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Dream About Licking A Bowl meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Why do I always have such weird dreams? (What does this dream mean?)?

I have the weirdest dreams. I will give you my weirdest dream.

My friend that really doesn't have a brother has an older brother that is my age in the dream, and I do not have a crush in the dream so I think, "Hey! Maybe I can like him!" So then, it's the middle of the night and he comes over, which in my dream isn't the littlest bit weird. When I answer, he says, "Iron Man is coming to my house!" So we get really scared. Iron Man is supposed to destroy houses. So we run over to his house, but everything is normal. So we go into the kitchen. (This is where it gets REALLY weird.) Sitting at the kitchen table is a hippie with dreadlocks, everything tiedie, and a guitar, and an old lady wearing a nightgown. On the table is a styrofoam bowl of paint that is divided down the middle, black on one side and white on the other. Then the hippie starts playing the guitar and singing. He has a very strong south accent. The old lady puts her hands in the bowl, mixing the paint together. Then she licks her hands (that have paint on them) and starts laughing hysterically. So then it is daytime and me and the boy are running from an old guy that comes out of no where. Then we run into somebody's backyard, but they are sitting there in a lawn chair, reading the newspaper and surrounded by pots, gnomes, and flamingos. "We thought it was your front yard." We say, and then we run into a giant barbie house where this girl that likes the boy start to chase us and we start crawling around inside a giant teddy bear.

What does this dream mean?

wow. great dream. a lot of times there are common threads in dreams that people have during certain situations in their life. i can't for the life of me find them in this. There is the 'being chased' theme. chase dreams are usually when you are afraid of something, insecure about some decision or action. but that wasn't even the best part of that dream.
As a writer, i will tell you that you should write all these vivid dreams down as soon as you wake up. most people don't remember that many details in their dreams, some people don't even remember their dreams. you has a talent that many writers have. enjoy it. Check out Neil Gaiman's work

Example: What's the weirdest dream you've ever had?

Here's mine:
So my friend who doesn't even have a brother had a brother, and he was like my bestest buddy. So he came over to my house in the middle of the night and he said, "Iron Man is coming to my house!" And apparently that meant that his house was gonna blow up, so we freaked out and ran to his house. So we went in there but nothing was wrong so we went into the kitchen and there was an old lady and a hippie. The old lady was wearing a blue nightgown thing like my grandma has, and she had a styrofoam bowl that was filled with white paint on the right side and black on the left. She put her hands in the paint and it turned grey. So she licked it off her hands and started laughing hysterically. Simultaneously, the hippie (whom had dread locks, a huge hat, and a tie dye shirt) was playing the guitar and singing country songs...
So then it changed to day time, and me and my friend's nonexistant brother were running from an old man. So we ran into this lady's backyard, but she was sunbathing and reading Star magazine, and she was surrounded by a bunch of lawn ornaments, like flamingos and gnomes. So we said, "Sorry we thought this was your front yard!" (Her front yard, by the way, was completely fenced off!) So we ran out and then we found this giant, blow-up teddy bear. You could like go inside it and crawl around. So we went inside it, and there was this girl named Rachel that was chasing us.
And that's pretty much it...I woke up thinking, "What in HECK was that?!"

So what was your weirdest dream you've EVER had?

Example: Why do dogs eat grass?

My dog gets into these "fits" where she'll go around licking everything in sight, like the rugs, the furniture, the floor...her tongue is constantly lapping at the air (as tho she can't breathe). Does anyone know what the problem is? Could it be indigestion? She did throw-up but it was the grass she had eaten.

Example: Someone please tell me what this dream means?

I am having some kinda get together at a hose family,friends and then people I dont recognize. My friend/co worker brings his dar haired dark eyed 6 mnth old daughter over along w/his female snake. (Now I hate and am terriffied of snakes.).So, some how sometime during this dream I find myself caring this female snake that is hot chocolate colored, except the 2 diamond shapes on her head theres one cream one and one a dark brown. she's starts out being about foot long or so..I hold her by the back of her jaws for fear of he biting me as her tail dangles it doesnt wrap itself around me ever. Im walking around inside and out..and I remember someone says do you want me to take that? and i respond "NO, I have to over comee the fear of it" and went on. it seem to maybe have tried to bite me but I didnt allow it to. I decided it needed a drink of water for what ever reason so I got i a bowl of water. The snake took a drink and as it drank w/what seemed to be a tongue the part of the tongue came back to my hand and seemed to lick me as to see if i was still there or thank me. Then my friend was getting ready to leave he sat his daughter down she had a pink and purple outfit on. I sat the snake down infornt of her. The snake raised itself to her eye level and the lil girl leaned in and kissed it twice on its face. the snake did nothing and the lil girl looked at me. the snake then struck her arm as if it wanted to play w/her. like a puppy or kitten would. My friend then said yes shes restless because she hasnt really got to play today, and then gave the snake a black and white small stuffed animal to play wth. The snake wrpped herself around as a puppy would do and wrestled w/it...the end i woke up... ok I know this sounds weird and it prolly is but I dont understand it at all. And I am open for any suggestions here. oh yeah I also remeber very strongly there was a date that kept surfacing to my mind after the dream and it was said during my dream,...2 years and 2 months after I started my job which would be 11/25/08..also the number 20 kept surfacing..PLEASE someone tell me I am not crazy...Thank you in advance...

