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Dream About Looking At A Sexual Organ meanings

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Example: Please someone help me understand the meaning of this recurring dream? I know its messed up?

I started having this dream when I was about 15, it's based in the house I grew up in as a teenager, I never watched horror movies up until last year (2009) because I couldn't handle them, even the movie trailers freaked me out so I steered clear of horror movies. Anyway this dream is really messed up & every time I have the dream, I wake up very anxious & in a bad state. This dream only comes when I am stressed, understandably, we all have different dreams for different moods, but the dream has absolutely no relevance to my waking life or my stress worries at all, or at least the context of the dream doesn't but I think the meaning does, in some sick twisted way the dream may be trying to tell me something, but what? Is it a matter of choices? Choices made or yet to be made? What is the meaning? Ok, so my dream starts as I walk into my old house, everything appears the same, although, I am not a teenager in my dream anymore, but my family & friends who are there are still at the same age as when I lived there all those years ago. Mum & Dad are not there, they worked a lot. My younger brother & sister were not there, my Nan took care of them while my parents worked. But my eldest sister & a fair few of our friends are there. We sit & talk for a while in the living room, then one of our friends goes upstairs to the bathroom & the rest of us hear screaming. I, alone, run up the stairs, somehow everyone else is already there. The wall is different to how it was when I lived there. We are on the 3rd floor of the house, to the left would be my bedroom, to the right would be my eldest sisters bedroom. In the middle, there should have been another bathroom but there isn't one there in my dream, instead it is an alcove, there is a step to get onto the alcove. Inside the alcove, there is a flight of stairs leading up to an attic, In my dream I don't go up those stairs but somehow I know that they lead to an attic. Only the bottom 3 steps are visible. This alcove is deep, it goes back quite a few yards. The alcove is huge, opposite the stairs, there is a chute, but in the middle is a man, He is in human form but he has no face & no skin. He doesn't have the appearance of what one would imagine a "skinned" person to have, i.e: no muscles are visible, he is made purely of blood & the blood runs down his body but doesn't touch the floor. He then makes a movement. We are all screaming. He puts his hands where his stomach would be, his palms facing upwards & his elbows are to the sides. His finger tips are touching. Then he moves his hands apart in an outward & away motion, not fast but not slow. As he does that, it is like he has sliced his body in half, although, he is still standing. But now the blood is hitting the floor, fast. The blood is not coming from his body as such, that is still blood that runs but the blood that is hitting the floor is coming from the movement he made on his stomach, the blood is gushing out of his stomach. Like a waterfall, it's not stopping & it doesn't stop in the rest of the dream. We try to run but he grabs my eldest sister, he puts his hand to her throat & runs his finger tips along her throat, there is maybe a millimetre gap between his finger tips & my sisters throat but he decapitates her. He then throws her down the chute. We run down the stairs to the bottom floor, trying to get out of the house. The blood is everywhere, we wade through the blood, it comes up past our knees & it still rising quickly. I look around, all I want to do is get everyone else out safely. But as I look around, my friends are beingdecapitatesd, the man in the alcove is no where to be seen but somehow I know it is him that is killing everyone. Their heads fall & then float in the blood & their bodies stay standing while all their organs rise out of the bodies & fall gently into the blood & float, once their hearts have risen out, their bodies fall but do not float. Then I hear noise on the stairs, by this point the blood is up past my waist & I am wading through heads, body organs & tripping over of bodies that I cannot see because of the blood. I get to the stairs & look up, I see the man from the alcove is standing only one flight of stairs up, he is faceless but facing me. He does the same movement as he did with hisstomache & more blood comes gushing out. The force of the blood knocks me back into the door & it forces the door open, as I fall, all the blood is coming out on to the street, I look around for help & then I wake up.

I am tired of having this dream & not knowing the meaning of it. I need to understand it.

this is a dream revealing much blood shed, many wounds and suffering. The faceless man is someone you all know but have not yet identified as dangerous.
He is a victim of deep wounding. It sounds like he is storing his pain in his stomach, and wants the family to know about it. because they are scared they are only frightened and not inquisitive. This causes him to act out his own suffering by inflicting it on the family and close friends. This has been going on for a long time and he has many victims.
The bedroom that became an alcove is a bedroom lost, which would suggest sexual assault in the room or maybe violent assault, but an act that rendered the bedroom no longer a place of rest. That it is very deeply recessed suggests these things happened in his infancy or childhood. First the prey then the predator. If you can identify the original occupant of the missing bedroom, who's room was it, you might come close to identifying the source of the pain and suffering.
You alone can offer the needed compassion that will end the continuance. someone is badly hurt and needs a doctor of mind, once the compassion gives him strength to face his own demons in the attic. never confront evil with evil. love him to the truth. It could be a female that is hurt in her masculinity, its more likely to be a male hurt by another male.

