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Dream About Lettuce meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

I'm pregnant and I've been having all kinds of crazy dreams lately. so vivid and real. Here's the latest...

I was taking care of a baby hen. My hen had an irregular heartbeat (I thought) because it would be slow and then fast. I ran a long ways to find someone to see about my hen. When they got up there, the hen was okay. I also got my hen some food, I think some lettuce. Coyote (an old dog of mine) was up there, he did not eat my hen. I was so happy he didn’t eat my hen that I gave him a big hug.

Hi there :) congrats! I don't know if you have read about this already... but it is very common for pregnant women to experience shockingly vivid and strange dreams. It has also been reported a large majority dream about animals... baby animals even giving birth or mothering them.. Weird I know. I only know this because with both of my pregnancies I had dreams of baby kittens.. and decided to look it up. There was always something wrong with them in my dream or they were in danger or something.. and yes even once the kitten had a heart murmur...anyways.. I honestly believe a big part of it stems from worrying if there may be that slight chance something could be wrong with our baby. We don't know what they are going to look, sound, or feel like until they are in this world.. so for some reason our subconscious perceives them or reveals the thought of our new baby to us in the form of animals. I think that Coyote was in your dream to tell you that everything is going to be okay ;) Good luck sweetie!

Example: What does this dream mean?

I'm in Victorian London, and i'm the daughter of an earl. I end up marrying a tall, thin brown/white rabbit wearing a top hat and waistcoat, and he walks upright, named "Sir Hare". Then it flips through my life with him, like every night at dinner we sit at this huge gilded table and eat a giant steamed carrot. Then it shows me running around in our mansion chasing after all our little rabbit babies, and they just look like normal fluffy bunnies. Then the last scene is me being buried in a giant shoebox, and him weeping over my grave and sprinkling lettuce leaves over the grave. Apparently we loved each other very much. I was always wearing a burgundy ballgown, and black hair piled up on my hair with rubies in it (even though in real life I don't have dark hair). I'm really curious because I've had this dream TEN TIMES now. O.O

Example: I had a dream last night and don't know what it means?

It starts out as me being a sniper. on a cliff overlooking a road. I realize that I forgot my camouflage suit so I am wearing a bunch of lettuce and my pink bunny slippers. I look around, grab my binoculars to look down and try and identify my target. It's a guy who looks like a foreigner of some sort. I find him and go to grab my rifle. but all I had in my rifle case was a few pieces of sticks, paper clips and some rubber bands. I quickly fashion a sling shot complete with laser guided sight. I get ready for the shot. I breath in... slowly exhale and shoot. and despite being 2 fields away got a head-shot. I start to pack up but my bunny slippers have attracted some local wildlife. I reach for my side arm, but it is just a taco. so we all sit down and eat lunch. I'm not quite sure as my husband rolled over in his cage next to the bed and woke me up. So I'm trying to write as much down as I can before the details become to lost. What does this mean? I'm also curious, do you think i could make this into a song?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was in my living room, or it looked kind of like my living room, and there was this small, wooden table. My crush and I were making a turkey sandwich.(Turkey, mayo, provolone cheese, tomato, lettuce, mustard) He was being slightly bossy, which was annoying me, but he didn't actually say anything, but I heard him nonetheless.

Example: Dream meaning?

So I went to asda but it was one of them locations that you had been to before in a different dream and i only went there to buy some food but strangely i got lost and i ended up at school and i was eating a yogurt with a fork and when i had done i put the fork and yogurt pot in the bin. Then i went to a location in my school and saw this teacher i didnt like so i pulled a big leaf out of my mouth and threw it at the wall and the teacher looked at me really strangely. Please help😂

Example: What does my friends dream mean?

My friend had a dream about this guy in our school. She used to like him but she has moved on. Soccer is his favorite sport. Anyway in her dream she was lying in the soccer field. Every one was playing. My friend was laying in the middle of the field with her favorite blanket. This guy that she liked never liked her at all. He knew that she liked him but he ignored it. In the dream she was asleep when this guy she used to like came up to her laying in the middle of the field and crawled under the blanket with her. His other friends joined him and he pulled out some bacon and started eating it. Then she woke up. WHAT DOES THIS DREAM MEAN?

Example: What could this dream mean?(Quick)?

So it was my cousin (he lives in a Different country to me)
And I had a dream of him walking into My sisters house (my sis lives near me) smiling, and then I looked at the back of his head and half of the side was grey, like he had grey hair..he's young..so yeah! And he was just chilling on the sofa with my brother..and I walk in the room where they are chilling and he smiles at me...Any ideas ?
Thanks !

Example: What does it mean if you have a dream about lettuce?

seriously. if you know, i'm interested. and dont say that i've been eating a lot of lettuce lately! its not funny..

Example: What does this dream mean?

OK so I just want to know what this stuff means.
The first thing, what does it mean to dream of lettuce? The lettuce was on the floor and it was wrapped in a bag (the way they are sold at some stores). what does that mean?

Second, I dreamed that I was sleeping on my best friends laps/legs. My head was resting on her laps and my arms where around her laps as well, oh and while hugging her lap, i kept touching the back of her legs with my hands but she wouldn't move my hand or anything. I could also hear a voice saying, "wow, she's (as in me) really asleep!" And my best friend kept touching or stroking my back while i was sleeping. what does this dream mean?
Help please and thanks :)

Example: I had the oddest bizaare dream,any help?

It was very strange... people were eating this lettuce which made them die,they didnt die from eating the actual lettuce but after they ate it they died violently.I was then eating a salad and found some flesh in it,it was very disturbing.

I have never seen a horror film etc and never have violent dreams so i dont get it?

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