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Dream About Leather Jacket meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do you think my dream means.?

I was dreaming me and my sisters were dressing up for party. Room was full of women dressing up. I am wearing cowboy booths and jeans and leather jacket and i feel cold.. I am Ready for party and waiting for my sisters. I am kinda uninteresting. then i hear my sisters and My mom saying "look she is so beautiful .. O my God look at her.. I turn around and see young woman who looks like me , wearing red romantic dress and red hair like mine.. She looks just like me,and it is me. but somehow i do not feel connected to her.. I think it is one of my sisters...I see myself but i am 100% sure in my dream mind that is my sister.. She looks beautiful and feminine .. I am starting to feel jealous. and i feel pain.. I scream at my mom in anger.. why , you have never said I am beautiful , you never complimented me . I was screaming in pain and anger and i woke up with pain and anxiety in my chest... It was hurting so much that i was shaking from pain.. I was jelous at that woman in red dress..who was me .

I apologize for my friends misunderstanding you. You should be complimented for knowing more than one language, and writing in English. I think you meant, you were feeling bored, not uninteresting.

Only you can decide what the dream means. The dream is your anger and frustration at not feeling loved and accepted by your mother. When she compliments your sisters without complimenting you, it is like a knife in your heart. She wants you to be something you are not, instead of loving and accepting who you are. There is a more subtle message too, that you do this to yourself as well. You criticize yourself and put yourself down, rather than loving and accepting yourself with all your strengths and weaknesses. Try getting dressed up and then looking in the mirror and saying, "wow, I am beautiful." See how it feels to say that.

Example: What does this dream mean?!?

Í keep having this weird dream.
I'm in the stairwell of what looks to be a Victorian house, although the stairwell is fairly modern and is white. The stair itself is one of the spiral types, although it's a square type spiral.
I'm stood at the bottom of the stairs. I'm wearing a Rush t-shirt and my jeans.
Then some people come in and begin walking up the stairs. The first is a gypsy-type woman in a dress and bonnet, and she was speaking Russian.
The second was a guy dressed as a punk, with pink mohican hair and a leather studded jacket.
The third and last one is the bassist Geddy Lee, the lead singer and bassist for Rush. He's got his bass in his left hand and he comes up to me, hands me a Bible and tells me "One day, you'll understand heaven and earth".
Then I go into the sitting room of the house, and begin singing about a goldfish.

Any ideas what this means?

Example: What the heck does this dream mean?

I had this dream when I was like 6 and I still remember it perfectly! (I know a little weird, huh?) So it was at night and all the sudden this bright pink flamingo that had I shiny leather jacket on that was on a shiny black motorcycle with a painting of fire on it came chasing after me! It also had shiny black sunglasses and a shiny black helmet on (lots of black and shiny stuff haha) The song The Twilight Zone was playing in the background and it was the part with no words. I was running and running and I was scared to death! Then more of them came up behind the main flamingo and I was being chased by a bunch of them! What the crap does this dream mean? I've been trying to figure it out since I was 6 so please help! =] thanks

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that makes me feel very uneasy. I cannot go back to sleep. In my dream I seemed like I was keeping a very low profile in a huge but confined city. I had ragged pair of jeans with white t-shirt and a black jacket (seemed like leather). I walked into this dusty pub looking for someone but I don't know who I was looking for. I sat at the bar and before I could say a word to the bartender, a vampire sat next to me. The vampire didn't have any interest in sucking my blood or anything like that. He just looked straight into my eyes and told me that "I should watch my back". In my dream I began to think about what the vampire said rather than getting scared. Then soon after, when I left the bar, I woke up.

Now I am awake and I cannot fall asleep for some reason...I cannot put my finger on it. Please help...I normally don't dream but when I do they always mean something.

Example: What does my dream mean?

So, I can't remember much of it. I have a lot of dreams often that I remember (even if they're just random dreams of nothing I love it, it's like living a life within your life XD) Well anyways, in this dream I remember a red leather jacket. Someone gave me a red leather jacket. I don't know who or why. I think I was sitting on my bed or I was somewhere in my room but someone gave it to me and I got really happy. I'm not sure if I tried it on or something, but it sort of left an impression on me. Does it mean nothing or is there meaning behind this dream?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream, I was in the wild wild west. I was looking for a girl names Lisa. To find her I was riding a horse. For almost the whole dream I was just riding a horse by a lot of cacti. It seemed like I rode forever. One of the things that stood out to me was that I had a six-shooter/revolver but I only had 4 bullets in it. I finally found Lisa and she said that her name was pronounced "Leyasuh." I then noticed what we were wearing. If colors matter I was wearing black chaps over black pants, a black leather vest over a royal and baby blue plaid shirt, black boots, and a black cowboy hat. She was wearing a tannish yellow jacket over a white dress shirt, brown pants, black boots, and a brown cowboy hat. I asked, "Are you Lisa?" She said "Yeah, what's it to you?" and then I woke up. WTF? Any help at all would be appreciated.

Example: What does this dream mean?

My dreams are pretty detailed but this particular dream I have been wondering about...

