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Dream About Light Fixture meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

Last night I had a dream with a blind girl in it. She looked like she was about 11, she had long blonde really wavy hair, blue eyes, pale skin with a few very faint freckles, and a slender frame. I loved her so much but not as a partner, not as if she was my child or sibling either. I simply loved her. I was her guide, and she would only talk to me using telepathy. I don't know why I was her guide though when she could feel everything around her and move around as if she had perfect vision.

The dream started off as me trying to capture this dog that was causing trouble for my mother, it was my way of telling my mother sorry for breaking her light fixture that had glass human heads on it. I was trying to do it with a pillow fort, soon after the fort was built the girl appeared. I felt like I had known her forever. The girl and I then went to find the dog, we came apon this place where people were trying to pet this white wolf. The wolf was white with a few black/grey flecks in its fur and brown eyes. The people were petting it but the wolf didn't like it, it was growling but didn't bite. The girl wanted to pet it so we waited in line but the wolf ran off. I hugged the girl tight and told her I was sorry. We then went to the window where the wolf was at and there was a beautiful world filled with all these birds and animals. The sky was so blue and the plants almost didn't look real. At that point I realized I was the queen, so I yelled "THE QUEEN OF NARNIA HAS RETURNED!" All the animals rejoiced and cheered. A few rats then came up to me to tell me I had to navigate a ship, I wanted to take the girl with me but my mother tried stopping me (she didn't know the girl could get around fine since the girl only talked to me telepathically) she finally let me but we never went to the ship. We then came to this place we had to get across but the part we had to walk on was maybe 2-3 inches wide. The girl then turned into a mouse and started balancing, but I didn't want to take chances so I then turned into a opossum and I took her across because she couldn't see the platform for some reason. After that I was a human and she was a fox, she was saving me by running with me and getting me out of this place. There were special doors for fox that she was running through and I kept hitting my hip since the doors were small and we were going so fast.

That's about it, Thank you for reading and I hope somebody can give some sort of meaning to this.

Dreaming of a blind girl could indicate that your subconscious mind is telling you that there is something you are not seeing. It may have to do with a friend, as dogs are symbols of friendship and loyalty.

Example: What does it mean to dream of a ceiling collapsing, and the light fixture/all items from an attic fall out?

Example: Meaning of a dream about broken lights?

Usually I give no credence to the interpretation of dreams as a method of psychological evaluation but I have seen many questions about particular dreams and I finally became curious enough to ask about one of my own. In my dream (recurring) I am in a house with many light fixtures and switches of numerous varieties. I can't get any of them to work and it is frustrating. In real life, I can replace bulbs, replace and repair fixtures and lamps and even repair the wiring but not in this dream. I am not an electrician, and I can't think of any other relevant facts related to this dream. What might the source of this dream be?

Example: What's it mean to dream of light bulbs?

In this dream all the light bulbs were gone from the ceiling light fixtures and I was trying to find some in the dark

Example: What does my dream mean?

So, over the course of the night, while I was sleeping, I had four different dreams. I'm pretty sure none of them have anything to do with eachother, but I can't figure out what they mean.

1.) I was on a field trip with my Spanish class. I'm pretty sure we were in Florida. (I live in Ohio). I was sitting by this huge, calm lake. Then I was in my class. My teacher was asking if someone hadn't seen something, and my friend said he hadn't seen the lake. My teacher asked if anyone wanted to show him, and she picked about five people, but not me.

2.) (I think I was leaving my Spanish class in this one, but I'm not sure). I was walking somewhere in the country. It was dark and the trees didn't have any leaves. I was about to sit on a bench and I saw these two little girls. They came up to me, and wanted me to come with them, so I did. Then they wanted me to ride this white horse, so I did. When I got off of it, their mother was there. I don't remember if she said anything to me, but I left after that.

3.) My family and I moved into this big, creepy house. My room was huge and had all these Victorian style lights and trim. Of all the light fixtures, I only had one light bulb, so my room was really dim. I had a huge bed in the middle, surrounded by a canopy and my walls were bright pink. I knew there was something supernatural in the house, but my dad and brother didn't believe me. I didn't like how dark it was in my room so we went to Wal Mart to get light bulbs.

4.) I was at a party with a few of my friends. For some reason, I leave with one of my friends. There's this ginger kid following us. For some reason, he dies and turns into Voldemort from Harry Potter when he does (I'm not a HP fan). After he dies, my friend and I run away. Then we're on this deck, and he's really upset and he won't tell me why. I found it extremely difficult not to wrap my arms around him and hold him while I was trying to comfort him.

Please help me figure this out. Thanks:)

Example: What is the meaning of cranberries in a dream?

Last night I had a dream strongly featuring cranberries. I was in a large (fancy) ensuite bedroom and was making light fixtures out of cranberries - large mobiles with small white lights in them, and one large fixture which was similar but in a circle around a large mirror on one wall...Once I was finished I went into the bathroom and a bath (the bath was set in a window) and as I went to step into the bath I saw that the surface of the bath was covered with floating cranberries.

Once I went back into the bedroom I saw it had been replaced by a cramped office full of workers..the room now had many windows but all of the blinds were pulled down. I walked around opening up the blinds and each time I did loads of cranberries flew out... I then went down a winding wrought iron spiral stair in the middle of the room to go make tea for all the workers and I woke up...

Please help - I have never had a dream so focused on one symbol! Only other info I can think of is that the bedroom was very plush and mostly white, the bathroom was also mostly white with lots of natural light, and the song 'Linger' by the band The Cranberries starting playing as I walked down the stairs! (I'm not a fan of theirs and haven't heard them in a long time so this didn't all spring from the band). No joy finding meanings for cranberries in on-line dream dictionaries

Example: Best lighting options for my Nano reef?

I own a 30 gallon reef that i would like to upgrade my T5HO dual bulbs to something more universal in the reef lighting world , i do not want to short or limit myself , nor do i want to run my pocket empty ( within means ) . I aspire to own maximas one day aswell as some sps and lps coral but i dont not know what is the proper lighting for a tank of my depth and livestock preference .

Tank Spec's - 30 Gallon half hexogon | \ ------- / | 36" <-----> long , 18" wide and 16" deep , i have a wet dry with HOB overflow , skimmer , t5ho2bulb ,backup fluval 55 , powerheads 325gph ,20pounds corolina crusted figi liverock , bi color angel fish , maroon clown , chromis , deco crab , 6 turbo snails , 5 hermits , 5 astrea , feather dusters

Let me know if you can help me with my lighting dream.

Example: What does it mean if I dream about having lots of lamps but no lightbulbs?

I always dream that my house has been redecorated wonderfully. Then i come home later in the dream and there are an abundance of lamps and other lighting fixtures and they all either have no lightbulbs or their lightbulbs are burnt out. I try to turn them on but they dont work and i cant find any light bulbs.

Example: I keep having this recurring dream?

In my dream I'm asleep, and I awaken suddenly to find the Quaker Oats guy on a ladder dusting the light fixture in the dinning room singing the theme songs from 1960s sitcoms what does that mean can you help

Example: Dream: Basement walls/ceiling leaking water ?

I've had this dream twice now. I am in a basement and its raining really hard outside. I'm in the doorway of a dimly lit basement and the basement walls are leaking in water like crazy. The ceiling has broken concrete and I can see re-bar but no actual holes. The light fixtures, heaters and electrical outlets have water dripping all over them and its just pouring down. I'm really scared that I'll get electrocuted if I pass through the water into the next room on the right, but other people are walking right through the leaking rain and into the next room. The water is clear and I can hear it dripping/pouring. I remember thinking that if the basement is like this I wonder what the top floor must be like. Then realize the foundation of the building is what is leaking not the roof. Thats when I get really scared and run outside. And then I wake-up.

Does anyone have any idea what this dream can mean? Good/bad? Why does it keep recurring. In different forms. I start off in a completely different dream but it ends up in the same basement with that scared panicky feeling looking at all the water and electrical fixtures immersed in water. This dream really worries me. Please help me understand what it could mean.

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