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Dream About Leech meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean to dream of.?

the number three.

and what does it mean to dream of leeches sucking on you?

I once dreamed of a fox like animal with long pointed snout suck energy out of my wife, and it was actually a group of energy suck spirits in animal form.

The question is, do you feel drain after you wake up? If it is then, it could be bad spirits sucking your energy, and your guardian protector try to warn you of it.

Three could be your last chance to seek help. It is like when we said to someone, "one, two, three and it is over" this is the feeling and connotation the three represent.

If you do not have any symptom I mentioned, then all bet is off, and there is no significant meaning attached to either symbols to do you any major harm.

Example: What does it mean for one to dream about leeches and alligators?

It might sound crazy, but afterall its a dream.
I dreamed that many leeches were on me and i was desperately tryingto take them off with a knife.(a bunch of leeches i took off went into my bathtub and there was a puddle of blood. My blood) IHate leeches. Never seen one up close though. After that was all done. Many many alligators (babies) showed up in my tub spontaneously and then disappeared. And someone had told me i had killed the gators. I didnt do anything o_o*
What is going on..?

Example: What does my dream mean? Leeches coming out from my feet.. Tiny leeches...?

Example: What does it mean to dream about leeches?

I had a dream that my cousin was doing an expierement and he put a leech on my foot. I couldn't take it off, my foot felt super numb, and when I looked down the leech was no longer black...it was red and gross looking because of all the blood it drained from me.
BLEHHH I can't stand thinking about it...it's such a gross dream :/ please help me!

Example: What does a dream about leeches mean?

Two nights ago I had a dream about searching for something, but I could never really find it until too late. Then tonight I had a dream that I was running away from something, and I was tired and then there were leeches crawling all over me, sucking my blood. I've been really stressed, anxious, and I might even say sad lately (from bullying at school), do these dreams have anything to do about how I'm feeling?

Example: Dreaming leeches?

I few days ago I had a weird dream,actually for the past couple of weeks I've been dreaming these scary dreams,the last one I remember was about going to a sort of lake with my family and I caught some leeches on my left arm by the muscle and they were a lot of tiny little black ones that kept going in and out of my arm and my husband was scared of pulling them out,I remember it hurt a lot.What can this mean?

Example: What does my dream about Leeches mean?

I had a dream about being tangled in wires in a car and when i got free of them i wraped them neatly then I come out of the car barefoot and stepping on a pile of what looked like silverfish and they startred to crawl over me and then sattached themselves and started sucking like leeches but up close they looke like maggots.

Example: What does it mean to dream with leeches / pirrahanas ?:o?

Example: Meaning of Leeches Dream?

I had a very real feeling dream last night. I can still feel the feelings that were in the dream today. I read a little about the dream, and I want to share it to see what others have to say and to help shake the feelings. In the dream I went swimming with my family at a park. I was swimming and enjoying myself and thought there were little fish and turtles around my legs. I happened to look down when I saw giant leeches attaching to my body. They were the size of two fists! I got out of the water and was scared. My family said if they took them off it would damage me and I might loose too much blood, and so I would have to go to the emerg to get them taken off by the doctors. As I walked, there were some on the ground that attached to me. They pinched and dug into my body from two ends each time, and wrapped around my body. My dad told me it would be faster if I took the bus to the hospital and my dad would drive to meet me there. I hopped on a bus and asked the driver how to get to the hospital, and he told me. I sat down and people stared and said eww and looked scared since the leeches were growing and multiplying as they sucked my blood. I was scared I would loose too much blood and die. This guy who was sitting behind me began to give my neck and neck rub and I turned around and he asked if I wanted a neck rub and I told him I would rather not, since I did not know him and since he might not want to touch me since I was covered in leeches. He stopped. People got on the bus as we went along, and they brought with them more leeches from their footwear etc, and they kept attaching to my body. They kept staring at me. I ended up missing my bus stop adn so I got off and decided I would take the train. While I waiting for the train my parents pulled up and asked me why I was taking so long, and I told them I missed the spot since I did not know where I was going. They took me to the hospital after all, but in emerg they told me I would have to wait, since other people were dying more than I was. I sat there waiting, but my breathing got shaky and my skin started to turn white in some spots and really red in others, like I was loosing circulation, and so I got a nurse to tell her about the change in my situation. They had a male assistant begin to remove some of the leeches, and they realized how bad it was. My back was covered, my head had a chain of leaches in a circle on my scalp in my hair line, my face had a giant leech hanging down and my legs were half covered and I WAS LOOSING BLOOD FAST. They did some work and had me wait some more for the doctor. The doctor came in and gave me local anesthetic or something to ease the pain while they worked on me. It made me loopy and I could not feel a thing as they took off the leeches. They told me it might scar, and I was really scared since I did not want scars. I kept saying all sorts of funny things and seeing things around me while they worked. They thought they were done, but I showed them how my hair had covered the chain of leeches on my head. They got back to work and finally I was clean. I went home but was disgusted at the thought and had a foggy memory of the surgery. I was really scared of leeches coming back. I had red marks, but not really any scars. It turned out near the end I had almost died. At that point I saw white lights and could hardly see, but I made it through. I lived to tell my family at a gathering all about the leeches, but it left me feeling really gross and the memory of the pain scared me.

Example: Dream about leeches?

I just had a terrible dream about leeches
The dream -
I was laying on my living room couch and my mom came in and said something (it sounded like a spell or something) and right after she said it leeches came up all over the floor. Well I started looking up how to get rid of leeches on the Internet. I never came up with anything... Well my mom came in the room and put a blanket on me, the blanket had a leech on it and it started sucking on my thigh. After that I did some kind of spell on the leeches and they went away... All accept for one and that one started flying at me and I was hitting it with whatever I had in my hand and it kept getting bigger and flew right on my face. Then I woke up. I'm really freaked out and I can't get back to sleep now. Any idea what this dream means?

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