Example: What dose this dream mean?

i was in school and walking down the steps to the door (even though we don't have any steps to the door in my school) at the bottom of the steps there were some boys in my year and i got the feeling they have or they were planing to do something bad. Then the woman i admire came out of the door that was on the other side of the steps and told the boys to come in even though she isn't a teacher but she dose voluntary work with youths at this club. The boys went in and then she looked at me and said you to. then i went in and i think me and the boys got in trouble for something but then they found out i was innocent. so i went back to class. what dose this dream mean?

Example: Dream meaning: a snake's head?

I had a really strange dream.. well it was very normal at first but got weird when -in the dream- I opened the fridge to get some ice, and instead I found a frozen snake head inside.
it was just the head, with it's open mouth and scary sharp teeth.. but the thing is I just held it in my hands, looked at it, then placed it aside. I wasn't scared or shocked

what could this dream mean?

Example: what do these dreams mean?

What do these dreams mean?
About a year ago I had this dream and it still concerns me. Why? It has to do with my favorite video game kingdom hearts and this is the last dream i had that was almost fantasy like. I haven't had another video game dream for a year now. I also have a dream concerning final fantasy, so if you know this games or just want to interpret this here they are:
These dream has nothing to do with what really happened in the first and second kingdom hearts games or final fantasy 12. but i have to get this off my mind. In the dream about kingdom hearts i was in a house with a sliding glass door looking out into a really green, pretty, and sunset area with a beach when it reminded me of kingdom hearts scenery. I then saw Kairi and Sora holding hands on the beach. From my point of view i was looking out of the water they were sitting near up to them. Sora was holding kairi's hand when he said "Kairi no matter what happens you'll always be in my heart." I felt sad, happy, and all other kinds of emotions. I just didn't know what to think or what it was about. I felt like a child watching a kissing scene. It was as though i was too naive to understand and that it would be easier for me to understand if i were a innocent child. ? Then the next scene i was looking over a dark room like i was god or something. Kairi was in the room and Sora making out. But then it faded out and i was being told how babies made. The word overy stood out to me. I then woke up and thought this was weird because I have forgotten really how it happened. (I was 14 then but none the less I still knew what sex was I just forgot what the female organ was called )(I just turned 16) A note: I have certain feelings for being a small child again almost like I would like to relive my childhood and have video game make believe characters raise me. Wouldn't that be interesting? Even though I can't see any of my favorite characters have any kids.

Anyways on to the next dream.
I was running away from an enemy with vaan and penelo. In the dream they didn't seem real or like them so i ran away from them too and went to look for the real ones.
Dream visions i had that day: The first really vivid vision episode I had I was laying down in my bed getting ready to go to sleep. I wasn't feeling myself that day concerning i wondered too much about another world just like ours. I wondered and wondered until closed my eyes, it began. It was like i was in a car and headlights were shining on a a green road sign that said 8th continental. I was like i was going to that place. The funny thing is i have never been taught how many continents there were really until I asked my mom how many. she said there was seven continents. I felt flabbergasted. I had a very vision full week. I then wondered about kingdom hearts and if they were real, where were they? I then closed my eyes to go to sleep when I saw a field full of cartoony looking flowers like kingdom hearts flowers. They went on forever. Last one. I was lying down again when I saw penelo getting a diaper form a shelf. As weird as this sounds i think it was my dream character's telling me that it is ok to think they are real and it is ok to think things like being a baby again. The best part about these experiences is that I knew they were real only inside me and myself. And that they are always there hoping for a new adventure.

Example: Is there a meaning in my dream?

My dream was pretty weird:
I was walking to a stadium. There was a big banner saying "Pinoys are welcome!" I entered the stadium and inside there are Hundreds of Thousands of Filipinos! I guess there was a competition of some sort and I walked to the stadium to sign up for the competition. I was on the red team. I turn around, and I see my friend shouting and cheering for the team xD Some one speaks through the microphone about the rules. It was basically like dodge ball, but with instruments ! We had to grab the closest instrument and try to knock out our opponents. A bell rang and I grabbed a saxophone.. so did the girl next to me. She took her saxophone and threw it as hard as she could and knocked out this Japanese-looking teen! In the end, my team won and someone threw a brass instrument at me and I woke up .

Any meaning here? It was a quite vivid dream but I choose not to write the specific details :\

Example: Another one of these...yay...what does this dream mean?

