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Dream About Level Crossing meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream about Hanna Montana mean?

I had a dream that I was at my local doctor's office in this remote town of 80,000 people. I was a walk-in with a minor but immediate eye problem but with no appointment so I had to wait in line to get to the doctor on call.

As I waited, suddenly there was this excited commotion with a few young teen females who had just spotted Hanna Montana so they quickly began calling friends on their cell phones to alert them. Hanna had come in to the doctor's office for some minor but immediate health care need (prescription refill or something) and had just gone to the ladies room as her people were taking care of getting her to see the doctor in VIP order. But as the excited word began to spread like wildfire, teens with cameras began to line up outside the ladies room to wait for Hanna to come out. About 3 female teens couldn't wait anymore and tried to enter the bathroom with cameras but Hanna's body guards intercepted and pushed them back outside.

When Hanna finally emerged, the screams began and the whole place now turned into a huge autograph signing session. Hanna went behind the nurses station where she could have a counter between her and the people, and she picked up a clipboard with paper where she could sign and hand out autographs.

Hanna is not in my age group but I have a daughter her age who might like an autograph so I said "What the heck!" and got in line for an autograph. When I finally up to speak to her, she smiled and was very nice working on the autograph as I told her about my involvement in her industry at a different level (producer, financier of major studios, networks, etc.). She seemed attentive as she tore around words and doodles on the paper and handed me what I thought was a tear away autograph with personal notes and musings from her personal life.

But then as I walked away to look at what was written on this torn section of paper, the words made no sense. They were telephone notes made by nurses from past phone calls but nothing personal from Hanna

I cried aloud, "Hey! What's this?" as I pushed back upstream in line to politely confront Hanna with the observation, "This isn't an autograph, is it? This is your way of telling people to LEAVE YOU ALONE when you are just trying to conduct personal business in your off-stage life, right?"

Hanna nodded with a smile and said, "Yes!" Then I said loudly, "Oh I get it!" and turned around to confront what was now three separate lines of teens waiting for autographs. I tried to confront the heads of those lines, now with teen males in them, saying, "Yo Dudes! She's not giving out autographs. She wants to be LEFT ALONE! She's at the DOCTOR'S OFFICE, fer Crissakes!" The hip hop young dudes got all cross with me, yelling me down like I didn't know what I was talking about and telling me to get out of their way. But confusion spread and some of the lines startede to dissipate as the word of my discovery was sinking in. The autograph signing session was really just a hoax in Hanna's not so polite way of telling the masses to quit invading her personal life and making her a slave to the public.

Then I woke up and tried to figure what possible meaning or purpose this dream may have had to me, as I am certainly no Hanna Montana groupie.

Then it hit me.

I am supposed to post my dream here on a public internet forum so people will understand to just, "LEAVE HANNA ALONE! LET HER HAVE A LIFE!" (smiles)

Do you think my interpretation has merit? Will rude fans, insensitive screaming teens and the paparazzi get the message when they now Google "Hanna Montana" and get this Yahoo! Answers posting?

No. I think your dream means that Hannah is pushed in our faces too much. And if her "fans" left her alone...who would pay for everything? Once people are famous and say I just want to be normal and left alone...are stupid. They need their fans to buy the lip gloss, t-shirts, hair brushes, nail polish...and God knows what else. Your famous, get over it or OUT of it. It is what it is...Does it make it right that they can't poop with out it being on Yahoo as news...no it does not make it right. She makes millions and will probably never have to work a 9-5 job with an a hole boss, so she is lucky in some ways, while others are lucky that when they walk down the street their pic doesn't get posted on you tube right away. Everyone has something they have to deal with..Hannah aka Miley aka whatever her real name is...has to deal with being famous, and the envy of every teenage girl...and oh yeah...having millions of dollars. Get over it, so she has to sign a few autographs.Do it, and appreciate your fans, or make private appointments with all that cash! lol...please your dream isn't gonna save Hannah! ;)

Example: What does my dream mean?

It's kind of weird. I live in Vegas, but in my dream I was at my grandma's neighbourhood (she lives in Mexico). I was just walking on the sidewalk, and suddenly, there was a snake coming out of some bushes. The snake was like a yellow Burmese snake with an arrow head. I like snakes, I actually have a python, and I'm not scared of them, so I just said whatever ad kept on walking. Then I looked back, and the snake was a pig. The pig's skin was still like a yellow Burmese snake's, and its eyes were chameleon eyes, and its fingers were snake fingers. It also had a mouth like a turtle's; it didn't have a tail. I was intimidated by it, and it was walking by me. Then it noticed me, and wanted to attack me, bite me. It made that sound of a snake attacking, not the ssss sound, but like the gggg sound. Somehow I knew it was because I was walking too close to it, so I crossed the street, but it followed me. And my dad was waiting for me in a red car (we don't have a red car). And he was telling me something. I couldn't hear what he was saying. Then I woke up. Oh, I also like frogs.

Example: What could this dream mean?

I had a dream where I was on vacation at VA Beach with my mom. We stayed at a ratty hotel in the middle of a school. I saw my Cross Country Coach. During this, I realized my frog had evolved into a fish. Next, I accidentallly broke my moms beeper and it would NOT stop beeping. Then, I saw my friend from camp (which I left two days ago). Together, we went to the beach, where I saw a boy who tried to steal from me the beeper. I punched him, and ran home. Once home, a boy came in and proceeded to flirt with me.

