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Dream About Koala Bears meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

i had this really weird dream...
this is how it went:
i was in india (i live in the u.k and went there to visit my parent's family) and i just remember that my cousin told me that had to go somewhere and the next thing i remember from the dream is that she was climbing a tree and at the time black clouds were forming- made it look like a dark stormy night. and as my cousin climbed up the tree, you couldnt really see her( you could her see her figure and she looked like a slow moving koala bear or something similar). and as she climbed up the tree, i remember thinking that she might get struck by lightnng as it looked really cloudy and dark and just as i ws thinking that, she got struck by lightning and her body caught fire while she was at the top of the tree and i got really scared and was really shocked. then somehow, she came down from the tree while her full body was on fire ad she was screaming.
i ran to get a bucket of water and while i was gettng the water i tod other people and they didnt believe me and they just looked really shocked.when i went back to the place where she was, she was no longer on fire because someone blowed on her and the fire stopped.at the end of the dream...i remember her mum saying that she was fine and that only her back is burned from the fire and she looked totally fine and happy. idk why but i think she might have looked slighty prettier after "getting burned".
this was a really weird dream and i woke up sweating

You are the architect of your dreams. Any mental stimulation during the day and your mind will interpret it's meaning and run with it. Most of our dreams live for a few minutes but make us feel like it lasted all night. We usually only remember the dream we have before waking.

Read into it anything you want only don't let it run your life.

Example: Recurring dream meaning?

Ok so they say that recurring dreams have meaning and the more vivid it is the more important its message is. so, for my entire life for about 3 nights out of one week of the year (rough estimate) i have a dream about a giant summer camp with a shoalin temple and haveing to escape it and finding a camp of ewoks (kinda) that live in like tree huts but have super advanced thecnology. WTF? why would have that dream so much and what would it mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

i dreamed i was transported to a tropical rain forest to teach dodos how t ofight with flamethrowers. i tryed to tell them how but they ate the flamethrowers and turned into beetles(the bug) and started singing i am the walrus by the beatles. the dodos then turned inot elephant birds and started eating dwarf sicilian elephants. then the t rex form jurassic park came and ate a lawyer in a bathroom stall. i was then on a stage and had to teach a carnataurus how to breakdance or they would change its name to meat eating bull. the carnataurus learned how to breakdance but went on a rampage and turned everyone into koala bears and they started eating leaves. the ni was told to come sail away with someone and i said no and he said come sail away with meeeeeee and then i dreamed i was riding a dragon of earth and then a monkey ate a gorilla and said windup car here and a herd of chameleons stampeded and started streedt dancing and they said raspberrys are delicious and nutritious and then i dreamed i was eating a granola bar and then an albino corydora catifsh jumped out and said hyper beam and used hyper beam and the world exploded and i respawned in a pile of koala bears.

Example: What does it mean to see a koala in your dreams?

First i'd like to say I love koala bears, and I have a lot of koala toys and write koala themed stories. In my dreams i'm often at the zoo and I see a koala in one of the exihibits and there is some partial truth to this because in the garden at my old house there used to be some eucalpytus trees.

What does it mean to see a koala in your dream or to dream that you are one?

Example: What does it mean if in my dream i was being chased by a koala bear?

I know the koala bear has very little significance because last time i saw a picture of any bear it happened to be a koala bear so im guessing that is it

Example: What does this weird dream mean?

Don't judge me on this. This is a real dream and no trolls.

So, last night I had a dream that I was with my crush at Disney World. We were on the spinning teacups (which I have no idea why. I absolutely hate that ride) and I looked up, and all of a sudden, a huge ferris wheel appeared. And what made it even weirder, was that instead on people in the wheel, there where koala bears! After that, I remembered my crush's mom taking us home in a clown car!

I really have no idea what this means, but I'm confused.

Example: What does it mean if you were dreaming that you were about to raped by a jinn?

Example: Is it true its cheaper to live in Australia than in the US? Do koala bears eat in trees on the beach?

I've always had a dream to move to Australia and purchase a beach house. I heard its hella cheap. I also heard that koala bears sit and eat in the trees on the beach. I want to confirm this. hehe. What are some differences in the economy and culture in Australia compared to the USA? I'm really serious about moving one day.

Example: This dream was really strange. so odd?

ok a couple of nights back i had this odd dream, it goes like this.

i was lying in a pool of black, it had the same consistency of yoghurt. anyway i looked around me to see nothing but this black substance, eventually after much searching around the pool i found a red door, it was so vividly bright against the darkness that i wanted to paint it black just so i wouldn't have to see it anymore. i found i couldn't close my eyes and no matter how much i wanted to turn away, i couldn't, i stared at this red door. i realised it was slowly sucking me towards it, i tried to move away, back away as far as i could but the more i resisted the tighter the yoghurty substances hold grew on me, i yelled out "DO NOT WANT!" for some reason (this is what i tend to say instead of cursing) and then several koala bears opened the door from the inside and beckoned me in, i realised the red door had been painted black somehow as the only thing i could see was the bright blue light from behind the koala bears. a koala bear bit my nose and dragged me by it with my nose in his teeth through the opening. i realised i was underwater. and the koala bears swam away in a flurry of fur and fins, which they strangely seemed to have grown. out of nowhere a tentacle grabbed me around the throat, two around each arm, two around each leg and the other two secured me around the middle. i realised the octopus had a secure hold on me and as i was struggling to free myself of its wrath i fell out of my bed and thats when i woke up.

i just read this through and it seems to read as though it was a bit of a nightmare but in reality it was quite an enjoyable dream.

but what on earth did it even mean?

Example: Dream Interpretation: nonexistent animal that attacked me?

It was this small maybe like koala bear type thing with a horn on its head like a unicorn. It was grey and i made eye contact with it. I knew it was going to attack me so once it took a step toward me i grabbed it by its horn and started like ridiculously violently slamming it against the ground until it was dead.

also, right after this yak looking thing with sharp things all over its head (it wasnt horns, they were like sharp layered flat plate type things), and it attacked me but it was too big and once it jumped on me i woke up.

what does all this mean?

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