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Dream About Lamp 2 meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Does dream mean anything?

The other night I had a dream about my best mate who I hadn't seen in about month and in the dream I was walking thru the mall with my mum and I could hear all these voices saying to me "He wants to see you" "He wants to see you" but I was like what? and just ignored and I was amongst a group of people and I could see them passing around a letter with my name on it but it was going to everybody else but me and then I heard people saying again "He wants to see you" "He wants to see you" and I walked into this store & there he was @ the counter listening 2 his ipod & I was like "Oh nah" & was about 2 walk out & he caught me & called out to me & was like havent seen you in awhile,anyway Ive got something for you & he started giving me all these gifts.I got 2 antinque lamp shades,2 bottles of Smirnoff with a shot glass & when I got down to the last gift, I couldnt open it.But that happens everytime I dream of him hes always giving me things & I can never open the last gift I always wake up

I think everytime you see him he gives you something. It doesn't seem odd to me that in your dream he'd give you something.

But that people would tell you to go see him, means something is important, he needs to tell/give you something important--that last gift.

He's got something, a part of himself or something he really needs to tell you, that he feels you're not ready to receive. Get him out of his store, have some dinner, and ask him about it. Don't let him tell you it's not there because your subconscious has detected it already.

tx mom

Example: I Think I dreamt of the devil, I need some help on the meaning of my dream?

Ok so I dream more or less every night, I don't watch T.V and if it is, it's SOAPS and I don't play video games.
My dream started off as myself a young mother taking my young child to school on the back of a motorcycle; after some journey and the police were behind us, my little girl jumped of the bike and her face smashed against a lamp pole, littering myself and the police men with blood. Naturally in my dream, I was distraught; after sorting out what happened with the police men and moving the body, it came to night time, they could tell I was feeling a little lonley and had to walk home...so they said "take this sheep with you" , it had a rope around its neck so I could lead it about, I found it a little strange but took it nonetheless, after some time of walking through this really long alleyway and turning lots of corners, there was lots of forrest around as well, the sheep all of a sudden stopped; it would budge, so I said to it; "common' we gotta go" trying to dragg it, when all of a sudden it started to shake, it looked at me in the eyes and transformed into a very large, black straggly goat, some bald patches and raw skin; it had red eyes and a long down face, with two twisted horns; to other people this may have been terrifying, but to me, I wasn't really scared of it, then out of no were, a third horn burst through the center of its head, very crooked and grey. I gasped and dropped the rope and asked; "your not really a sheep, are you?" and it shook it's head, almost threateningly. I then built up some courage and said; "let's not make this hard, i need to go home" so i got on top of it, and after much struggle I rode it, it was kicking its back legs a little, until it threw me off and left me in one of the dark dingy alleyways; I then decided to take it by foot and walk out of there, so I walked a little until I came face to face with the weird demon goat again, but this time it was accompanied by a tall, dark, young woman with dark billowing hair; she looked very Gothic and threatened to kill me, I decided to run, but there seemed to be some kind of protection over me, we ran through all the corners until I got to a grave yard, I walked right into the grave yard with no fear, but she hesitated with the goat by her side; she threatened to kill me and send a curse my way, until I shouted; "NO, YOUR NOT!" and murmured some kind of enchantment and killed her...the goat remained alive, smiled and walked of, which was weird...then I found myself walking through the grave into the modern urban city...being safe once more; I just want to know what the dream means, I have a feeling someones doing black magic against me...and I am also a Tarrot reader and when I read my cards, for the passed year they have been making no sense, up until now, constantly repeating I have a harsh enemy on my tracks...but I just need some advice...

Example: This dream is werid... i dont know if it means anything but it all happened in like glisps. Interpret?

OKay... the first part of my dream is scetchy... i was hanging out with the guy i really like but he was acting werid like hiding behind bushes and ****.
but this part happened right before i woke up. I saw into a photo booth and these two guy where doing thw whole **** i dont wanna do this... then it changed all of a sudden and there like lets do something stuipd. lets act gay! and they started making out in there. sseond glimps, i see the two guys dropping into bed and then i hear "ow dude! haha." you probably figure... then the guy trys again but the other guy jumps out of bed and face plants into the the lamp on the desk and hear the lightbaul shatter, then his head cracks on the side of the bedstand going down and then i see his face covered in blood and no life in his body. HIs other friend still laughing get up and gets a little brown bottle and says " 3 drops for me, 15.3 for him." thats when i wake up. Im pretty sure this is just a random dream... but usually i dont as vivid ones as these anymore.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Alright so, I have this friend (and no it's not really me) that had a dream she recently told me about and I was wondering if anyone could help decipher it, thanks:)

Okay here it is. *shes 15 by the way* Shes in a dark room that shes never been in before that is only lit by a tall lamp stand and the light coming in from a window in the door. It's sort of like a hospital room, but also not. She is the one in the hospital bed and is wearing a hospital gown with one of those wrist things. There was also a guy in there that she she has never seen nor met, and assumes is her husband and possibly a doctor but she isn't sure. Anyhow, it's so dark that she can't see very far in front of her. She remembers being pregnant moment and the next her mother is handing her a beautiful baby boy that she just totally falls in love with at first sight. This baby that she's never met that came out of her and she truly loves him. like the feeling she got in her stomach was like butterflies for him that she would do anything for him like a mother would. I can even see that right now as she is being 15. Shes just so responsible and almost like a VERY young adult. So...idk but help with this would be great, she really is wondering what it means. Thanks:)

Example: What does my Dream mean? (broken glass)?

