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Dream About Lizard meanings

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Example: What does it mean to dream of hybrid animals (snake birds/lizard birds)?

I have dreams once in awhile that concern these animals that i've never seen. In particular, ive dreamnt of this creature that has the upperbody of a snake/lizard, but has the lower body of a bird. Usually the lower body is this a bright color like yellow or red. Sometimes they are small, and sometimes they are huge. I had a dream that two of these creatures were walking around a house that was suppose to be mine in the dream. And when i found them, i returned them to their bird cage in my basement. These creatures are never aggressive in my dreams, but rather docile. Any clue to what that symbolize? please, no dream moods.

Wow, this is cool! It is great that you are able to view these animals as different parts, I'll tell you why.
In dreams, our troubles and problems take the form of animals. How big the animal is and how aggressive they are towards us depends on how we view our problems.
My dreams were of predatory animals, lions, bears and the like, pacing outside of my house. They were constantly trying to get in and I was always on guard.
Your dreams on the other hand are very healthy and show the way you have decided to address them. In your attempt to analyze and break them down to a more manageable size to resolve them, your animals take on different appearance. The fact that they are docile means you do not see your problems as unmanageble or able to over power you in anyway.

Kudos my friend, you are in control of your life.

Example: What could my lizard dream mean?

I did browse for dream symbology about lizards, but I wasn't satisfied with the consistency of the information I found.

As best I can remember, here is my dream.

I was lying on my back on the floor in front of my couch. I looked around and saw 1 or 2 lizards (I think there were 2, or I believe and feel there were, but I can't remember what one of them looked like), and the one I can somewhat remember was not doing much but crawling over my couch; maybe some other places. What was odd to me was that it was a very rich blue color and seemed fake. I don't know if lizards can be that color, but that's what it was. It was a few other colors, maybe a light green, but I mostly remember the blue, and how I kept thinking it looked like it was made of rubber. The lizard was small and unremarkable to me other than the color and appearance of being made of rubber. I should not that I can't remember if I thought it was made of rubber initially, or after having seen it for a few moments.

Example: What does a lizard in a dream mean?

A small, flat, shiny black lizard, with a huge jaw and a lot of teeth, kept following me in my dream and if I tried to get away from it, he would find me. I never knew what happened when he got to me though, since I was jumping from object to object and was never on the floor. He did try to attack me when I would run away or if my cat was near me, he would attack my cat. I was scared in the dream also. I'm just curious as to what this could mean. Any thoughts? Thank you :)

Example: What does a dream filled with lizards mean?

I was in a car and there was a camouflouge lizard on the windshield. As I made my way to the other side of the car it was crawling on my fiances chest/neck. There was also a small boy (about 3yrs old, my fiance has a 3 year old girl and a 4 year old boy, but it was none of them in my dream ). We both ran from the lizard. As we entered the house with my mother, somehow we thought we had killed the lizard but as we entered the garage I found two big lizards, but they had something like 6 bodies that all tied into one another...it freaked me out completely. As I made my way to the other side of the room, I also saw multiple rows along the cabinets of what appeared to be tiny tadpoles...it is as if they were tiny baby lizards. The six bodied lizards and babies were all somewhat of a neon-lime green hue but the initial one was able to camouflouge with just about anything and that made me fear it. I am not fond of lizards and they creep me out..but this dream was weird. WHAT does it MEAN?

Example: What does it mean to dream of lizard and turtle?

In my dream I was laying in the bath tub.
I seen a lizard swimming around in the water.
I was playing with the lizard. Then it turn into a turtle.
I was holding the turtle the palm of my hand. I didnt feel scared in my dream.
I felt relax and at peace.

Example: What Does It Mean When You Repetitive Dreams Invovling Lizards?

the past week i have been having dreams about lizards, each dream is a different lizard and also invovles people missing or something having to do with death. HELP ME, i feel like im going crazy with all this lizard talk.

Example: What does my lizard dream mean?

I dreamed that a long tail lizard was stuck in my left pants leg. I tried to move my pants lose so it could get out but it didn't move. Its body was free going in the direction out of my pants leg, but it's long tail wasn't. I tried so to shake it lose put nothing happen. I woke up and the dream happened again. Freaked me out because the reddish black lizard didn't do anything .

Example: What does it mean when your dream is infested with lizards?

Last night I had a dream that there were a lot of lizards outside of the house. My boyfriend's parents, my boyfriend and I were all inside talking about the lizards and how we hoped they didn't start coming into the house. After a what is now a very fuzzy memory in the dream, lizards started appearing inside the house. There was one on the floor, on the walls, and ceiling. There were maybe four or five total. I woke up as everyone else in the dream was working on getting them out of the house with the fear of the lizards in the dream feeling too real. =/ Is this something to worry about or just a random dream?

Example: What does it mean if I dream of lizard on my face?

Example: What do a lot of lizards mean in a dream?

I just had a dream where i came home with a ton of lizards, to my stepmoms old house, but then their screen on their container came loose so they all escaped, so my grandpa (who passed away five years ago) and I were looking around the house trying to catch them but they kept getting away. Finally I put one in a case with a snake, and the rest ended up in a bag of bedding for them. What do you think this means?

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