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Dream About Lamp 1 meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do these dreams mean..?

This is a really random one.. lol..
1. A HUGGE Giant panda was chasing me and my friend out side of a random school... and it was like 50 feet and it was gunna eat us but then i through garbage at it and it ran away.. after a went into a dressing room and my other friend was throwing up..? ino its very random..
2. I Always seem to meet famous people in my dreams...
like one time i had 5 dreams in a row that i was friends of Panic at the disco (a band) and i marry them or im in there music video.. ect...
and once i had a dream that me and my friends went to go meet taylor swift, and she wanted to be my sister!
and i have dreams about the jonas brothers too..
its weird because theres always famous people (only that i like) in my dreams with me, but i act so casual around them. ? what does this mean?
3. these arnt really "dreams" but when i sleep, sometimes, I get these weird clips in my head that last for about 3 seconds, and its always me falling or tripping then it stops and i shake in real like like it actually happened.. ill give you some examples.. I fall down a black hole while in in my bed. (then i wakup up by shaking)
-i trip down a drive way. (then i wake up by shaking..) etc..
sorry ino this is allot to answer and stuff but im board at i wanted know what they mean..
oh ya.. this is SO weird, i don't know if it happens to you but do you ever have this thing almost like dajuveiw? like i sometimes see things that are only small things like seeing somebody turn off a certain lamp and there hand has black nail polish on it. and you feel like you've been in the exact View and angle of it.. and when it happens you feel really confused! my friends said they have it to.. do you? what does this mean, do i like see into the future or something?! and also when do i get these visions before i actually encounter it?, in my sleep?
because i don't remember in till i see it happen..
ino this is confusing because i cant explain it very well, but try to tell me some things.. especially the dejaveiw thingy!

I think that the reason people are having a tough time responding to your question is because it is so dense, try breaking your dreams apart into separate questions.

I would say that the dream about you having close relationships with celebrities is pointing to them taking up too much intimate and precious room in your life.

It maybe time to branch out and live rather than vicariously living through celebrities.

Example: Did u ever dream of some 1 thtat you wish u were wit and spending quality time together?

like for example in school, work, or youv`e met and are friends wit, but too embarass to approach and afraid to tell them how u feel cause u might get neglect, or ruin the good friendship that you both have,or might feel that she or he is just way out of your league...did u ever feel this way that your gonna explode and sometimes u want to ignore she or him sometimes cause u do not kno how to react?

Example: Recurring Boy In dreams, what does this mean?

Three nights in a row i have had weird dreams about this boy that i see in school(older than me) i've never spoken to him, nor do i know his name, i just see him around school often. I'm just trying to figure out what these dreams mean, because i feel it is too much of a coincidence for the boy to be in my dream for 3 nights.

1st Dream: A girl that i haven't spoken to in years is walking with me, she runs off with another girl and leaves me waiting on these stairs(that are in a museum i've been to) my friends are surrounding me, but aren't talking to me. The "boy' is there, the girl i was walking with comes back and breaks a lamp, the glass shatters everywhere. I run to help the "boy" clean the glass, he thanks me greatly and says im the nicest girl he has ever met. I woke up.(weird, right?)
2nd Dream:I'm late to school, there's a basketball game going on, the ball gets handed to me. I score a basket and everyone is celebrating. I get given an award. When i turn around, i can see the "boy" staring at me intensely. Everyone starts to fade away. i'm still in school but there's a heavy storm. I look around and see my father and sister kicking a ball around in the sidelines. I run to the middle but slip. I wake up.
3rd Dream: I'm in this random house, that i have never seen(but some elements of it resembles my best friend's house) My best friend's parents(who look differently than they usually do) are in the kitchen making a salad.(Imagine the twilight scene,if you've seen the movie, when the cullen family are in the kitchen making food for Bella) The "boy" knocks on the door and comes in. My friend's dad talks to him, but he soon disappears. I can hear the parents discussing arranged marriages. Then everything changes to the bathroom and i'm washing my hands, i look around and there are teddy bears,pillows and valentine chocolates in the bath. This girl in my class, who i don't usually talk to is there. She holds my hands, then my friend's mother holds my hands too. The "boy" knocks on the door, we are all startled.
I woke up.
Sorry if this long, i'm just curious and want another opinion about my dreams.

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