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Dream About Kissing A Snake meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Dream with a snake last night just want to know if is there any meaning?

Yesterday I dream with snake. It sound strange but I wasn't scare. By the way this snake it was like comic and she want to give me a kiss in my mouth and she did. Is that dream any kinf of meaning?

Dreams are meaningless.
There are no signs portents or omens either.

Example: STRANGE dream with white snakes...

I had the strangest dream tonight..
I was lying in bed with my fiancee and our dog.. I look up and see that there are these little black and yellow worms jumping and crawling all over the bed. I jump up horrified and start brushing them off of me. I then start yelling at my fiancee to get up because the worms are heading towards him now. I finally drag him out of the bed and start brushing the worms off of our dog. Then, to get rid of the worms altogether, I decide to take two white snakes that should eat (?) the worms. The two snakes are white and very muscular. One is a python and one is a cobra. The python wraps itself around my left hand with me holding it by the neck and him stretching up along my arm and facing the cobra. And the cobra is wrapped around my right arm, I'm holding him by the neck too, but his head and neck are straight, in a typical cobra position. The snakes are *very* strong, I can see the muscles under the python's skin and I am trying really hard to control it. The cobra is a little easier. Then, instead of attacking the worms, the python zings forward and bites me in my right arm's vein. I feel the pain and almost faint but then try to tighten my grip around the python's neck and direct it to fight the cobra. The python bites me again and, pissed off, I finally manage to force it to face the cobra. They attack each other and the python bites into the cobra's jaw - almost like a french kiss. In the end, I feel like I controlled them both and managed to be in charge of them. I feel like if I hadn't been so extraordinarily strong and brave, then I would have allowed for them to attack and kill me. Instead, they destroyed each other.

What could this mean?... I'm very freaked out

Example: Dreaming about killing a snake?

Bud- used to be a best friend/ boyfriend
Krista- a girl I know

me, bud, krista and everyone went to this alley place. it looked like a bowling alley (dont remember) and i came behind krista and she looked at me and said, "I'm going out with Bud, I'm sorry." I felt hurt and said, "I need to talk to you." I guess we talked, but it's like, I wasn't there talking to her. So i dont know. Then, Bud came, I was in front of her, I guess I was invisible to him and he came behind krista and was hugging her from behind and they kissed they were laughing and all that stuff. after that... it was soooo weird i was cutting snakes in half with a knife and peeling the skin off.

what does this dream mean?

Example: Strange Dream help? Snakes, Boyfriends, Ex-boyfriends?

I was walking with my male friend across a room with a dirt floor, the floor wasn't solid and it started to crack so we ran from fear of falling into the cavern below. A giant snake came out of the cavern and started chasing us. It was right in front of me and i thought it was going to kill me, then it turned into my boyfriend. Next thing me and my boyfriend were standing in front of a mirror. My ex was in the mirror looking out at us. I kissed my boyfriend and whispered sorry to my ex before walking away.

Oh and i don't know if it is relevant but my boyfriend said he was the god of color and because i was with him i could make things change color too. Before I walked away from him, I changed my ex's face to green and orange stripes.

What could this mean? Sorry it was so long.

Example: Dreams, dreams, dreams! what do they mean?

OK so there are these two guys that I like and I had dreams about both of them what does it mean?

Dream 1- this ones about Trevor were having fun hanging out my friend kira shows up and she wolnt leave Travis alone of course I get a little jealous, I went to go get us something to snack on and when I come back they're dancing together like 3 centimeters away from kissing, he shoots back and walks away he sees me I drop everything in my hands and run he runs after me we argue he says look I love you?!?! What does this mean?!?

The next night

Dream 2- this ones about Angel the arrogant self assured one, so I'm at this party he ask me to dance we start talking and he tells me I'm really cool and he likes me, I got butterflies and we spent the rest of the night together I fell asleep in his arms while watching a movie and he was a perfect gentleman when I woke up in my dream he kissed me! Then I actually woke up! What does it mean?!?

Uggh what do they mean?!?!?!?!

Example: I had a dream with a white snake and a cobra but when they kissed it turned into a cobra ?

they were like meeting up then they kissed it was very strange and i had a strange feeling didnt know what was going to happen if they were going to bite me or not but they kissed and the white snake turned into a cobra what does that mean?

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