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Dream About Long Narrow Lane meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Seriously bizarre dream... I usually have weird dreams but this was something different (Non sexual... sorry!)?

Part 1. Fully clothed, I walked stepped out into the ocean, on my way somewhere I don't know where I was going but I was clearly on some sort of mission... It was as though I knew where I was heading (even though I didn't!). It was kinda dark, not dark like it was deep into the night but just dark like the sun had just set. I wasn't the only one walking through the sea water waist deep. There were a few other people and random strangers. I wasn't cold or bothered by the fact that I was fully clothed in the ocean! The ocean didnt seem to get any deeper... it just stayed waist height for a good distance, but I knew that it would get deeper eventually.

Part 2. OK, so the sea theme of my dream sequence continues... somehow my being in the ocean transferred into my walking down a narrow jetty or pier like structure... though it was pretty much sitting very close to the surface of the water and it was only about as wide as a footpath or walkway. As it turned out, myself and two of my old friends (in our teen years we used to hang out as a trio cruising around in my friends car, going for drives around our city looking for action!) were going somewhere. It was like we were on a mission towards some destination that was unknown to us! I get the sense that it was kinda like a fishing trip. We intended to come back with something that we would acquire from our destination. It was also to be a long trip. I remember walking for some time and distance, but then thinking to myself we are only about halfway there and we still have the journey home to look forward to. So we kept walking along this pier that was barely raised above the surface of the relatively calm yet rippled ocean. As before it was dark but not very dark.

Part 3. The next think I notice is that the surface of the ocean had changed. It was no longer water... instead it was CHICKEN! Yes that's right. It was as if the ocean had been replaced by raw diced chicken breast (WTF?). Like how you would prepare chicken breast for a stew or a curry! This was what the ocean was composed of!

Part 4. I thought to myself, maybe we can take some of this home! I mean it was diced chicken breast! I suppose I could have cooked it or something! We continued on... and the next thing I notice is that a section of the ocean further ahead was made from steak! It was as though the surface of the ocean was covered in one gigantic inch thick layer of medium/well-done cooked steak! I decided that I would cut a few pieces from the surface and take it home with me! beneath the first inch thick layer was another layer of steak. There was moisture in between the layers... the pinkish brown oily juices of the steak!

Part 5. We were on our way home now... and I had with me a bag of steak. I think I decided to leave the chicken breast alone! Somehow I also had a big haul of bananas too! and as we walked back home I was thinking that this would be a long long journey home! After all we had come a long way. Suddenly we were confronted by Gorillas and Baboons or some large aggressive looking ape like creatures! I knew what they wanted! My bananas! I didnt really want to give them any so I was resistant. One of the gorillas knew and stood in my path and another one came from behind me. I jumped up and side kicked that gorilla in the head (Taekwondo!). I think I managed to somehow continue on in my journey home without being hindered too much by the gorillas.

Part 6. I made it home and I was unloading my haul as I stood in the kitchen. I pulled out my steaks and proceeded to put them in the fridge! I remember pulling out a T-bone steak... the meat had somehow withered away a little, not the kind of T-bone that you would be happy with if you ordered it from a restaurant!

Anyway... that's pretty much what I can remember of this dream!

Please share your interpretations! Thank you

The ocean represents the expanse of life, its evening you see a reason to act before nightfall. Time is running out for your mission. Im thinking you are anticipating a new job based on the suit, or a new life job like a child or spouse.
Going on the footpath with old friends suggests going down memory lane, sometimes situations can spark this... even a smell or a picture or a familiar happening, a chance running into someone from your past. It probably means your going down this path with people you like and have known for a long time.
The water changing into food seems to point toward lively hood again the theme of improvement going from chicken a cheaper meat, to steak more expensive. The prospect of wealth is very obvious. In general improvement could be a trade up in your mate, home or work.
Your thinking ahead with the bananas you have something of less value to throw to those who might oppose you. You don't see them as too big of a hindrance. You can kick them out of competition any time.
You reach a place of comfort and your new place in life is the best catch... until you look closer and realize you may have been deceived.
The new place in life is still good, but disappointing.

With out knowing what these representations mean to you personally its difficult to know just what it means only you can do that ..hope Iv helped.

Conclusion you have an opportunity, its with good friends you think its going to be great but your not sure it seems too good to be true.

Example: I dreamed of my best friend being stabbed what does that mean?

My best friend and I were having trouble at school with this other kid and one night i dreamt that my best freind had been stabbed by him. Someone please tell me what this might mean.