Ok so i'll try to keep it short...so basically i was at my grandparents house, with a few changes to it...wasn't perfectly like it, some details like the toilet became the bathroom (they have the toilet and the bathroom seperate)...and the end of a hall it should just be a T intersection, but it opened into a living room, which should have been one room over...so not perfect...

Now back to the dream, so i was in the room where i would usually sleep...i woke up in the dream and heard something, i dunno what though...so i went to the bathroom and managed to somehow get hold of 4 plastic spoons...it was night time too..so with the spoons i'm walking up to the bathroom and then for some reason i just kind of drop to the floor...like get down and lay down...so this happens for a little while...then i finally go into the bathroom, i see some people in there and well try to take them on...

my dream resets...do the same thing...this time for some reason i run into the bathroom and drop down to the floor again...i can see the dude, he's wearing a balaclava and black everything else...he leaves, and i get into the shower...this shower is like the one at my own house...so i'm showering, and now it get's weirder...so now while i'm in the shower i imagine that i am having sex...and jacking off...the problem is that while i'm jacking off...my junk down there starts to get raw from too much jacking off (even though i haven't in real life one it in about 3 days now)...so then the lights go out in the shower...the dude in black comes back in and i'm scared like a little school girl...

dream resets, go through it again and then while i'm in the shower and the dude comes back in i start to think happy thoughts and then the lights come back on...and the whole house becomes a light and bright, like there are lights in the wall...so i go back to my room (where i was sleeping before) and there is now a bath tub, and it look a lot like my bathroom, has a funky mirror with lights coming from it...then my friend (andrew) comes in and speaks to me about water...wtf?...about water

So then we speak for a few seconds (i think, it didn't seem that long)...then i sort of mount the bath tub...wtf with that?

Then the lights go out again, i think happy thoughts and they come back on...they go out again and i run out of the room, think happy thoughts and more lights...for some reason like 10 different people come out...a few girls and some guys...i remember only 2 people that came out...both were girls.

So one girl, her and i start to ramble about it...like when 2 friends have something to say, and they speak really quickly...then we end up kissing a fair bit and are on a couch...we get up and she goes back somewhere...i see the other girl standing there with her hands on her hips...looking at me like sshe's judging me...she goes back into a room (one that shouldn't be there btw)...that girl that just left looked all sad and judgemental like.

Then i can't remember any more besides me going back into my bed and then it being 6:46am 10 minutes before i nee to get up

Sorry for the length...but what the hell is up with that **** there?

Example: What does my dream mean? I am kind of concerned?

long dream but it really stuck with me. I dreamed that my family had some diamonds missing. I found them, but the FBI was after me because they thought I had stolen them. I was driving a long curvy road and a car was following me. I pulled over to the side of the road. The other car comes behind and pulls over. A creepy blonde guy steps out of the car and says he was going to take the diamonds if I didn't go with him. We get in his car and we drive to what looks like a barn looking place. Outside are guys with guns and when we get inside there is a little girl probably about 12 just sitting there doing nothing. I don't remember what the creepy blonde guy and I were talking about, but he got made and long arms came out and grabbed the 12 year old girl next to me. He started to molest her. I ran out the door. the two guys with guns saw me but did nothing. the next door was locked. I broke it down and suddenly there was a very dark maze. when I broke outside, i discovered I was in my yard. I quickly ran to the house before the blonde guy could come for me. when I got in the house, still clutching the bag of diamonds, my dad was sitting there at the dining room table, completely calm. I sat down still shaken at what I had just seen and told my dad that he had to take me to the FBI to tell them that we had found the diamonds. He then looks at me and tells me that he already told them that I had taken the diamonds. Then I woke up. I am really concerned. I had this dream once when I was younger and now it has come back and I really want to know what it means. please.

Example: What does my DREAM mean? Please help.?

Ok it started off at my house and I remember that it was a series of murders around my area. It was winter time as the snow poured down I walking on the sidewalk then I passed a warehouse and I immediately knew it was the killers. So I broke out in a run and they chased me I found myself at a skate park it was a lot of people there, but it seemed like I was invisible. Then I found myself at the mall looking out the glass as the killers began to shoot down everyone looking for me. The police soon came and arrested them but they forgot one and he rushed into the shop I was in He began to shoot me repeatedly ... It was so painful but I didn't awake up. My killer suddenly stopped firing at me and walked up to me and cradled my body to his as he looked into my eyes then softly he pressed my lips to his. The kiss was passionate sweet I liked it but I felt remorse and hatred too. That was my dream weird right can anyone interpret it I usually don't have dreams. