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Dream About Light meanings

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I had a dream when I was very young and here's what had happened, I was standing ontop of a broken old house that was a dark brown color and there was this big tree by the back of the house and it was bare, the sky was cloudy and the sky was a color of light gray. I was standing and looking around, all around there were no houses but there was concrete on the ground then I suddenly jumped from the room and literally dived for the concrete but right before I hit the concrete I woke up with my heart racing and breathing quickly.The dream was blurry too.

I know it might sound weird but this dream is the one of many that I can remeber the most detail about from when I was young. All I want to know is what this dream probably meant.

I know you probably won't like me saying this, but YOU are the best "interpreter" of your own dreams. I don 't know you, so it's hard to try to interpret the innermost workings of your own unconscious...but I will try...

It is possible that the rickety house and barren tree represent your life- or at least how you felt about your life (at the time you first started having this dream)?..maybe you felt that things that made you feel safe and secure were falling apart or deteriorating...and it made you feel helpless and sad? Is it possible that you were living with circumstances in your home life that were oppressive? Were you struggling with issues that were affecting you in a very negative way? Ones that you felt helpless to control or deal with effectively? (For example: violence in your home, a divorce, or sexual abuse, family conflict, or death or loss of someone close to you? Or something else?) Your jumping from the roof of this house could represent your need to escape these circumstances, and your feelings of having no other way out. (It doesn't necessarily mean that you wanted to kill yourself...just that you needed to escape the feelings you were dealing with). The fact that you had this dream repeatedly since you were young tells me that it's possible that whatever the conflict or problem was, you still haven't resolved it, even if the situation no longer physically exists, you still have unresolved feelings or issues that stem from it. You may be able to effectively "block out" these things during your waking hours, but, the memories are locked away inside your unconscious mind, and at night while you sleep, they find their way ("fight their way") to your conscious mind...this is because the issue, whatever it may be, is still causing you problems today. You might consider talking to someone about it...if any of this rings true. Sometimes talking about things that haunt us is extremely difficult to do..but in doing so, we become healed. Good luck to you.

Example: What does it mean to dream about rays of light and white horse with wings?

today i had a dream about me looking through the window and i saw rays of light i felt happy and peaceful. then as i looked at the sky i saw a beautiful white horse with wings in a shape of clouds then the horse slowly faded like a cloud and i saw a star. what does this mean?

Example: What does light pink kimono mean in a dream?

So I had a dream I was being dressed in a simple solid silk light pink kimono, whitish obi and the gold rope that goes on top of the obi (obi is the thick fabric that goes around the waist and is tied at the back ) selves we're not long and I remember the general feeling was that I was getting married. To a Japanese but never saw his face. When I had this dream I had no interest of this culture but now I have and know this culture quite well... I have found color and pattern meanings for most kimonos except this one. I remember my mother asking if I was sure... and I was very nervous but sure in my des icon that I'd marry this person lol (I don't even consider marriage right now) but I was just very curious what this could mean... I'd like to hear a Japanese persons opinion on this is possible... or some one who can really tell me what light pink means such as lavender means loyalty and endurance, and cranes . longetivity , what does a solid light pink silk kimono in a nervous wedding situation dream mean? hahaha hope to hear from you soon ;)

Example: What does it means when you dream about eyes lighting up red?

Okay, so this morning I asked a question about a dream I had about a spider and I was told all sorts of things about spider-related dreams like "If you dream of one spinning a web, it means...", "If you dream of being bitten by one, it means.." etc. Anyway, I just remebered a dream I had when I was 11, I dreamed I was at a beach-like place and climbing on an old building that was there, where it had a small open window that had no glass and just bars. I held onto the bars and stuck my legs through them; As I looked forward there were 4 or 5 massive, brown tarantulas all gathered and staring at me, looking as if they were about to pounce at me. I remember feeling fear in my stomach (In the dream, of course) as I noticed them, and when that happened, at the same time, all their eyes just lit up red, all at once. I didn't scream or show any more fear in the dream, I just casually got up and walked away...and then I woke up.
What could that mean?

Red eyes + Spiders + Me just getting up and leaving without worrying =...?

Example: What does it mean to dream about street lights?

Please don't tell me dream interpretation isn't real and please don't use dream moods rather your own thoughts of what street lights represents. When I say street lights I mean like lamp posts.

Example: What does light pink trousers mean in dream?

Light light pink mean?

Example: Meaning of a dream about broken lights?

Usually I give no credence to the interpretation of dreams as a method of psychological evaluation but I have seen many questions about particular dreams and I finally became curious enough to ask about one of my own. In my dream (recurring) I am in a house with many light fixtures and switches of numerous varieties. I can't get any of them to work and it is frustrating. In real life, I can replace bulbs, replace and repair fixtures and lamps and even repair the wiring but not in this dream. I am not an electrician, and I can't think of any other relevant facts related to this dream. What might the source of this dream be?

Example: Can you guys tell me what's the meaning of my dream -A Light and Dark Shadow?

I was like walking in a hallway and I saw the bright lights at the end. As I walk through to see what's at the end I saw a black shadow walking towards me. As we met, he blocks my way and refuses me to pass.

Example: Bright light dream?what does it mean?

What does it mean to run toward a bright white light in your dream I was running feeling free?does that mean God is telling me something I overlooked?please help me no rude or dumb answers thanks

Example: What's it mean to dream of light bulbs?

In this dream all the light bulbs were gone from the ceiling light fixtures and I was trying to find some in the dark

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