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Dream About Koi Fish meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean to dream about koi fish?

I had a dream that I had 3 large koi fish in a bucket with water and that every time that I would hold my hand over the bucket--one of the fishes would jump up as if to bite my finger and fall to the ground. I would then pick the fish up and put it back into the bucket because I didn't want it to die.

This process continued throughout the whole dream, happening several times with each fish.

Does anyone know what this may mean?

Hi there, Blah,

Let's see what you've got...

The number 3 is synonymous with unity and divine perfection. But, is often associated with unity and unions.

Often, fish are indicative of others we are familiar with. Consider the "fish" of the sea as innumerable. I often see these associated with children because of the ability to recreate life in swarms... as men were told to be fruitful and multiply fish are mankind...

Let see what is going on here...

We cannot ascertain from here how big this bucket is, so, I cannot tell

The bucket, itself, is a limitation... When koi are placed in buckets it is a sign that they are quarrantined for a period of time... A holding tank is what it is... Some kind of restriction is what these individuals are faced with...

However, there is something you are doing here... i would almost suffice it to say that you are tempting these ones... As if you want them to notice that you are in control ("hold my hand over") - or to let them know, you are there... And there is one who is tempted enough to try to get your attention to grasp it ("one would jump up")...

Ever hear the saying, "Don't bite the hand that feeds you"?... Well it means that one turns against the person that supports them... Here, that person fails ("fall to the ground")... And you managed to lift this person up again ("I would pick the fish up")... dream says because you did not want to see it go through something traumatic or detrimental ("didn't want it to die") death in dreams indicate change... great change...

Dream says that you have been around with this one. ("happening several times")... So, you've been through this before... You'll have to think on who this one is...

**Koi are pretty hardy though... They can survive out of water for a good period of time. I had a ghost koi jump out of my pond and into one I was digging to expand it. Thing just waited to be picked up. Must have been out of the water for about an hour.

Your sister,
((dream interpreter for over 20 years))

Example: What does my koi fish dream mean?

I had a dream where I went fishing and caught a koi fish with a fishing pole. With the same koi fish on the line I cast it back into the ocean (I was out the beach) in attempts to catch a bigger fish (using the koi as bait) with no luck, and kept repeating the process. At one point I picked up the koi fish and peeled back a grey flap on it's head to look inside.

What does this mean?

Example: What do koi fish dreams mean?

I have looked up several interpretations, but my dream doesn't seem to fit any of them. I had a dream in which I went to a friend's house. (I assume he was a friend because I've never seen him before.) He told me he wanted to show me something, and led me out back to his pool. I looked into the pool (which was a regular swimming pool) and saw about ten large koi fish, swimming around. They were mostly orange/red and white, but there were several all white ones. As I stared at the fish, the pool became a pond and we were seemingly transported to a place in a forest. I was very excited about the fish, and getting to swim with them that I didn't notice. I turned to express my excitement to my friend, and the pond shimmered and faded back into the original setting. My friend told me he put the fish there for me, but we had to leave them. He dragged me back into the house, and I watched the fish disappear, very sad.

As a side note, I've never had a dream about fish of any kind before, despite the fact that I'm a Pisces and so LOVE fishes.

Example: What does it means to dream with huge Koi fish?

I had a dream last night, that I was on board of the cruise ship I used to work on and that I was hiding because my visa wasn't good and then a huge Koi fish jumped on board and I was petting it, He felt a little prickly thought. Then I found a manila folder with pictures of my mom and dad's wedding but in that picture my youngest sister was 12 years old and everyone was wearing yellow and I was asking my sister why was she in the picture, and then I saw a picture of my mom but it was a color sketch and she was very young and looked very happy in that picture.
I am very curious, specially because today is my 34th birthday, also, I don't think it is because I am pregnant because I can't! ( my husband got a vasectomy and I have never been with anyone else )
Please advise!

Example: What does dream about koi fish mean?

I had a dream last night that it had rained and I had several large puddles in my backyard. Well each puddle was filled with koi and they were just swimming around. Then I had a jar with little fish in my hand I opened it up and pored it into one of the puddles. What does this mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream about koi fish and cherry blossom trees?

I had a dream that my brother got a large tattoo on his whole back of 4 koi fish on his back, along with a cherry blossom tree on the right side of the back with on of the branches going to his neck and back of his head. There was also a wave of water underneath the fish and it looked like they were leaping out of the water. The cherry blossom tree was reddish pink color and the koi fish were the usual golden colors and one of them i think was white with dark spots.

Example: What is the meaning of the Japanese koi fish?

i had a dream today of a koi fish in my basement that i was trying to make jump up the staires which i acompleshed but the fish was not in water. I was just wondering what this may mean, does this mean anything?

Example: I had dreams of Koi fish?

hello, i had a dream of a bunch of koi fishes swimming in a man made pond, and there was one really big koi fish. I recall in my dream being completely surprised and in awe of how big it was. Dont know what this means. Some say it can mean im pregnant. We have been trying to get pregnant using fertility drugs...could this mean good news to us. My husband thinks the only reason i got a koi dream is because im gettign a koi tattoo this weekend!?! I had dreams of zucchini's and eggplants before this dream...lol. Do they represent anything?

Example: What does a giant koi fish mean in my dream?

the other night i had a dream that my family and i(minus my older brother) were deep sea fishing. And my mom had something on her line and it immediately starting storming even though it had just been a sunny day. After a while of struggling with the fish a giant, blue koi fish jumped out of the water. Following that, it jumped at our boat and swallowed my sister then fell back into the water. It repeated this with my sister and dad. However, it jumped at me, but did not swallow me, it just landed on me and looked me in the eyes. It had my brother's eyes. It was also a very strong fish, a physical character of my brother(he is strong.) and it went back into the water. After this it spit of my sister and dad, but it did not spit out my mom. And it became sunny and calm right after. Is anyone good enough at interpretering dreams to tell me what this means? I'm just curious

Example: Weird koi fish dream any idea what it means?

OK i had this dream last night where large koi fish like three or four were in a bucket except this girl kept playing with them and eventually they were jumping out of the water but every body kept putting them back in except me i just watched then one jumped out and got in one of those grate things and came flying out another as i was leaving and i ran away from it that's when i woke up

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