had a dream that K (who is completely healthy) got horribly sick and had tumors all over his body.

Please interpret!

I think this means that you will have a very rocky and dangerous relationship with N if you pursue it. And that maybe you secretly have crushes on K and P. hmmm... interesting

Example: Ramadan: Dream meaning?...?

Okay, you probz already know my dads in hospital due to a blood disease. It was kidney before but thankfully thats not the case, I keep having dream of him being at home and it takes place after hes come back from hospital, and hes telling everybody of what happened in the hospital

What does this mean?

Example: What could this dream mean? ):?

I had a dream that I was in a trailer in my room, and then when you left the trailer there was a hallway and stairs going downstairs it looked like my house. I had my cats with me. I love them so much. And they're was this dog, a black pit bull and it was on the staircase and down stairs but there was a small gate in the way blocking the dog from getting up stairs. I was trying to pretect my cats from the dog. And I was in the trailer doing something I don't quiet remember. But one of my cats, his name is Felix and in real life he currently has kidney disease. In the dream I was busy trying to keep ocscar(my other cat) inside and while I was doing that Felix on out and he was on the other side of the gate and I heard a "crunch" sound and I ammeiditly knew something was wrong and I looked outside to see the dog had jumpe the gate and had Felix in his mouth and I ran down and keep chasing him and trying to grabb him and when he finnally drop him it was too late and he was dead. And i woke up right after. )':I love my kitties. I don't want anything to happen to them! Could this mean anything? Or is it just because I'm worried.

Example: Dream meaning? HUSBAND and ALLIGATOR?

My dreams go all over the place and can remember pretty detailed things so here it goes...im gonna BOLD things that seem important.
I am in a HOUSE that looks like my mother but the backyard is different...there is a big "kidney" shaped POOL in the back and a big BOULDER and a concrete patio with some lounge chairs the ones you see at pools. I am looking at all of this from behind the glass SLIDING DOOR. I look away and then hear my HUSBAND calling me so i look back outside and see him STANDING ON THE BOULDER surrounded by water...i dint know he did it so fast or how i knew but he FLOODS the back yard with like 3-4 FEET OF WATER with the watering HOSE. i look over at him and he shrugs his shoulders and laughs a bit saying "Oops". Then out of the corner of my eye i see a GIANT ALLIGATOR (not a crocodile but an ALLIGATOR) who is HIDING in a corner by the SLIDING DOOR behind another BOULDER. I can see it and i know it sees me and my husband but my husband CANT SEE IT...at first i thought it was because of the rock, meanwhile i yell frantically at my husband to watch out for the alligator that is watching him but as i look up i notice he is already fighting off 3 BABY/SMALL ALLIGATORS he ISN'T SCARED he IS acting PLAYFUL and ACTING like its NOTHING...He gets the small ones away and processed to WALK across the WATER...all while the ALLIGATOR keeps PEEKING OUT FROM THE ROCK/CORNER...I AM YELLING AND PANICKING telling him to "wait just wait for help." He still doesn't understand what i mean and continues to walk nonchalantly towards me...the ALLIGATOR starts to RACE TOWARDS HIM being SNEAKY GOING AROUND AND BEHIND HIM...I can see all this but my husband cant not tell what is in the water with him...he now knows something is in there with him but doesn't panic he just keeps walking towards me nonchalantly acting silly and smiling at me like nothing is wrong all the while i am crying and yelling for him to stop terrified ( i can still feel the fear and the dream happened 8 hrs ago.) My husband reaches the door and I am still so scared but happy he is at the door one foot in and one foot out...I grab his arm to pull him in but Suddenly the ALLIGATOR JUMPS out of the water and BITES my husband LEG...there is no blood and it looks almost comical because the big ALLIGATOR is just biting my husband's leg not ripping it off or dragging him off or anything he just has a lock of it and all my husband does it look very serious and says "ouch" and then i woke up...its was VERY Strange...what do you think it means?
Pleas only nice answers please!
Some back story...my husband is set to deploy for a yr which was a surprise to us, we have only been married for a yr and we have one child...i feel like this may be about the deployment just a though...please tell me what you may think.

Example: What does it mean when you feel yourself getting hurt in a dream?

cuz i had a dream a cow sat on my kidneys and i felt it after being chased by cows cheetahs and hyenas i was a black pig running but turned in to my human self when i was sat on by the cows on my kidneys meaning please much appreciated :)

Example: Really screwed up dream.?

So, I had the dream that once again the world was turned into the Capital Wasteland ended by necular warfare but there was no start to it like last time.

I awoke in a ruined house by hearing a noise outside, I picked up my rifle and went up to the window to look outside - I peered through the wooden boards nailed to it to see the Bloodborn Raiders (Rival Gang) outside. I started to shoot at them before they got any closer to the house, my men woke up and looked at me, I yelled at the top of my lungs "Get into positions, wolf barricade the stairs, Hawk take the 50cal and cover the rear entrance, the rest of you do what you can to hold them off" the fight was going on for about 10 minutes until one of them got a lucky grenade through a gap in the wall and hurt our youngest and newist recruit, after they heard his scream they retreated.

Once they we're gone, we packed up and started to move onto the nearest hospital to raid for hospital supplies, we reach the hospital, there was some people there, trying to survive, we murdered them without a thought, taking what we could to save him.

It skips a few chapters and we are now dressed similar to the bloodborn to seek refugee, we get taken into there hospitality they give us food, shelter and we wake up in the middle of the night, attached our bayonets to our guns, each member of our crew stood over one of theres - impaled them with a bayonet and then listened to them scream.

It ended there because my girlfriend woke me up to tell me I was making too much noise in my sleep, this is the second time I have a dream like this, what does it mean?

Info about me, I am a soldier and I have fought in the Afghanistan war but I am not ****** up because of it.

Example: Dreams about dead relative?

My mother died 3 months ago. I am having a very difficult time dealing with this. I am 16 so I'm still in high school. I have had many dreams in the past 6 weeks with my mom in them. In the dreams I know she has died and then I see her alive and it makes me upset in my dream never knowing which side is real: her being alive or gone. In the dreams she has a healthy body and is always happy (before she passed away she was a double amputee, blind, severe arthritis, and was on dialysis due to kidney failure.) in the dreams she had her legs and sight back and is healthy. What does that mean also? I feel even more depressed about the whole thing after I wake up from the dreams.

Example: What do you think this means...?

So I had this dream about overweight kittens coming ot my house and they were dressed up like cable repair guys... so of course since they were disguised so well, i let them in...and the next thing i know, they have somhow acquired nuclear explosives and they are threatening to cut up my kidneys if i don't take them to Oprah's attic...then I woke up...what does this mean?

Example: Seriously, i mean, seriously come on... do clams dream?

and if they could, would they even want to?

Example: What does a dream about insects sprouting from dreamers body mean?

Through the years I have a recurring dream that insects, either ants or spiders, sprout out of a bump on my right forearm. Its always the same spot on the right arm, any part of the dream before or after are not remembered, only the insects sprouting out of the bump. What could this mean?

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