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Dream About Little Boy meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean to dream about a little boy? ?

I've never seen him, but I just had a dream about this little boy.

He was dressed like a boy from the late 18's- early 19's. He wears these black shorts, a white button collared shirt, black suspenders and brownish shoes. He has blonde hair and green eyes.

In the dream, he was in this old abandoned house in a corner. It seems like there was a fire there. There's ashes and soot everywhere. He is in the corner crying. So I walk up to him, and he runs up to me. Then I picked him up and just stood there holding this little kid...

What is this o_O

Your going to be a Pedo O.o

Example: What does it mean when you dream about the same little boy?

I am pregnant and lately i dream that same little boy in every dream. I don't know him i have never seen a little boy like him, yet in my dream he seems to be there and i seem to know him in my dream . Its been a week now and he is always in my dream.

Example: Can you tell me what does it mean see in my dream a gorgeous little boy with the blond curly hair?

the little boy had a gourgeous face and look so happy..and i was touching his hair..

Example: Dream about little ghost boy?

The other day I was moving my room around and I got tired so I sat down on my bed and before I knew it I knocked out. In my dream I woke up looking around seeing i slept for a long time, but something caught my eye. There was a boy by my dresser. I could not see his face, but his presence felt like a boy. I called out for my mom and as I did so my throat was on fire, Once my mom walked in through the door the little ghost boy turned into black smoke, I would like to see what all these means its been bugging me. Thanks for the help in advance.

Example: What does it mean when you dream about a dead little boy?

Last night I had a dream about a haunted house, and it was me and some friends. It was a very old house and we all felt a presence. So my best friend set the house on fire so we all left, but before I left I looked back and saw a young man about 6 hanging from the ceiling burning looking right at me.
I have never seen this boy before and was wondering if it meant anything.

Example: Kissing a little boy ?

I had a dream were I was french kissing a little boy, it was so weird...
And then I woke up, and I felt terrible about it...

What does that mean ?

Example: Weird dream about little boy?

So a while ago I had this really weird dream it was really long & can't remember most of it but
There's this boy I really like he was there with me & there was a road with multiple streets cutting through it on one side like this:

And we were running across the roads and jumping over cars (kinda like those games where you have to avoid cars lol)
And at one pavement I stopped (the boy I like a bit behind me) and there was this beautiful little boy about maybe 3-ish years old a toddler anyway
He had blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes (he looked so like the little boy that died Baby P (Peter) ppl from uk might know who I mean
So anyway I stopped and picked him up and rested him on my hip and I instantly knew he had no parents but he wasn't crying
I felt a really strong pull to him and I haven't been able to get him out my head since
He was wearing a red jumper if that is significant
Then the boy I like caught up with me and we ran across the roads continuing to jump
I'm 14 so obvious I'm not pregnant lol
Also just after that I had a dream and in it were the boy I like & this boy about 15 he had blonde hair was tall but had brownish eyes (I'm not sure) and he said everyone called him whitey or blondey I can't remember lol I was wondering I'f this is the same boy
:S please help

Example: Dreaming of little boy?

last night i had a dream of a small boy around 8 years old, appearing from the side of my house he was a ghost like figure and he had his hand on his mouth.. dose anyone know what this means?

Example: Dream about being walked up the a railway to heaven by a little boy?

Years ago I had a dream a little boy walked up a rail to heaven can someone tell me what this means.

Example: I keep having dreams about a little boy what could this mean?

im 20

i keep having dreams about a little boy

its the same little boy every time he has to be about 2 or 3 but ive had a dream where he was slightly older

hes blonde and as cute as can be!

but why am i dreaming about him? who is this? ive had dreams about him at least a half a dozen times different dreams every time but hes always in them

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