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Dream About Light Bulb meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Meaning of a dream about broken lights?

Usually I give no credence to the interpretation of dreams as a method of psychological evaluation but I have seen many questions about particular dreams and I finally became curious enough to ask about one of my own. In my dream (recurring) I am in a house with many light fixtures and switches of numerous varieties. I can't get any of them to work and it is frustrating. In real life, I can replace bulbs, replace and repair fixtures and lamps and even repair the wiring but not in this dream. I am not an electrician, and I can't think of any other relevant facts related to this dream. What might the source of this dream be?

I am sorry but that sounds very pessimistic to me. I personally believe in dreams and would be very cautious if dreamed something like that,you know it sounds as you're just trying to correct something in your life and it's just not working and you are in risk of getting "electrocuted" if you know what I mean.

Example: What's it mean to dream of light bulbs?

In this dream all the light bulbs were gone from the ceiling light fixtures and I was trying to find some in the dark

Example: What does it mean if i dream of light bulbs going out and breaking?

Just wondering about your opinion, I not taking this to seriously.

Example: Last night dream - the light bulb was blown up? what the.. does it mean?

Example: Light-bulb dream?

I dreamed I flixcked the light switch so I could so up for the night. It stayed on. I tried a few more times and each time the light stayed on.

Example: Meaning:I always see a glowing light bulb in my dream?

I always see myself starrin a glowing light bulb in my dream...i also see water moving with force from a pipe...i need 2 know the meaning of these things

Example: What's it mean to dream of light bulbs?

had a strange dream that i was looking for a light bulb to put in the front porch light and couldn't find one. i went in the house looking at lamps for a light bulb but they were all gone

Example: What does it mean when you are unscrewing a light bulb in a dream?

I had a dream that I was kidnapped and there was weird zombies in it. I actually have a lot of weird dreams. But in the dream, I would go back to the same room and unscrew and put back in a light bulb. It was odd that this part was so specific, when my dream really had nothing to do with that light bulb. I was wondering if this meant anything. Or if any of the other details meant something. Thank you :)

Example: What do dreams about light bulbs burning out mean?

I've already had two now
the first I'm sitting at a computer desk in a bedroom, and i significantly realize that the desk lamp flickers and burns out.
The second one I'm in my bathroom and the lights flicker and go out and so do the ones in the hallway outside of the bathroom

Example: What on earth could this dream mean?

i had a dream i was at school, and i was in class and the teacher asked me to change a lightbulb in this lamp. so i took the old light bulb out of the lamp and i freaked out because i dropped it, but it didnt hit the ground, it just stopped like an inch before the ground. then i started kicking it around because it was like hovering an inch above the ground and me and my friend jeff ended up playing with it in the hallway. then near the end of my dream it lit up [even tho it wasnt connected to anything.

any ideas?

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