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Dream About Line meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Do you believe dreams mean something?

and also do you believe that dejavu means you dreamed this before?

Hi there,

Yes, I do believe dreams mean something. Dreams are the telling of a person's life story. It is told a day at a time for the allotted time we are here. Until the day we cease to breath, thoughts perish and dreams cease for lack of experience.

DejaVu, certainly means it was dreamed before, but I like to think of it more along the lines, of having been triggered by a past experience, sometime in one's life. It is remembering when it first came about, that will take some searching. Yet, it is often detected by the first sentence in the opening of the story. Look for clues like: "I dreamt I was in my grandmother's house". or "I was on my old street".

These will give you an idea of what the "story" shall entail.

Your sister,
((dream interpreter for over 20 years))

Example: What Does My Dream Mean?

Last night I had a super weird dream. It was actually more of a nightmare...

In my dream, I didn't live in my house, I don't really know where I lived, my house was made of stone or something like stone (weird I know).
And there was this creepy little girl (like 4 years old) who killed everybody she knew, and everybody stayed away from her. But one day she talked to me and I knew she was gonna kill me. I always kept an eye out for her whenever I was alone.
I hung out with her at her house (which was my house in real life) a lot because I figured she would maybe decide not to kill me if she got to know me well enough. When we hung out she would tell me her secrets, like she had a disease that mad her look 4 when she was actually 17, and that she had magic powers and could posses anything she wanted.
I told my friend about it (who lives across the street from the evil girl), and she said she was the only one who knew how to kill her.
One day, she tried to kill me in her backyard so I ran into her house to escape. Her parents were in the kitchen and didn't do anything about it. They just stood there cooking!
Then my parents walked into the kitchen (I have no idea why) and tried to catch her with a blanket, and again her parents just stood there cooking. When my parents finally caught her they held her really tight in a blanket, and we began to quickly walk across the street to my friends so she could kill her.
Then, out of nowhere, the girl turns into her dog (which wasn't her and was actually her dog). I hear a dog in her house yelping and barking, then a doll (it looked sorta like chucky) came out my side door and was running down my driveway with a knife right at me.

Right then, I forced myself to wake up.

I have no clue what this dream means. I would be super thankful to whoever could help me understand it.

Thanks :)

Example: What does this dream mean regarding my life line on my hand?

My dream had to do with my hand being cut off completely right at the life line (that long line) and I tried to re-attach it and I knew that even though I reattached it and it looks like it wasn't cut off, it was and that it was only a matter of time where I couldn't use my hand...

what does that mean

Example: What does this line from my dream mean?

The line was "I need to quit living my life through my brother's eyes."...The dream was, for the most part, kinda odd and mostly incomprehensible. The line is basically the only part I remember. The line was really, extremely clear to me at that time. It felt as if time had stopped and someone had floated into my brain and maneuvered the words out of my mouth.

And the odd part is that not once in my life had I ever had a thought like that...but strangely enough, it does make a little sense to me.

But if anyone knows anything about this, let me know...Thanks.

Example: Recurring dream meaning?

Hi I have a friend who has recently told me of a recurring dream about her close friend being killed by her friend's partner. She tells me this has been going on continuously for about a month now and she is serious lacking sleep. She has been to three doctors so far and all have told her to go see her pastor or comforter.
I am deeply concerned for her mental state as she often posts comments on facebook that she wants her life to end.
Is there any meaning behind her dream? Is there any way I can help her through this so she can feel better about herself?
I appreciate any help.

Example: What is the meaning of my dream?

I dreamt last night of a woman who had a fish (Betta fish). She treated it like her baby, and its name was ZARA (which I looked up, means princess and/or light). Anyway, the fish swam in the air and all around us, she danced, responded to singing by gently laying on the ladys face, and she had the ability to multiply, disappear and talk! But then she bit the lady and drew blood. I asked if the sharks would now come ( so maybe we were underwater) but the lady responded with a no, since it was the farming area. Naturally, I became cautious of this fish and while playing with her noticed a set of eyes, then more eyes, and more, and then the fish told me she has a total of over 1,200 eyes!

I woke up. And now I just have a nagging feeling that this dream has a hidden meaning but I cant figure it out. If anyone has a gift with interpreting dreams please help me out.

Thank you!

Example: Dream!?

I had a dream I was in a movie, but couldn't remember my lines. What does it mean?

Example: What do you think this dreamed line means?

I dreamed up a line, as if from a song, and idk what its supposed 2 mean...the only thing i remember from the dream was that i was in some random bookstore looking for books, and at the end of my dream it just randomly sang: "Because she knows, just what, USELESS, is." After each comma was a short pause, and the capitals was said sort of scream-like, but not violently, really.
i have no idea what 2 think... hope some1 can help!

Example: Dream meaning for life line on my hand bleeding?

i drempt that my life line on my palm was bleeding & i was standing in front of the sink trying to stop it

Example: Latest in a long line of Mom dreams...what does it mean?

Several times this week I've had dreams where my Mom has been there. It's funny because we haven't seen each other for two years (family fight - long story). I'm not looking for advice about the relationship, by the way...just my dream!

OK, so I dreamed that my Mum and I were in the kitchen of some cafe, where they were baking muffins and stuff. We weren't doing anything - just standing around next to the staff, who were all running around doing their thing.

The weird thing was, me and my Mum were waiting for a baby to be born in the next room. As the dream went on, I figured out that it was my baby, but that a surrogate was having it for me. I knew that the father was my husband, but he wasn't there anywhere, and I didn't think of calling him for some reason.

Suddenly, I heard someone in the next room shout that there was a problem with the delivery. The baby was too big and was in danger of getting stuck! I was panicking for the surrogate mother and looking at my Mom. She was all breezy, like 'Oh, it'll be fine. They're doctors,' and didn't seem to register how freaked out I was! Then I woke up.

Weird and random or what?! What's going on here, do you think? I'm having some doubts about my real-life marriage at the moment, so what do you think all of the things in the dream represent, and what does it mean for me? Thanks.

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