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Dream About Kissing A Snake meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean to see a lion (more emphasis) a tiger a snake a river n a month old friend in your dream?

Ok so I had this long vivid dream last night
I'm in a car with my family probably on a road trip n we are in this forest like place covered with trees on both sides n just one road uphill
At first we moving up and then from behind the back glass of the car breaks n we stop the car this lion enters in gives me a look and jumps out back again happens two to three times! We move on get out of the car n start walking n I see this tiger pass by doing nothing to me but just passing by!
And the next thing we r at this resort type place in the middle of nowhere partying clear blue sky and just an open ground n when I get outside I see the same lion standing there..I move a bit closer n I pat his head like you do it to a dog n it gives a very friendly expression n starts nibbling my finger n starts playing with me its all okay till here I don't get one thing in the dream
I'm lying down looking right up the blue sky n the lion comes n kisses me on the left cheek n I start crying and I get all emotional on that part! I didn't get this part quite well I mean why did I start crying n hugging it?
Anyway we r on our back way home n I wave goodbye to the lion n as I'm walking I see a snake on a branch of a tree a green n black mixture it was yet it did nothing to me all cool
N I see this crystal clear river on my left which is going uphill inside of flowing downhill ,
N I meet a month old friend in my dream n that's it I wake up..! Please someone interpret this dream for me!

Lions and Tigers could represent some type of potential threat. In your case the threat turns out to be wrong. It appears that you rather like the Lion.

Is there someone in your life that you consider to be a potential threat to your well being but, so far, there hasn't been a problem?

The snake could be a phallic symbol. Don't know where that comes in unless you are female.

The crystal clear (virgin) river is flowing the wrong way.


Think deep on the meanings of the symbols used in this dream by your subconscious mind. Only YOU know what they mean.

Example: What does My Dream Mean?

Hey im Ayana im 19 yrs old...well I just woke up some mins ago from a totally weird dream O_O...well my dream was going well until..My mom saw me kissing this boy (my ex)..and all of a sudden she kept trying to scare me with this brown and black snake..the snake had a little white around the black circles...then everywhere i looked i kept seeing parts of the same snake's body showing.. then i ran ontop my bed crying cause im sooo afraid of snakes in real ..i saw parts of the same snake by the curtain rod>.< My mom kept laughing at me like it was fun for her then she throwed the snake at me..well not directly at me but a lil aside on me...and it fell on the bed...and i jumped off screaming and crying...dats when i woke up...i know ppl say snakes mean enimies and other stuff..but my mom and i dont really get along...she tend to be jealous at times when my bf by me things...and she always attacks me for the slightest thing...my mom has 4 children im the only girl the other 3 are boys..well men..and she treats them very nice but when it comes to me she either curse at me or treaten to throw me out.. can anyone tell me if my dream mean anything please. ty so much

Example: What does this weird dream mean?

I dreamt that the woman who stole my boyfriend came to visit me and she tried to kiss me in my lips and I refused, of course.

Example: Help me tell me what my dream meant?

I had a dream that i was at my sisters house and i was going up the stairs with my sister and there were snakes like on ever step just sitting there curled up not hurting anyone. And I was the only one worried. Once we reach upstairs my sister goes to her room and im sitting on the couch and i notice my left leg under my pants were filled with snakes and they didnt bite me they just were wiggling on my leg. And nobody wanted to help me. Then my sisters bf helped me and then he kissed me outside. What's that mean? !

Example: Does this dream mean anything?

Okay so ive kinda liked this guy for a while even though i have a boyfriend i dream about him and one night this dream felt so real and i mean really real. I cant explain it all but heres what i can explain; i got bit by a snake and he helped me out and then we talked and idk about what but then he kissed be on the heart.. ? idk why but it made me like him even more then i did

Example: What does getting bite by a yellow white snake means in a dream?

I had a dream that I was at a place that I heard someone was having sex next door, and then I saw a guy(can't remember the face) holding a yellow white snake all curl up on his hand, the size of the snake is like a regular snake size, then I turn and look on my left side, I saw my brother and my sister's daughter, and the yellow white snake kiss my sister's daughter on the lips. Then when I look at my arm, there is another white yellow snake already bitten my arm, it was not painful or scary at all. The last thing I can remember is that I also saw some red blood stain on my arm kind of like bubbles only that it is in red color. What does my dream means?

Note:I'm also in the mist of changing a new job. Can someone interpret my dream?

Example: What does snake mean on my dreams?

Example: What does it mean to dream about a snake kissing you?

So I had a dream just now where I was at Miley Cyrus concert. I was with her backstage and she was suppose to perform, but she was waiting for her snake. When the snake she gave to me so I can hold it. The snake was wearing clothes or sort of a protection thing. I was afraid sine his venom moved a lot but then suddenly it started moving towards me and it kissed me on the neck. I tried pulling it away but it wouldn't let go. I looked at Miley but she was to busy to notice.
So yeah that's pretty much it. And if someone could help me. I would like to know what it means to be kissed by a snakes. Thx

Example: I dreamt about snakes... Cobras in particular. What does it mean?

Hello, I had a weird dream last night... I dreamt that I was walking with friends and there was a Cobra in the middle of the road. It had its head up like cobras do and was trying to attack me. I took my friends and ran away only to find a smaller (maby a baby cobra again) I stepped on it and killed it. This carried on for a while... I feel more or less neutral about snakes, would rather hold a snake than a spider, but wouldnt go and catch a snake in real life...

Also, after that i dreamt that I was lying in bed and a girl came in and talked to me. She was really beautifull and she told me I was the most decent guy out of our whole group of friends. We kissed but it felt like she didnt really want to. I then kissed another girl which was more interested in me.

I dont know if these are connected in some way just mentioned it thinking it may help.

Thank you!

Example: Why do women have unpleasant feeling snake tongues everytime I kiss them in dreams?

Every time I kiss in a dream, the girl has a snake tongue. I don't remember ever having a kiss in a dream where is wasn't like this. For some background information, I've desired romantic female companionship from a young age. I'm 24 years old, and yet to have had any meaninful relationship with a female. This causes an immense ammount of emotional stress in my life; more so than loosing two close friends in combat.

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