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Dream About Labor Throes meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I dreamed i was giving birth?

I dreamed i was pregnant 2 nights in a row and then i dreamed i was in labor! and gave birth i remember that i was pregnant and about to give birth but i was walking around just like normal and the babies head was crowning but i was walking around i remember my dad was trying to deliver it and my mom is a nurse (in real life to) and she was telling him how and then i had a contraction and pushed it didn't hurt but a little but i didn't go throe the birth i remember next i was holding the baby what does this mean? i think it was a boy

Who knows what it means. Dreams are such a mystery, even to scientist.
Why don' t you check out some books on dreams at your local library or buy one you find interesting at borders? I did and it was very informational and it had different views on what dreams mean.

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