I dreamed that I was at my Dad's house, and i'm with this other person. We're trying to bury a body correctly. We lay beads (like mardi gras beads or maybe prayer beads?) across the body 2 times for respect. The body was buried under my bed, which scared me. I tell myself that I hope she goes to a peaceful place, but I was scared that she wouldn't. I try hard to go to sleep, but something awakens me, and i'm scared trying to find a light to turn on in my room. i can't find anything, so I run to my bathroom door and turn on that light, but it's not enough, so I plug my lamp into the wall in my bedroom. I calm down and turn it off,thinking the light is getting too hot, then I get this bad feeling and the light explodes..glass shooting everywhere...Then I start running out of my house and glass starts exploding everywhere. It ends with me trying to escape my house from exploding.

Please help interpret?

Example: Am I Psychic? What does this dream mean?

I like have dreams and then like a month later my dream will happen like that I get into a water fight and I broke a lamp while in the fight! And then that will happen! But it isn't that often. But today I pictured my grandmother when my mom saw her and my mom told me what she was wearing and I saw exactly the same thing! But I didn't see her at all. Or if I'm not psychic what would you call that?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I've been having the same dream where I've been strapped to a medical table in a dark room and I hear a door open and shut. Then footsteps echoing through the room. I look up and see a dimmed medical lamp then look over and see the dark figure of a person. They are holding a syringe full of some liquid which they place on the table. The person pulls the medical lamp over me and it flashes. Everything goes to dark, but red numbers start flowing upward. It always starts 1,1,2,2,3,3 then random numbers and I eventually wake up. When I wake up I feel a little angry, and sometimes wake in a cold sweat and a headache.

I have pretty good health, a decent sex life, and life over all...so yeah...

Example: What does this dream mean?

When I was little I had a couple of dreams about the world ending but not a lot. But, now that I've gotten older it seems to be getting worse. I'm 14 and having disturbingly vivid dreams is normal for me. I hardly ever forget my dreams and if I do they usually weren't that important, didn't last long, or vivid enough. The most vivid dream I remember having of the world ending when I was little was that a news cast was saying that there was "going to be mass destruction happening all over the U.S. in most parts of the..." and I can't remember what they said after that. But my parents took me and put me in our truck and I remember that they brought a lot of water. I also remember the news saying that there were going to be a lot of wrecks like car crashes and stuff.My parents started driving towards downtown trying to get of of Georgia (which is where we lived at the time) and my dad was barely swerving out of the way of a bunch of collisions and cars that were completely out of control. For some reason there were bees flying everywhere and people were also crashing because they were being attacked and stung by them. As a child I had a terrifying fear of bees so that may explain why the bees were there. Before we could get to the the stop light we got into a crash and that's all I remember. My most recent dream of the world ending is very confusing and vivid. I was at a school I've never seen before and I was about 17 and had a motorcycle I was driving down a long endless road and next to it was a clean up crew type thing and they were trying to get the pollution and litter off of the side of the road where the trees were. And with each level of destruction the trees would get more and more bare and destroyed and it just scared me to death and absolutely depressed me to see nature and humanity like this. I'm not exactly sensitive when it comes to subjects like humanity and stuff like that but seeing people trying so hard to fix this just sort of tugged at my heart strings a bit. The man who was supposedly the principle of the made up school I went to told me to race to the school and warn the teachers and students and everyone there that they had to get to safety because there was unfortunately no way to fix the pollution. Also next to the trees was a marshy land that used to be a clear ocean *I'm not sure how I knew or understood this but I just did* but each day they tried to fix the pollution the water just kept getting browner and foamier and more disgustingg. So I raced to the school and one teacher and another girl already knew and were trying to get everyone evacuated. So we all went to this church down the long endless road and stayed in the highest part which was where the bells are (I can't remember what it's called but it's where the bells are that ring when it's time to go to church). Well there were about a hundred of these things and the children (mostly teens about 15 to 19) were all crammed into these things (which were actually massive and had no bells inside them) and I was with 2 other girls and one of them was a girl who had a little baby and was angry at herself and started crying because the baby wouldn't eat and she thought it wouldn't eat because she ate too much food and didn't leave enough. I offered my own but she refused. I offered again and again she refused. She then bordered a bus that somehow was on a platform type thing connected to the bell tower thing. I'm not sure what happened to the other girl, she may have bordered the school bus as well. But, then after that I woke up. Can anyone help me understand the meaning in these 2 dreams? Thnx. P.S I probably pray the most between me and my mom and dad but I'm not a very spiritual person. I'm not obsessed with God but when I do pray it's usually to thank him if I had a good day or if I just haven't prayed in a while. I like to pray for other people a lot especially my friends and a lot of times when I look up meanings to my dreams the dream has something to do with my spirituality. I don't know if this little bit of P.S. info helps but I just wanted to clear some stuff up or help a little. Please help me figure this out. Thank you for having the patience and curiosity to read this far.:).

Example: Dream: receiving a lamp as a gift?

The day before i had a phone conv with a very good friend of mine which i really like and i saw him recently after 3 years. We live far away from eachother and eventho we spent a lot of talking, we came to the conclusion that we dont really know eachother and that its a bit pointless to talk alot.

Made me sad, and cried.. so the same night i got a dream that i got 2 lamps as a present from this elderly couple i know quite well.

What could this mean, can someone give their interpretation of the dream and maybe a connection with what happend last night?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I have a crush on one of my neigbors. He was walking down the street and he was walking to my neighbors house and i mumbled that he needed a haircut. Then he smiled at me and jumped their fence. Then he went and asked if their 2 little toddlers could play outside and jump on their trampoline with him. Then i walked over to my best friend's house (she is a direct neighbor). We said what a weirdo and we walked over to my yard and sat outside. Then he jumped the fence and came over and my best friend dissapeared and me and him started talking and he asked me out. Then we went into my room and i turned on my little pink lamp and we layed in the floor and we just talked about funny stuff and i giggled really bad. What does this mean?

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