I was walking down some sort of old country dirt road that you would probably find somewhere in eurpoe or somewhere old since it has a soft sunny glow about it. it was all grassy hills to the left and right but up ahead there was starting to be trees, not really enough to be called a forest but still, trees. before the clusters of trees started there was one tree right by the road underneath this tree was a rabbi that looked about 60 wearing a black hat and a robe with the beard and all. He was debating or talking to this indian boy who was about 11-13 who seemed he knew what he was talking about and firmly but not angrily believed he was the right one in this debate or what not. the rabbi just seemed to be using his wisdom in this debate but as I was passing along the road the rabbi called out to me and asked me about my opinion of their discussion. I gave some sort of neutral answer that appeased both of them. After that, the rabbi and the indian boy were ready to be on their way down the road and offered me to join them and I agreed since I was going down that way anyway.. the whole time the indian boy and the rabbi re talking and what not until we finally got to a more tree filled area. While we were in the tree covered area they indicated that they were going away from the road off to the side wher emore trees were going so I sort of just followed them. We finally came to this old Southern looking house with chippy white paint but not terribly old. the second floor was sort of covered with 2 big trees but, you knew it was there inbetween the leaves, and there was a nice long veranda or porch. As we came nearer tot he hosue the rabbi and little boy started to argue about something and I completely stayed out of it and they sort of ignored me too... even walking up the steps they were just int heir own little arguing world and went inside the door without me... leaving me at the screen door wondering if I should go in or not... I walked around on the big porch wondering if I should go in or not when the door opened slightly and revealed this cute little boy who was about 3-5 and had salt and pepper colored hair and dark olive complexion he was very cute and was giving me compliments and was pretty happy I was there and wanted to invite me inside the house and show me around so I figured it was ok. Walking int he house he started getting more energetic in showing me the different rooms as a little tour guide~ he showed me a room to the left of the door that looked like some sort of dining room and stuff then he rushed back to the door to show me the room that was on the right side that seemed to be some sor tof living room... as he was showing me the different little nicknacks int he room I noticed across the room there was this asian guy who was about 18-23 who was sort of standing there leaning on the wall but staring at me with this sort of blank emotionless but fixed stare that sort of creeped me out. he was wearing pretty neat clothes, like a leather jacket and a choker and what not but still the stare was very creepy.. but what was sort of odd is that the little boy didn't even acknowledge he was in the room and I sort of didn't know what to say so I figured it would be ok to ignore him too since the little boy had already rushed up the stairs and I tried to keep up with him...
up the stairs was a hall way with lots of doors and the little boy started to get more excited and wanting to show me every room that I eventually lost track of which room he went into... I didn't want to look in the different rooms because I sort of thought that would of been impolite or i might disturb something so I decided that I would wait for him down stairs. turning around preparing to go down stairs I bonk into something, I look up and it is that asian dude from downstairs staring at me still but now 1 foot infront of my face... he just stared for 10 seconds of painful silence and then finally he said something in a firm, deep voice something quickly in another language. I was so suprized by it I woke up XD~

I was wondering if anyone knows what that sort of dream means 'o'.. I think it is pretty interesting since I noticed afterwards that it was 4 guys with different ages and different ethnicities 'o'

I also found it interesting that the little boy would have such hair that was sort of extreme premature greying XD it was cute on him though 'o'

Example: What did my dream mean?

I keep having nightmares every night. Usually, it is the same dream over and over, but this time, it was different.

I'm a 17 year old girl, so this dream sounds less strange... Anyways, last night, I dreamt that I was riding my bike through an old village. I fell and got really cut/bruised. I checked my phone, which looked like a giant calculator, and it was badly cracked from the fall. I cussed and got back on my bike. I kept riding through the village and fell again. My bike was now bent and I started limping. I got back on and started riding down this dirt hill. Three guys, who you would picture in a motorcycle gang with long bears and leather jackets, rammed their bikes into mine. I fell off, once again, and they grabbed me. They started joking with each other and then raped me (I've been raped before in real life and my other nightmares are usually reliving that event, but this dream is much different).

Once they were done, they threw me down and I got back on my bike. I kept going down the dirt hill and eventually bashed into a friend of mine on her bike (who I know in real life). We both fell and I apologized. We rode into another village together, which I think is where I lived in this dream. We got off my bike and looked for my mom.

When I found her, I told her what the bikers did and that I needed to go to the hospital (when I was assaulted in real life, I never told anyone for six years and never went to the hospital). She didn't seem too concerned and told me to sit down so she could take pictures of my badly bruised body. I then checked my phone, which was still cracked, but now looked like my actual phone, not a calculator.

Then, I woke up. Sorry for it being so long. I just remember it so vividly. What does the bike mean? What does it mean that I kept falling? Why was I attacked by a bunch of bikers? Why was I in villages?

Example: Do dreams mean anything?

Ok. so i had a dream last night and it was weird because i can litterlly play it like a video and remember every single detail. so it went like this...

My cousin came over and a little later i he left the house. then i saw a note on a counter and it said "dear work

I lost my way coming from hone to work... i litterly saw a car going the wrong way from a freeway to a high way then smashing into another car. Then i saw a police officer with a green helmet and a long gun on top of a building shooting its gun. then i saw the crash again. so i just new it was about my cousin. So then i went back to the note and it was in the day. so i saw my dad running into the kitchen and running to the door, for a second i thought that was my cousin but when he opened the door there was a mailman and my dad offered him some salad wich randomly appeared in his hands. also when he opened the door it became night. i also though i saw my cousin a little bit on the lower side of my street and his hair was all messed up and he had a grumpy look on his face. he was wearing a leather jacket. then he started shaking his head and making this werird noise. the end

i woke up very scared. does that mean anything?

Example: What does my recurring dream mean...?

For weeks I have dreamed of a guy that has black hair, black leather jacket, dark blue skinny jeans, black converse and he is british so he has a british accent. But he is also a shape-shifter, he changes from being a human to a white cat and lurkes around the house, when I would go to school, he wouldn't. And this Dream is a very realistic dream, sometimes when I wake up, I look around for him or a white cat, but the only cat I have is brown and black... What does this mean?

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