Could this wacky and vivid dream symbolize things? Yes. Could it be pointless? Sure. Do I want you to tell me that? No. What do I want? What it COULD POSSIBLY mean. So please help me out :)

Example: What does it mean to dream at the top of an enormous skyscraper and looking down on earth?

i had an awesome dream i don't care if it is weird

i found myself at the toppest part of a skycraper located at the highest mountain peak,..i have been surrounded by dozens of people some of them are my new found classmates, who have been annoying me since the first days they saw me in school,

2 classmates a boy and a girl invited me to cross at the other side of the skyscraper so as to see the bird's view below,...the top floor was enormous i even saw railroads with trains and cars passing by, i even saw a traffic light and signal lights, and it looks as if we are not at the top of a skycraper,

i ran as fast as i could to the other side so as to avoid the train and cars approaching at me, then i found myself sitting on a white futon sofa, together with my annoying classmates,..i feel the breeze caressing through my hair,..and everything was vivid sunny and colorful as it was,...it looks so real, then as i loom my head down the terraced balcony, i saw the whole world down below,..the whole world looks like a carnival, i saw ferris wheels, a big man made river, a brook connecting the river and sea, and a church with a high steeple and a bridge at the side, children playing boats, and people riding swan boats,..i even saw rides and circus tents and far across the distance i saw looming skyscrapers,..kinda like i usually see outside my bedroom window

what does it mean?,..and no i don't take drugs

thanks in advance

Example: What Do My Dreams Mean?

I've nee having these dreams recently and I don't know what they mean.

Dream 1:

I'm in the park, and these people are showing as a lion. Then they froze a block of ice, and said that the lion could break it. Then I became the lion, and heatbutted it, but it didn't break. Then I was me again. The lion's nose was squashed in between a cage and a rock, so I moved the cage, and freed it nose. Then it growled at me, but i put it to sleep, but only 4 a few seconds, then it started 2 chase me, and I was really scared. I ran all the way through the park when it was chasing me. Then I came 2 a deep river, and I didn't know what 2 do. Then my science teacher was there was some reason, and he told me 2 cross the river, it was really dirty, and deep and really wide. Then I said "Are you crazy?", and then he said "Would you like the Lion or the river?". Then we both went 2 cross the river, but the lion caught him and ate him, and I drowned in the river.I am scared of deep water.

Example: What does this strange dream mean?

i am walking over a bridge on a highway and for some reason i am the only person around...the highway leads me into a cornfield that turns out to be a baseball field like on the movie field of dreams...i walk out behind it and i see jesus on a cross and i look up and there is a mushroom cloud in the sky above him, like an atomic bomb had just blown...then i wake up...

i had this dream about a year ago, and i have been puzzled about it's meaning since then...help!

Example: What did my dream mean? its really weird?

k so in my dream it was the last day of school, and in my group a hot guy was sitting next to me adn he give me his ruler, and now i had 3 (2 were mine) then my friennd give me another ruler so i hav 4 another hot guy in my friend's group waaaved at me and asked me how many rulers I had and I said 4 and then the teacher said go to room 110 if you were in the swimming club this year (we dont hav one) and go to room 111 if you were on crossing gaurds and I didnt do either of those so i woke up... so what does this weird dream mean?

Example: Dreaming about star-crossed lovers? What could it mean?

Last night I dreamed my girlfriend of one month and I were touring this museum that featured medeival stuff (even the museum building looked like a castle (complete with moat, drawbridge, torches, and that gate that comes down)).
And in one part of the museum, there was this exhibit of a tapestry depicting Lord Marke, Tristan, and Isolde.
Our tour guide instructed us not to touch anything, but we couldn't help ourselves. The tapestry was so beautiful we just had to. And just like that, we were no longer in the museum. We were in the middle ages, reliving the tragic story of Tristan and Isolde (with me as Tristan and her as Isolde).

Example: Dream meaning please?

So I had this dream the other night and I'm sort of wondering if there's a meaning behind the madness.

I was in a car with a few of my friends driving down the road and the sky was really cloudy. So we're all laughing and having a good time and a dead guy starts falling out of the sky. I can actually see him falling as if I'm floating next to him. And then my point of view goes back to 1st person, being me in the car. His body hits the ground before us so we're all like OHMYGODOHMYGOD and more dead people start falling from the sky so we drove faster and more dead bodies were in the road in front of us. The person sitting next to me in the car is someone I really like and they push me out of the car. I find myself with one of my friends in front of a hotel-looking place. We go inside to take shelter. Then government people start chasing us and I wind up alone. The hotel is like a maze and every time I turn a corner, one of the government dudes is there holding a gun, smiling. I find my friend again and we climb down this staircase and we end up on top of a building with a bunch of people, including the friends that were in the car with me. Everything is all fine and dandy and then a dead body falls out of the sky and I remember thinking OH MY GOD IT'S REPEATING and I woke up.

If you have any sort of logical interpretation of this dream, please tell me. I didn't eat or watch tv or listen to music before I went to bed so those things weren't a factor. Everything in this dream seems random.

Example: What do you think this dream means?

well it all started with me thinking about Jesus placing me in the sewers, and he went to the cross and forgot about me, and I was reaching my hand out to him saying you forgot about me. Then I was out of the sewers, and went to the cross and broke it, and said you will walk with me, not do this. Then it showed Jesus catching up to me, then talking the lead. As I was following him these white stairs appeared going up toward heaven. As I was following him up these stairs, we were above the clouds and heaven was shown to me, and I was thinking God is going to show me heaven, and these golden gates were there. As we went threw them Jesus legs quickly changed to that of a woman. Then I was walking with Jesus again As we were walking upon the clouds, I started to doubt that this dream was from him. And I sensed a evil spirit. And a tiger came out growling and hissing full of hate. Jesus said do not mind him, this dream will make sense when you wake up. Anyway I kept following with doubt in my heart that the dream was of him, and he lead me to these stones upon the water that was shaped in a form of a path, not straight path, and I jumped on and followed and then I woke up.

Do you know what this mean could me...I do have my interpretation?

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