Example: Constantly dodging cars speeding on the highway?

brief scenario in dream

I walked over to a dark green field to my elementary friend (Who wanted me to vote her vice pres. in dream). There was this african whitewashed girl next to her; never seen her before; very strong and assertive; and she told me where we were standing it was dangerous or something, and that whenever cars come by we have to watch it; behind us suddenly changed to some road or highway, and then there were all these cars coming, in different narrow lanes; and we had to make sure we stood in different positions or change, every time a car raced by; to make sure we're perfectly in between lanes or at least not in the way. The girl said she had a challenge like this or sth.

Other parts of the dream, were I was playing with glue and grass trying to create something and stuff.

Example: What does this recurring dream mean?

I dream that I'm driving on a very tall (as in hundreds of feet tall), long and narrow two lane bridge without guard rails. It's a bit scary driving along as there is a massive cross wind making my car swerve towards the edge. I never reach the end, as I've always woken up part way across. Any ideas?

Example: What was my dream about?

The night before last, I dreamt I was on a coach with a lady who was sitting near the front window on the right hand side. It was just me and the lady - the coach was empty, no driver to be seen. Both of us were looking out through the front large window of the coach. Outside, it was very gloomy and dark grey all over. Rain was pouring down quickly. The coach was travelling effortlessly along the narrow lane, which was straight and clear without any obstacles. On both sides, the land was very deserted but it was flooded with water, which looked dull.

What does this dream mean?

Example: I keep dreaming of cows?

I keep having a reoccuring nightmare, I don't find it scary when I wake but I want to know the meanin of it. In the dream I'm always alone walking down a nice but high hedged narrow lane. A herd of cows approach and I start to run back the other way. They run after me but not with violent intentions. I sometimes climb over a small wall into a field but they climb over too. It freaks me cos I'm so scared in the dream, but not in reality, it scares me cos they aren violent but they seemto mock me by chasing me. If it helps, I'm a teen girl?

Example: Has anyone ever been named Isthmus?

I was wondering, because I know it's a geography/medical term, but I just had a dream that I wanna write down and stuff. And it really does sound like a name, lol... If it's not a name is there a word relatively close to Isthmus that is a name?

Example: What has happened to GREAT Britain?

What has happened to GREAT Britain

Once I knew Britain as Great Britain, GB, which of course meant that in abbreviation, now GB is widely used by people as GODFORSAKEN Britain, still GB but mean has changed a lot.

Does anyone know the reason for this name change?

Of course we have LOCO Governments, one after another now, local authorities have gone down the drain pipes also, but who are to blame for that?

Rulers of this once mighty land chase dreams of direct pipeline of OIL from the Middle East, well that’s what they thought after killing Saddam, then they went to Afghanistan to gain direct control over the drugs trade, instead of the drugs cartels. They want to go to Iran now and try and get OIL from there, can we know what excuses will we hear next to invade another country?

Why are our good leaders killing millions of Innocent people worldwide and making our streets unsafe for us, in the name of what and in aid of what.

Our educated local authority councillors, most of whom do not have a car, try to make pavements so wide, 2 buses next to each other can drive on those, while making our roads so narrow that we have single lane traffic buildups all the time, making driving a living hell for the drivers, not to mention the queues.

The same authorities flaunt all laws about green belt areas and give consent to big chain stores to open up their outlets anyplace they choose.

All the small towns have now become ghost towns, all the public sucked into this out of town supermarkets and shopping malls.

The general excuse is that these stores will each create about 100 new jobs, but what about the thousands of small family run businesses they are killing and making all the people jobless.

Any small shopping area that is thriving, these supermarkets quickly see that they fail by offering sweeteners to the relevant authorities, and these authorities act quickly also, by placing yellow lines, making big pavements or making bus lanes there so shoppers find it difficult to reach these shops or cant park anywhere.

One may find that the houses that have big driveways in their houses, which can easily house 3 to 4 cars parked side by side, additional street parking is provided to them, making the roads very narrow for the traffic that use them, the examples of this can be seen all over the country, not specified to any one are of our country.

How do we EDUCATE the Governments and these EDUCATED Councillors before we do indeed adopt the name GODFORSAKEN BRITAIN permanently?

Example: This is just for fun?

I would like to hear the most interesting story you can think of, but it has to make sense, nothing like " then the big wolf jumped into a hole for cows to eat" something funny, scary, action-packed, any of the above. Enjoy!

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