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Dream About Lava Lamp meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Christmas is SOON... What is on your list...BQ...?

This is my list... its like really long...

Camera (Olympus FE-4020 Digital Camera in Blue or Pink)
Blue Netbook (Notebook)
Blue Dsi
Nail Polish
Lucas DVD
Sandlot DVD
Matilda DVD
Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging DVD
Drake- Thanks Me Later CD
P!nk- Funhouse CD
Ke$ha- Animal CD
Britney Spears- Circus CD
Songwriting Material
Clocky (Alarm Clock/Chrome)
Love Bunny Necklace
Stylish Script Vinyl Crush™ Name Necklace with Charm( Alexis)
Our Daughter Our Pride Sterling Silver Birthstone & Name Ring (Alexis, July: Ruby)
70s Happy Candy Grab Bag
Oh Deer Super Dooper Pocket Pooper Keychain
Weather Station Keychain
Claddagh Little Irish Luck Keyring
Etch- A- Sketch Keychain
Stewie Keychain
Rubik’s Cube Key Chain
Slinky Dog Keychain
Real Money Tree
Target Gift Card ($75)
Pre Paid Visa Card ($200)
Aeropostale ($100)
Hollister Co. Gift Card ($100)
Abercrombie& Fitch Gift Card ($100)
Old Navy ($100)
Toys R’ Us ($50)
Why You Waste Money Wallet
Personalized Rainbow Bottle Cap Necklace
Sterling Silver "My Precious Daughter" Birthstone Heart Ring (July: Ruby)
Retro 90's Candy Gift Box with Year of Birth Highlights
Hershey Bar Candy Cake Bouquet
Kokeshi Doll
Momiji Doll
Tamagotchi tamawalkie
Tamagotchi v4.5,v5 and v6
Nano Baby
Candy Bar Cupcake
Brew It Yourself Cave Man Cola
Mega Bruiser 3.38 Inch Jawbreaker
Gourmet Popping Corn
Back to School Skin Care Set for Teens
Milk Chocolate Covered Potato Chips
Sound Machine
Sterling Silver Trinity Knot Earrings
Irish Tin Whistle
14K Tri-Color Gold Trinity Knot Earrings
Claddaugh Engraved Handmade Wooden Pen
Irish Cable Knit Santa Hat
Hot Peppers Terrarium Kit
Salsa Garden Terrarium Kit
Make your own Chewing Gum Kit
Brew your own Root Beer
Dad’s Root beer Barrels
Mr. Root beer Kit
Brew your own Ginger Ale Kit
Make your Own Tooth Paste Kit
Soda Pop Science
Rock Candy Crystal Growing Kit
Claeys Hard Candy Assortment
Make your own Candy Set
Retro Cotton Candy Machine
Bubble Gum Factory
Grow- A - Head
Christmas Crackers
Cloud- Flite Exploding Joke Ball
Bulls Eye Nostalgic Candy from Ireland
Jumpin Banana Shocking Gum
Mini Universal Prank Remote TV Controller
Dirty Japanese Book
70 Japanese Gestures Book
Clothes- Kimono Robes( Blue Crane Yukata Robe ), Socks, Snack Attack Pant, Hot Mess Melt Pant, Canadians Know Their Eh-B-C’s T-Shirt
Spy Gear ® Lie Detector
Personalized Mug Shot Coffee Mug
Snooki Talking Wacky Wobbler
Facial Steamer Spa
Ultimate Gum Kit
Strawberry Eggling
Fashion Colour Frame Sunglasses
Shoes- Converse, UGGs, Cowgirl Boots, Japanese Sandals
Bento Box
Happy Panda Kotobuki2 Tier Bento Box
English Tea
World Tea Sampler Gift Set With Chine and Japanese Teas
English( United Kingdom Candy)
Pillow Pet
Japanese Washcloths
Chinese Candy
Japanese Tea
Japanese Soda
Japanese Candy
German Candy
French Candy
Cinq Delices Japanese Butter Cookies( Yoku Moku )
Wasabi Gumballs
Wasabi LipBalm
Chopsticks- Engraved Japanese Wood Chopsticks
Edamame Growing Kit
Money( foreign also)
Canadian, European And Japanese Stuff.