Example: I think I had a very symbolic dream this morning...?

I was in this house with someone else (dont know who) looking through a window in the kitchen. The window was big and looked out upon a long garden.
It was daytime which rapidly turnt to night time. I dropped the cat bowl which shattered like glass as it hit the floor, the cat was licking the glass and I was trying to stop him! Just as that happened it went really spookily dark outside, then one by one three snake like lizards (beautiful multicolours) came out of the garden in a row and slid away to the bottom of the garden until they were out of sight.
Then I saw what looked like a blue firework, go into the sky which didnt bang..., then realised that they were everywhere in the sky- it looked really spooky and almost doomsday like.
I saw a road towards the horizon which then had big army trucks going down it. It felt like the world was ending somehow.
Does anyone know what the 3 lizards mean, the army trucks, the blue lights and the glass breaking.
I am pretty sure there was more to this dream, but this is what stood out!

Example: Weird Dream...?

Last night, I had a weird dream...I was with Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty except they were like little mini-me versions and Sleeping Beauty looked just like an ex-lover that I had in real life.We needed help because these bad guys were coming to get us.We went to see this magician dude who was only like 8 or 9 years old.We needed some spells cast upon us and he said he'd grant us each one wish.We told him our wishes, but It turned out he was evil and banned us from being near each other.I got us a meeting place where we met.I brought out chocolate chip cookies and Sleeping Beauty had this blue whipped creme that I kept licking right out of the bowl.His parents thought we were new neighbors and came over to meet us.They brought the magician kid with them and when he saw us together he asked Sleeping Beauty if she had eaten any of my cookies.I told him nobody had eaten any of them.He asked me about the whipped creme and I said that I had eaten some...

Example: What is the message in the song "take the skin heads bowling" In the movie bowling for columbine?

Example: How far do you take food hygiene when preparing/eating food at home?

When my Girlfriend Sophie is preparing meat (particularly chicken) she is very cautious about hygiene. So much so, that after she has done anything with a raw chicken, she covers everything that it may have touched with anti-bacterial spray.
She says this will get rid of e-coli, salmonella and all the other nasties that are associated with raw poultry/meat.

Do you think this is going too far, or can you never be too careful when it comes to food hygiene?

I used to be a lot more relaxed about things, but because she is quite fussy when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene I do clear up a lot more nowadays.

In the good old days it was quite normal for me to leave cooked food just out on the table and eat it 4 or 5 days later, never did me any harm. Drop food on floor - pick it up, wipe off any dust/hair it may have picked up, continue to eat. Undercooked chicken? Never mind, it's more hassle to take back to pan than it is to eat. Etc.

Example: Those who have/had stay at home moms as a kid, what was your favorite part about it, the most memorable thing?

I'm just wondering what you feel was the best, most memorable part about having a stay at home mother growing up. For me and my brother, it was that we never had to go to daycare and when we were sick, mom was there for us. We never had to come home to an empty house after school - mom was always there with a snack ready for us and to help us with our homework. If we got sick in school, we didn't have to lay in the nurse's office puking like the kids whose moms had to work. During the summers, mom was there to take care of us and take us to the pool and play with us and we were able to play at home and sleep in and not have to go to daycare. My mom would play with my brother and I and inspire us to use our imaginations and be creative and dream. I remember that it wasn't always easy financially for my parents, but my bro and I appreciated it so much! She gave us so much by staying home with us. I am so blessed that I too am able to be a SAHM to my kids! What are your memories?

Example: What is my dog whining about?

She's starting to piss me off. I JUST took her out like 10 minutes ago, she pooed and peed and now she keeps whining for no reason. She also keeps licking her lips which has also been driving me crazy lately. She never used to do it so much. She also groans a lot too when she's sleeping. It's not like i don't pay attention to her... because i do and i don't know what is going on

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