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Dream About Law meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this mean?

last night i dream,d my daughter in law was pregnent,what is the meaning of this dream

That you want a new beginning for your son & daughter in law.

A pregnancy or birth in dreams usually mean the start of something new - not necessarily a child is coming

Just like death in dreams means the end of something - not necessarily that someone will die.

Usually if you dream of fishes that means someone you know is pregnant.

Example: Brother in Law Has Cancer, Had a dream wanting to know what it means!?

My brother in law has Lung Cancer, i had a dream last night that he was all dressed in black and his hair was also pitch black, and he had a blue spot on his black shirt on the lower part of his shirt more to the left.

Wanting to know what it means if anyone knows!

Example: Dream meaning?

i had a dream the other day. it was kind of strange.
i was running because my teeth were loose. i was holding my hand to my mouth. then i stopped where my sister and sister-in-law were. they were franticaly trying to help me. then i let go of my hand, and all my teeth fell out. half of them fell to one side broken and crumbled up and the other fell to the other side, not broken. then my sister in law's mother kneeled down and smiled. but a big creppy smile. i know this may sound wierd, but my famly has always said that my sister-in law and her mother are witches...yeah...i think she may be planning something against the rest of our family. they've have been always known for greed and stuff like that.

so can anyone tell me what this dream means?

Example: What does it mean when you dream that you fight with your daughter in law?

i have had this dream 2 times

Example: The meaning of my dream?/dead brother in law?

Last night i had a dream about my fionce's brother, the only problem is, his brother has been dead since 2009 and i dont know him ive never met him never saw him or anything.. The dream takes place in my house, but my house is backwards like everything is on the oppisite side of where it should be which i realize is typical in dreams...it starts off with me being haunted im the only one in the house the lights in one specific room keep turning on and off and i feel threatend i run out of the house but have nowhere to go. so i sit on the porch steps terrified..two guys come up to the house and i dontremeber why they were there or anything this part of the dream is vague to me i am having difficulty remembering it. the part i do remember is everyone on the porch with me trying to figure out what to do and i look up at the window in my door and i see him for the first time clear as day but stilll a ghost and im the only one who can see him...now i know my fionces brothers name is mark but for some reason atthis point in my dream i say "markie?" and he goes "shhh" with a finger over his lips. iask him why he was scaring me and all that and he says "i just want u to know that im here" i remember he was wearing a red beanie and a sip up jacket i remember every detail of his face...i then say to everyone so calmly "its ok its just markie" and im overcome by this complete calmness and relaxation, next thing i knew we were in the house again and markie as his ghost form was playing chess with a friend of mine (very well alive) and everyone was smiling and having a good time. then i wake up...now i have come to find out the bed my fionceand i have been sleeping on was marks bed before he had died. i talk to my sister about it, and she then takes out her phone and has me listen to something she had recorded one night its fuzzy staticy you really have to listen hard but a males voice says "i just want you to know .." and trails off. if you remember in my dream, he says "i just want u to know im here...wether or not this is relevant idk. opinions would be nice thank you

Example: I had a dream about my deceased former father-in-law, what can it mean?

My former father-in-law was a man that I loved and respected very much. He was like a second father to me. When he was alive he had a tracheotomy. That's a hole bored through the throat so he could breathe better, for those who don't know. He passed away about five years ago. I am no longer with his son. We have been separated for about a year now.
Anyway, in my dream, I walked into his house and found him standing on a ladder, with all his medical gear still hooked up to him, changing a light bulb. When I came in and saw him up there I asked him what he was doing. He told me to hand him the new bulb that was on the table. I handed it to him and asked him again why he was up there. He turned and smiled at me and he said something. I woke up immediately. I do not remember what he said.
Do you think this dream has significance, or is it just a random silly dream?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I dreamed that my mother in law was my gynecologist. What does this mean?

Example: Dream meaning of mother in law holding new born?

what does it mean when u dreamed that mother in law is holding ur new born baby but dont have any kids yet?

Example: Dream meaning about sister-in-law?

I had a strange dream about my sister-in-law. Can someone explain? She is sitting at a jewelry dept. in a retail store with one of her breast exposed and pumping breast milk. The strange thing is that in real life she is in her 60's and never had children. She strictly professional. What is the interpretation?

Example: What does it mean when i dream about running from the law?

its like so real,me and 2 of my fiends are in it running from the law jumping fences and hiding behind cars and it looks like im the only one who escapes from them then i wake up...

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