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Dream About Kneel meanings

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Example: Dream meaning?

Okay so someone asked me what this dream means and I don't know and now I am randomly curious too so does anyone have any idea?

"This is a dream I had Saturday night, and I'm not mentioning the actual people in it (ask if you want to know who they are).
It's rather short. So, I appear in a church, there isn't a mass going on, but there are a bunch of people, some kneeling and praying, some are just sitting quiet in their seats. So, there's a guy to my left and a girl to my right, both my age. The guy to the left loks over at me, then looks at the girl, they whisper something (I can't remember) to each other. The guy then gets up and leaves. I look at the girl, she takes out a paintbrush then starts painting on her arm in green paint. She paints a quick tree then looks up and smiles.
That's where it ends."

Obviously, dreams are a result of the unconscious and reflect areas of either interest/potential interest or more importantly some specific earlier occurrence which has been reserved in the mind. Consider the specific aspects, a)bunch of people,b)whispering in church,c)leaving of one of the chief participants,d)painting on the arm, (color factor of the painting?), d)the ending of the dream.

In reverse order: d) usually the dream is a composite of many inter-related concepts and "endings" are not usual;
c) the painting may express a wish which has been repressed
and may signal some previous work, perhaps as a volunteer in a community-based group or even a desire to do some such work in your church but may have felt either incompetent or not wanted by others, thereby expressing a sense of intimidation or insecurity; colors may or may not have been visible, but such activity may indicate some preferences on your part for creativity within certain parameters; b) whispering in a church, while not unusual, indicates a desire on your part to become better acquainted with these two individuals and may further reinforce a feeling of insecurity, a)there were no small number of people in the church at the time and yet there is no indication that you were involved in a
prayerful activity of any sort, ( confusion about the basic tenets of the church philosophy may be considered on your part, further adding to general wish for specific answers about a subject which many feel is elusive and interpretive at best.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Hi there

I had this dream the other night and i found it very strange so i will tell you what happened in it.

I was walking down a road and this little boy ran over to me and said that his brother died and i have to look after him.

I looked at him puzzled i knelt down and explained to the little boy i didnt know who his brother was and with that the little boy burst into tears and pleaded with me to look after him.

his brother than came to me and said can you look after him please he needs you.

So i take the kid under my wing and everytime i put the child to bed or leave him even for a minute he bursts into tears and begs me not to leave him.

So i have to comfort him and with that the little boy holds my hand every where we go

Its a bit strange coz when i woke up i burst into tears

What does it mean

The only little boy i can think of who i am fond of is from a soap opera

Its so werid and it keeps coming back to me


Example: I dreamed I was sitting at a campfire when a buffalo came and knelt beside me. What could this possibl mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream with lots of things that seem symbolic. As I walking I saw a white elephant. I remembered i thought it was beautiful and it kneeled down to me. It also had a crown or whatever it is they put on elephants heads in India. In my dream there was also a large ferris wheel. And I passed a field filled of a bunch of white roses. hmmmm what does this mean? My boyfriend was also in the dream and I had ran away from my mother if that helps.

Example: What does my dream mean?

in my dream i was kneeling down on very green grass and the sun was shining and it was very bright in front of me was a brown basket in the basket was tissue paper filled to the top and it had 3-4 live yellow baby chicks and next to them was a brown rabbit with floppy ears and was scruffed up i was stroked the rabbit and the rabbit bit me so i stopped and stroking the yellow chicks what does this dream mean?

Example: What do dreams about the rapture mean?

To begin with, know that I am christian. I have had dreams of the rapture before. I only remember one besides the one I had last night. I won't go into much detail, but there was a lot of teenagers (I'm 15) acting "too cool" even though what was happening was blatantly obvious. We were getting trapped in a building with big creatures closing in from every entrance. I started yelling out to repent, but nobody did, and that saddened me and worried me terribly for everybody else.
The one I had last night, though, I will go into detail.I was at Bible camp, as I was last week, except I was with my entire family. My dad told me that today was one of the most prophesied about to be the end of the world. That worried me, but I went about my day for a bit. Suddenly, the atmosphere changed. Nothing physical was different, but we all knew it was time; the rapture was happening. My family and I took a few steps through some thick grass before coming up to two angels. They were both about seven feet tall. No words were spoken that I remember. They began to hand out small, pretty, wooden cylindrical, handheld objects. We all knew that that signified that they were going to heaven. They handed those objects out to my brother, my mom and my dad. I was worried for my other brother, who is quite the party goer and such. The angels grabbed a bulkier, uglier, brass version of what was handed to my other family members, and gave it to my brother that had not yet recieved an object.. We knew that that signified hell. I was very worried for what would happen to me. One of the angels went into a small shed type thing and returned with a massive, 4-5 ft tall brass urn. Even the angel was struggling to lift it. I knew that it meant I was going to hell. Not for clarification, but for the tiny chance of reassurance, I asked, "does this mean I'm going to hell?" to that the angel replied something along the lines of "You're going to hell, sweety." in a tone that tried to offer a small amount of sympathy. I knelt down and screamed at the top of my lungs. Then, I woke up... in my dream. It was amazing, I knew I had a second chance and went out to do EVERY single thing I can to spread the amazing works of God's mercy and lover.
So, what do these dreams mean? What do any rapture dreams mean? I apologize for the long question, but I am quite curious. Thanks. :)

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that I was dead and flying up to heaven through the sky. Only midway, I had the choice to go up to heaven and leave everything behind or continue living my life as usual. I chose to keep on living and I woke up from my dream. When I opened my eyes everything was blue and then Jesus appeared next to me kneeling down and had his hand over my forehead. He was smiling and saying something, only I couldn't understand what. Then when he left I could see normal again. I wasn't sure if I was awake or if I was still dreaming. I think maybe I woke up in my dream but not in real life. Can anyone tell me what it may mean?

Example: What does this dream means?

My bf told me that he dreamed about proposing to me. We were having great dinner in a very fancy restaurant and all of a sudden he knelt on his knees and asked me to be his wife. He woke up smilling. Before this dream we were talking about spending out lives together and grow old together.

Example: Dream meaning?

i had a dream the other day. it was kind of strange.
i was running because my teeth were loose. i was holding my hand to my mouth. then i stopped where my sister and sister-in-law were. they were franticaly trying to help me. then i let go of my hand, and all my teeth fell out. half of them fell to one side broken and crumbled up and the other fell to the other side, not broken. then my sister in law's mother kneeled down and smiled. but a big creppy smile. i know this may sound wierd, but my famly has always said that my sister-in law and her mother are witches...yeah...i think she may be planning something against the rest of our family. they've have been always known for greed and stuff like that.

so can anyone tell me what this dream means?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream where my mom was sitting up against a chair in our living room when she was drunk (she's a alcoholic) and she kept saying my name and to help her up, I just stood there looking at her, then it went to a flashback of when I got into a physical fight with my moms boyfriend when my mom and him were both drunk, then it faded out and everything went to white. I think I was kneeling on the ground because I looked ahead of me and saw someone standing in front of me. I saw their black pair of pants with a gold line along the sides of them, I looked up and saw my friend who passed away with his arms crossed, a straight face, and wearing his work uniform. He said fix this then I woke up. This was back in September and I haven't forgotten about it. I since then have gotten accepted into college and will be moving in on the 24th. It's been a tough road with living with a alcoholic. What did my dream mean?

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