Fantasy Aquarium, Aquarium, Driver’s Ed Portable, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, My SAT Coach, Future U, America’s Next Top Model, C.O.P. the Recruit, Urbz Sims in the City (DS), Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Mobilized, CSI Deadly Intent, Call of Duty: World at War, Hello Kitty: Big City Dreams, My FunFacts Coach, HiHi Puffy Ami Yumi: The Genie and the Amp, Guinness World Records: The Video Game, Pac-Man World, SimCity DS, SimCity DS2, Sims 2, The Sims 2: Apartment, The Sims 2 Castaway, Theme Park, Thrillville: Off the Rails, Toy Story 3: The Video Game, Petz Nursery, Trauma Centre: Under the Knife, Trauma Centre: Under the Knife 2, Travel Coach: Europe 1,2,3, Travel Games for Dummies, Hello Kitty Party, Astrology DS, Crime Scene, Unsolved Crimes, Izuna 2: The Unemployed Ninja Returns.

BQ: what would you recommend for a 14 year old girl?

I'm 14 too! :)

I really really love animals and this is my list :)
A donation the the humane society
A Pet smart gift card
A golden retriever christmas ornament
A dog pillow pet
A dog poop scooper to make it easier cleaning up after my puppy
tennis balls for my dog
Golden retriever webkinz!

That is my list :) I won't get everything on my list, they are just suggestions, my parents said I can get up to 3 things on my list! :)

Well if you mean gift ideas for yourself, you have quite a long list, but I understand they are most likely just suggestions, here are some ideas!

Gift cards! Then you can get whatever you want from your favourite stores, alothough you already had that on your list
wrist watch
necklace with matching earrings or bracelet
fluffy pillows
a cute wall clock
a lava lamp
a pillow pet (they are so cute, and they sell them at more malls)
a journal
maybe a bike... but that might be too much money
a hair straightener
a curling iron
a hair dryer
a house coat/robe
hand lotion
a bed set
bubble bath
a nice snow globe
a jewelry box
A music instrument like a guitar or electric piano
nail polish
a key chain
a karaoke machine
a purse
a soft blanket
a plate set, with pretty colourful a plate, cup and bowl
a scrap booking kit
picture frames
a portable dvd player (they are really cheap!)
colourful pens
a bean bag chair for your room
an art kit, with like paint and glitter and other fun stuff
a coach purse (they are very expenisive but also super cute!)
I was going to say tamagotchi but I think you already had that down, right?

Anyways that's all I could think of!

Hope I helped!
Merry Christmas!


Example: What could this dream mean?

Last night I had a dream that the universe was in the lava lamp and the lava lamp was in a cave and then a caveman came in and unplugged the lava lamp which is the universe and then he looked up and smiled. Could this mean anything?

Example: Dreaming visions of the end?

I keep having these dreams of the apocalypse!

Im not christian or a doomsdayer but 3 times in the past 20days or less ive had dreams of a comet entering our solar system with ''The Mothership'' behind it,
first off the comet messes up the planets land-plates and the oceans start to swallow country's, then the 'aliens' land and its almost its like they 'flip the switch' everything goes like a lava lamp then it all ends and i wake up, only thing is i have a very vivid image of the aliens face when i wake up, it looks alot like the typical grey alien only with a green hue around its head, they dont look angry just dissapointed

Is there something to this or is it just a dream?

Example: How much do you think a lava lamp room would cost?

I have a small room in the back of my basement. about how much do you think it would cost to have custom lava lamp walls put in. I dont mean completely taking apart my walls and replacing them. i mean having new walls made that are made of glass with the sh*t the lava lamps have inside of them. oh and the ceiling and floor. This is my dream room, and i want to one day make it happen. I want to get real high and just chill in there. i would feel like im in some sort of other dimension.

Example: Will santa bring me a genie in a lava lamp?

Or is he real?

Example: Weird Dream!?

Everyone, i had this weird dream about a person that i dont even know! This girl walks into my room. She stares at me with totally red eyes and says "Lava Lamps,mm Honey". And the lamps sounds like lumps when she says it. Then she melts into the ground. It was really a weird nightmare. lol. What does this mean? and do u think that dream is weird!?

