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Dream About Leprosy meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What could this dream with Lady GaGa mean?

First of all, I am a 14 year old buy if that makes a difference. I had two dreams last night, both weird. The first one, theres was vampires, and I had to kill them with my grandma by shooting garlic..And I hardly see my grandma anymore irl cuz she sicks. Then I woke up, fell asleep and I dreamed I went to my elementary school, and met my old friends and teachers. Then, back home, lady gaga was there, and we started touching each other and stuff..lol it was random. Then my mom comes and breaks it up (she hates lady gaga irl).

hmm I'm not sure but it sounds to me like you miss your grandma because of her illness you don't see her much and you just want the illness to go away so things can be peaceful again. To see a vampire in your dream represents fear and death. Death due to your grandmother's illness. The garlic represent the medicine to make her better or kill the vampires. Garlic in dreams represent practicality and security and in actuality garlic is used as a healing herb. It's used to cure infections, treat gastric disease, increase the immune system, and was even used to cure leprosy.

The second dream sounds to me like you want to break out of your old self and experiment more. Going back to your old school and seeing your old friends the boring everyday. Then you start hooking up with Lady GaGa witch was probably hott, only to be disturbed and put back into the normal routine by your mother. sounds to me like your tired of the normal routine and wanna break out of it.

Example: I had a dream once that there was a ghost in the house of this random man's house?

I don't know him in real life, but his house was grand and white in my dream.
My two friends and my mum and I went inside to have a chat with him, and once we got inside, a foot kicked through the ceiling thrice - yet I was the only one to see it. The leg had green skin like she had leprosy o_O
And then I saw her down the hall. She pointed toward the door and said "get out" in a haggard whisper. So I immediately dragged my friends and my mum out.

I don't know if there was anything else after that, but all I remember was that it turned out the guy had raped&murdered a girl (the ghost), and was arrested after we reported to the police that he was suspicious. And in the dream, I came to the conclusion that the ghost was trying to save us.

What does it all mean?

Example: Can someone please tell me what my dream means.?

I had a series of dreams last night, but one in particular really stuck out and, in a way, gave me the creeps.
This dream starts with me and a couple of my friends sitting down at a restaurant waiting to be served. We're talking and laughing and then I notice a baby girl in a high chair. I've always loved children of all ages so naturally I turned around and started playing with the baby and things of that nature. The child's parents weren't around but in the dream that wasn't a big deal at all, I hadn't even really noticed that until later into the dream. I start feeding the baby little pieces of corn, which I don't exactly remember being served food but I suppose that happened. I fed the baby maybe about 3 or 4 pieces of corn and then we all decided to leave. We were all at some hardware store, for reasons in which I have no idea, when I receive a call from an unknown number. The caller explains to me that he's the father of the baby and that the baby choked to death from the corn that I'd fed her. How he got my number, I have not even the slightest clue. He started yelling at me and then he cursed me. He said that I've cursed his life by killing his baby and that now he's cursing mine. That's when I hung up on him. I can't really remember too much of what happens in between me hanging up on him and what I'm about to explain next but it has something to do with me watching TV with a group of friends in a dorm/barracks looking like place. What happens next is we're all of a sudden back in the restaurant with the baby but the baby is in pieces. Her legs are not attached nor her arms or head. We have her body pieces laid out on a table and are trying to bring her back to life. In the middle of us trying to do that, a waitress comes busting through the doors yelling at another waitress saying that it's not up to us whether this baby lives or not. That if we keep going with what we we're doing than we're going to bring her back to life but that we should leave it up to God because it should be his decision. That we shouldn't try and meddle in his work. Then, the baby starts breathing and all her body parts are connected back to her body only the baby is slightly deformed. She's not the perfect little baby that she used to be. And then I woke up. This dream really gives me the creeps and I'd like to have SOME insight as to what on Earth it could possibly mean.

Example: Do you ever wonder what your great great great great, etc. grandparents were like?

Also what is the best way to trace back your family roots as far as you can? Has anyone had much luck on Ancestry?

Example: What does my dream mean? really?

I have had the same dream the last week and every time it gets more vivid, in it I am staying at my boyfriends until he had to leave to see his mother in the hospital, while he's gone I go to my uncles. as the dream goes on people I know are being murdered, and as it turns out that every time right before they die they hear this sound (its hard to explain its like the a harsh rattling mixed with a scream) and the one who was murdering melts into a faceless man who resembles my father only with leprosy to the point of being nearly skinless, PLEASE what does this mean? and how can I get it to stop? because I am the last one to go in my dreams and every time that thing in my dream gets closer and closer but i wake up, im scared of what it will be like when it finally gets to me..

Example: Do this terrible dream have any meaning?

Today I saw a very horrible dream. I saw a large group of people who were suffering from some disease(like leprosy). They were looking starved and ugly. They all were begging and snatching food and money from the passerby. Since they all were gathered on the main road , most of the people were afraid to go by that way. Does this dream have any meaning ?

Example: Weird dream?

i got this dream last night and i really feel bad about it. In my dream, i went to a place with a tree which don't have leaves, but with lots of white mouse on the tree. It just like "white mouse trree", and i can't run away from it. Does it mean anything?

Example: Dream Interpretation?

I had this dream that every night I would be attacked by these people that had "leprosy". They only attacked at night, and during the day they went back to normal people (except for the whole peeling flesh and black and blue bruises). Every night they would break into my room and snarl and growl, tearing at each other trying to get to me. Somehow I always averted them, but each night became more and more terrifying as I tried to find new ways to be safe and live through another night. I knew safety was coming and I just needed to wait for it. The dream was absolutely horrible.
Any thoughts on what it might mean?

Example: A dream about a lady in black that bites my face?

what is the meaning of a dream where a lady is dressed in black biteing my face?


OK, lets see how many answers i can get to this question:

what does my dream mean?

I was driving with my dad and he was eating, so he wasn't paying attention and almost drove us off the free way, so i turned the wheel becuase we were about to fall, so he yelled and turned it around and we all were falling from the free way. As we were falling my mom told him she hates him since he did that. But me my mom and my 2 sister both jumped out of the car and made it alive. Mean while my dad was still in the car and we had no clue what happend to him

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