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Dream About Locusts meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

In 2005 I had a dream I was in a field of endless grass. I felt like I was watching a scene as three snakes passed through the valley, after they passed they were fallowed by either hundreds of frogs or grasshoppers (don't remember). then after they passed I heard a voice talk to me like an announcer and it said: "This message was brought to you by the prophet Elijah." then it went on to quote scripture: "He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers." and gave reference to the page it was on in the bible.

The grass is a picture of the multitude or all the people around. the snakes being in a group of three are a supreme evil "walking amongst the multitude" as the frogs or grasshoppers or "locusts" (maybe) are following it shows that something is to come of the evil passing through the people after the evil comes. this could be almost anything but I'm going to say that you "feel" an evil presence and your psychy is telling you of the danger ahead. whether it is to you or not is unclear. but it is a real threat considering it was a while ago you may or maynot be experienceing it know. the flooding and tornadoes the hurricanes all over the world. frogs and grasshopers both usually symbolize the plagues in the bible. sounds as though god is talking to you... I hope you keep listening.

Example: Help interpret my dreams?

Dream 1
I have this dream that I am alone during sunset and it's breezy. I was setting on the high end edge of a bleacher facing the sunset. I then jumped off. What does it mean?

Dream 2
I dreamed that I saw a black lizard. It had other lizards coming out of its mouth and stomach. It then puked lizards out. While doing so, the lizards in the stomach ran out as well. Kinda creepy but what does it mean.

Example: Wat is d meaning of dreaming of riding a black horse?

Example: What does this dream means of me killing a crow?

Well like 3 nights ago i had a dream that some crow was following me everywhere until i got fed up with it and i had stabbed right on a carpet that had a skull on it what does this really means? i know i been fasting praying on and off and i been going threw some problems with depression and other life problem i been tho trying to cope and over come negativity stuff on my life!

Example: What does this dream mean? Any idea?

I dreamed that I had a small snake between my toes, and was desperately trying to shake it out.. I was talking to it and regarding it as a human. I was saying "as much as we all love seeing you, you need to leave" and when it finally was thrown off my toes, it stopped on the floor and looked me straight in the eye as if warning me. It seemed dangerous to me, like one of those people you want to keep at arms length.. Mischievous, ominous, sneaky and/or vengeful. I knew it would do something to 'get back at me' for getting rid of it. As soon as it left, a cricket showed up.. I was horrified and crushed it. Then swarms of insects were trying to attack me and the people I was with.. They were in swarms in the sky.. Possibly gnats, at one point I was in a kayak trying to duck down into it for shelter from them and at one point I was under the water trying to escape.

Example: For the past week or so, a cicada has featured in my dreams. What does this mean?

This morning, I dreamt about a black plastic bin bag on my bedside chest, and there were flies (grey-spekled house-fly sized and black ones about as big as this asterisk *).

Then in the middle of the floor on the rug was a creature that looked like a yellowy-greeny-brown cicada from the front, but from the back, looked like a dragonfly (Or it might've been a cicada and the 'dragonfly body' was actually its back legs).

Then I went out into the upstairs hall, where Mum was there too. I asked her what the creature was and sjhe said she didn't know.

Then she threw a massive cube of Oasis 9that gritty greeny-blue foam you put plants i) and it rolled about like a dice. The cicada climbed on it as the Oasis rolled and evetually got stuck inside a hole in it. The tips of its wings, its back legs and its abdomen were poking out.

I'm terrified of insects - less so of cicadas as I like their singing - normally, but the flies didn't bother me much (I did feel grossed out seeing the bin bag, though).

I was a bit afraid of the cicada but I sort of instinctively knew it didn't mean any harm.

In previous dreams, it's just 'sat'/'stood' on one spot and the room/landscape it's been in has never been as vivid as the one I dreamt about last night.

I'm sure the cicada means something, but I don't know what.

Example: What does it mean when someone dreams bugs?

I dreamed of a green locust and a round small black bug and i was afraid of both.


whenever i take naps, i always fall deep asleep and have the most vivid and weird dreams. today, i dreamt that i had a beautiful baby that i was carring around and trying to protect,though i an only 17 and do NOT have a baby. I was protecting him from this huge locust ( giant grasshoppers that fly- they are real!) that was trying to hurt him. i am mortally afraid of these bugs that i alwasy find in my garden that try to fly after me! that part is real! but i want to know whay i had a baby in my dream to protect, and it was really sad b/c in my dream, i grew really attached to him and loved him more than anyone and he wasnt even real. is this a prediction i will have a baby boy?

Example: Dream about ant, locust, and snake. means?

it was in my dorm room..
First, i saw a crowd of small (tiny) red ant behind my towel. I touch it and it bite.
Then, suddenly all my room floor is full of black ant and big transparent locust.
because i scare of insect, i go to my bed. and then come out big snake ( diameter about 15 cm and long about 2 meters). he don't chase me but go into electric outlet and stuck in the end.

Please tell the meaning of my dream.
Sorry if my english is bad ^_^.

Example: Can anyone tell me what my dream means?

well it was me and my baby sister and huge crowds of people running from locusts.the locusts covered the sky to where i couldnt even see the sky.everyone was runniong into my house to get away from them.when we got in i was against to door trying to keep them out, the door had opened a little bit i saw 2 guys with swords like trying to fight off the locusts and a couple of guys with like rackets of some sort. i started shouting for help and then after a while some people came to help me keep the door shut. i put my sister on the couch and ran up stairs to get her clothes that would cover her so they would be able to really get to her. i was looking for supplies like clothes and people were in he kitchen getting food and what not like they were gonna go camping or something. i herd screaming and then i just woke up. what does this mean?

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