Example: Werd dream...please tell me what my dream means?

the other day i had this really weird dream...i was wondering what it meant. Im 14 and i don't have any like psychological problems. lol
So it started out with me looking out my window at theese 4 really creepy people sneaking up to my house. I went and told my dad what they where doing...and all he said was "just lean your guitar against the window to secure it ... itl only get a few scratches on it" and then he returned to whatever else he was doing. (in real lifei just got a new guitar sooo idk if this has anything to do with it.) Ok then after i told my dad this i went back up to my room and i had found that the strange people had broken in thru my bedroom window (wich is on the third story of my house so tht doesnt make sense but...) and they had rummaged thru all of my stuff. None of my valuabe stuff was gone...but only my lava lamp was (lava lamp that doesnt work). But the lava lamp was gone so i went back downstairs to my kitchen only to find my mom fretting about something she had stolen (idk what this was either) but the suspicious people had come out of my house and where in the front yard...i guess i decided to get whatever my mom had taken from her back...so i went outside and started like punching theese weirdos and when they where all laying on the ground i turned my back...i looked back and they all had scrubs on and where somehow magically healing each other...there was medical equiptment throughout my whole yard! After they where all better...before they left my family and the creepers exchanged hugs and smiles before they left...like they where family from out of town...after they left i then went to my brothers room...finding him gone (hes 18 so not like a baby or anything...and hes leaving for college soon)...and thats when i woke up i know its incredibly strange but i would appreciate if anyone could tell me what it meant. thanks :)

Example: The most beautiful dream ever? Help me!?

I had a dream where I was getting into the car with my mom, brother, and neighbor (don't know why he's there) and we went for a drive in the country. Out of the blue, my brother realized he had to go to the bank, so my mom was trying to find a bank, but my brother was okay with going to an atm. We were looking for the atm and came across one on a dirt road. My brother got out of the car and I didn't see him anymore of my dream. Now we were lost, so my mom was driving in circles and the next dirt road we turned unto was just beautiful. The sky on this particular road was hot pink like maybe the sun was about to set and there were miles and miles of flowers...all types. I yelled for my mom to stop and tried to get out of the car to pick some of the flowers. She began to get upset about me wanting to pick the flowers explaining that you don't just pick flowers from someone else's property. We argued for a moment when I began to feel something squirming under my butt. I raised myself up and saw that it was a black bird that was obviously suffocating under the weight of my body. It flew away very quickly and I saw my mom shooing other black birds away as they seem to be in a paralysis-like state. She then began to speak in Latin and yelled out these demons' names for some unknown reason. What could this mean?

I don't know why my neighbor was in my dream but he is a landscaping artist/gardener so he may have something to do with all the flowers.

Why was my mom speaking in very fluent Latin?
Why were the black birds in such a pretty place (the flowers)?

Example: Can someone help me with what to do about weird dreams?

For the last 3 nights, i've been waking up to some scary dreams.. but all 3 nights i woke up at the same time.. always around 2:30am. I don't usually have scary dreams, or remember them, but i've been remembering the dreams very clearly.

What can i do to stop the dreams?
And what do they mean?

In one my friend and I were being chased by an unknown man near a lake at around dawn.
In another i sort of witnessed a murder, and i remeber clearly seeing a knife in the murders hand. ( it was a girl i did not know who got murdered )
And the last one was about ghosts and i was at my school, but my whole school had graffiti and was almost destroyed by these ghosts, and the graffiti was messages.. i just remember one having my name on it.

Example: Is it possible for someone to help you Astral Project?

My friend, who is a very experienced Astral Traveler, and I were talking late into the night about astral projecting and how I'd never been able to do it and control it ((around 4 am)) when he drifted off. Or I thought he did anyway. I myself was tired, but not too much. I was sitting in a chair thinking of moving so I could fall asleep more comfortably, when I suddenly felt much more tired then I really was. I couldn't fight it so I closed my eyes and drifted off. I was in that weird, half asleep state when you still dream, and I saw this landscape made up of odd, abstract shapes. Honestly, it looked liked the pictures of brain cells mixed with lava lamp blobs, but it was all in grayscale. Then I felt terrified, and angry, because I could feel a man there, and I knew he shouldn't have been. I went to get him out, but then he touched one of the shapes and it turned into bright, vibrant colors. Then I felt joyful and happy to have him there. He grabbed my hand and we took off running, changing everything to vibrant colors, bringing the landscape to life. I loved it. And then I felt the sensation of leaving my body, I felt myself losing touch with the physical world, and I got scared, so I made myself wake up. I gasped when I opened my eyes and so did my friend, who I'd thought was asleep on the couch. I didn't say anything and he didn't either, and then I shifted and closed my eyes and started to actually sleep. I tried picturing the landscape again but I couldn't. Could he have been helping me project? I haven't asked him yet becuase I haven't seen him again, and frankly I think he'll think I'm crazy. Is it even possible, though, for someone to do that?

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