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Dream About Lamp meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Dream: receiving a lamp as a gift?

The day before i had a phone conv with a very good friend of mine which i really like and i saw him recently after 3 years. We live far away from eachother and eventho we spent a lot of talking, we came to the conclusion that we dont really know eachother and that its a bit pointless to talk alot.

Made me sad, and cried.. so the same night i got a dream that i got 2 lamps as a present from this elderly couple i know quite well.

What could this mean, can someone give their interpretation of the dream and maybe a connection with what happend last night?

Well, there are 2 separate symbols of wisdom in this dream. The elderly couple are one - I think they represent people who can give you wisdom. The lamps are also symbolic of wisdom - they can 'shine a light' on your situation. So somebody (or some people) are giving you the means to shed some light on your situation.

Were there any connections in the dream with this friend of yours? I ask because I wonder if you are certain that the friend and the dream are connected. If you know they are 'in your gut' then they probably are, in which case, it seems to me that this situation is presenting you with the opportunity to learn and grow - and gain wisdom. To understand further why that elderly couple are in the dream, think about them for a time and ask yourself what they mean to you. What qualities strike you about them? What stands out about them? This can give you further clues as to what the dream is about. If you want to add further details in an 'edit' I can comment further.

Example: What does this dream mean?

This morning while I was still asleep, I dreamed that I was looking at the clock watching the seconds tick from 5:59am to 6:00am. Then, when I actually opened my eyes a moment later, before my alarm went off on my cell phone, the digital clock in my room said 6:01am. My cell phone was not in sync with the digital clock, but the alarm went off about a minute or two later. The other strange thing is that my clock does not actually show the seconds. I´m just wondering what this sort of dream means, if anything.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I have a crush on one of my neigbors. He was walking down the street and he was walking to my neighbors house and i mumbled that he needed a haircut. Then he smiled at me and jumped their fence. Then he went and asked if their 2 little toddlers could play outside and jump on their trampoline with him. Then i walked over to my best friend's house (she is a direct neighbor). We said what a weirdo and we walked over to my yard and sat outside. Then he jumped the fence and came over and my best friend dissapeared and me and him started talking and he asked me out. Then we went into my room and i turned on my little pink lamp and we layed in the floor and we just talked about funny stuff and i giggled really bad. What does this mean?

Example: What dose it mean to dream about... trying to turn off a lamp but it won't turn off?

i felt like i've had this dream more than once...

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream last night that I was in a room, and someone cut a cable which disconnected the phone and the lights. Everytime I tried to turn on a lamp or the main light, nothing would turn on. When I opened the door, it slammed shut leaving me and others in the dark. What does this dream mean?

Example: What do these violent dreams mean?

Ok, I'm 14--male

I had a dream that my dad cam up to and my brother and asked us if we were in gangs. We said no. Then I was running on a building jumped off and and broke my arm to see my dad get shot. I ran to my house and then looked out the window to see the dude that killed my dad come running to my house my whole family was freaked your because he had a gun. We fought with lamps and stuff and we ended up on top of him. I was possed so I got tons of pins and put them in his face like sideways stitching his eyes and nose and stuff together. He was just sitting there while his face swelled up with blood and got all red. Then I grabbed his hair and started bashing his head dowwn on the ground. The pins got out and he got away and I was all worried about when he got out of prison how he would come and do the pin thing to me.

I'm not a crazy kid and my parents arnt divorced or anything

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