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Dream About Leaking Water meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Fish dream meaning? :D?

Okay, so this has kinda been on my mind for a while. I had this dream and I was just on my laptop, doing whatever and I had all my fish in the smaller tank(I have two tanks), which is like 10+ in a 4 gallon tank and then I had one parted from the others( A small yellow glofish) in the bigger tank where my big goldfish usually stays. So I heard like this thumping noise in the big tank and went over to see and the little fish was like going insane and swimming around like crazy, bumping into things. Then the water was quickly going down, so I checked and sure enough there was a leak in the tank, and it was spilling really fast. I felt so frantic and clueless so I reached in and grabbed the fish with my hands, it flopped out and onto the floor. So I quickly picked it up and put it in the crowded tank, where the other fish got kinda scared and swam into each other. I can't remember anything that happened from then on, haha.

I think that this dream was just expressing your inner fear that you will not be able to care for your fish should anything bad happen in the future. It is not something that you need to worry about; apart that is for coming up with a solution to the problem should it ever chance to happen. It never hurts to be prepared.

Example: Okay, what did my dream mean?

i had this dream last night that i was pregnant... with... [someones] baby. and my... stomach popped. like... it sprang a leak. it was weird. 0__0

but then i had a lil baby.

someone want to tell me what that meant?

Example: I need help interpreting a repeating dream!?

I dreamt that my radiator burst and was leaking clear water then the following night i dreamt that my car was leaking clear water at a fast rate,What does this mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream that I went inside a mansion which had jail cells which had people who threw rocks, and usually I would go over to this one lamp that had a rainbow sock on its little table, just for it's size. Later on I saw its matching sock, and for some reason I desperately wanted to get it. But my pal was also after it, so we fought all around, running and running all around for it. He got it. Afterwords the mansion owner came and invited us to the pizza kitchen. He showed us it, which was leaking with water and had rats. But that's not what he wanted to show us, he went to the other room next to kitchen, and showed us a huge arena, with one HUUUUUGE monster, (I would be the size of it's eye) and offered a ride on it. So, we did, it was like we were on a horse together. We went back into the kitchen and he said how he needs to fix all of it, but he's simply too old to now. He seemed very sad and he just walked right out the door, as he faded away like a ghost. We talked about how he was the best and most honorable man in the world, and my friend said he would take over the mansion and pizza place, and showed how he had all the keys. I smiled and walked down the streets, thinking about what had just happened. But, I was lost. I didn't know how I even got to the pizza place, so I didn't know how to get back home. (and, I walked, I didn't have a car there, just so you know) I opened a door, to see a one room place, which was just a bunkbed, a lamp, and walls and floor. In it were a 4 year old and 6 year old "couple", talking about how much they loved eachother, and they kissed and did... bad things. I told them they're disgusting, and their friend, Stacey, who was a blonde who appeared to be about 6, came in. She had a way too big bra on that made it look like she had big boobs when really she was 1000% flat, she sucked her stomach in and wore a tank top and skirt, and sunglasses. Another boy, who was also blonde, came in, who looked 6, and was kissing Stacey all over. Stacy was yelling at me, and I just called them all freaks and left the one room house. The moment I left the room, I looked up and saw a giant black shadow spirit looking thing, and then I woke up.

Example: Water through roof dream, what does it mean?

I had a dream that it was my wedding day and I was inside a mall picking out my final choices for a dress. The mall had a regular glass and metal ceiling and it was leaking rain. I had to run through the mall as fast as I could in the wrong dress before it collapsed on me. It never collapsed though.

p.s. I am not even dating, let alone wedding planning

Example: What does it mean to dream of a leaky roof and the leaks falling on you?

I had a dream that i was in my house, when my mother in law tells there is a leak in my bed room. I go to my room, and there is two leaks going. In a panic to save my bed from getting wet, i ask her to hand me a bucket, which happens to be right in front of me but i cant reach it. The bucket she hands me is small and fills up quickly. Now, the leak gets bigger and stronger and it is leaking right on me. I am soaked but i look at my mother in law and shes just staring at me with a smile on her face. She then tells me that she had a dream that she had a heart attack. I then i get excited because i tell her that i to had a dream that i had a stroke. I then rush to call my husband to tell him about the leaks, but when he doesn't answer, my heart breaks in disappointment. I woke up from my dream crying. There was just so much emotions in my dream.

Example: What does my dream mean!?

It's probably nothing, but it just came back to me. All I can remember is, that I was in a run down hotel place, and the roof was dripping, and the room was very dark, and misty kind of. The wallpaper was pealing off of the walls, and I was there with my friend. I went to touch the wallpaper, and the wallpaper just peeled off, there was this huge hole in the wall, it was really dark, and like a sewerge hole, there was water dripping out of it.

Then, this body of a girl fell out, and was just hanging from the hole. My friend, and I ran - as we found out, that the hotel manager had gone insane, and killed all of his guests. We were in the room, which that girl had been staying in, we then found a journal or something, and we torched the place, and burnt it down.

We then went home, and strange things had been happening to me, once I had gone home - that's all I can remember, and I woke up screaming. I don't know why, but I dreamt this like 17hrs ago, as it was last night, and it's now 9pm. But for some reason, the scene where I found the body in the hotel, keeps repeating in my head.

I can remember, there being another hole, near the roof, that had rubbish in it, that was leaking water onto us.

What does this mean!?

Example: Dream meaning - in Islam please?

I had a dream I went to a molvi (teacher of islam) to ask for copies of a surat. one surat i remember asking for is surat yaseen. before he would give me it, he asked me to get him a tub of water. i went to get it but on the way back to him, the water kept leaking.
what do you think this means?

Example: What does a dream with consistent dripping water mean?

I had this dream a couple nights ago, I was in a house it felt like mine but it wasn't the one I am in now. Anyway I was putting my son to bed and his bed was soaked so I layed him on a chair as I was walking to fix his bed I noticed the floor was soaking wet also I went to see if there was a leak somewhere in the kitchen the faucet was leaking profusely there was another faucet at the other end of the counter the water was running from it but only going halfway like it was running into an invisible sink. Then the ceiling was leaking and all I could hear was a steady "drip,drip" like it sounds in a movie when it's slowed down. When I woke up abruptly I could still hear the drip drip sound from my dream. If it helps I had this dream the night I found out my boyfriend of 10 years is cheating on me and got a girl pregnant. I can interpret other peoples dreams but always seem to have trouble doing my own. Any help would be appreciated

Example: What does my dream mean, Ceilings, damp, leaks...?

My dream last night bothers me, I dream lots and lots but I cant stop thinking about this one. the ceilings in my home were filling with water and starting to leak, the weight of the weter was causing the ceilings to swell and fall away in pieces, all the cielings in my house were effected, I was trying to go to bed in the dream but kept getting wet and no-one in the house seemed to be worried about what was happening. this dream seemed to last all night. The feelings I had in the dream seemed like uncertainty and negitivity and maybe sadness, it was unnerving.

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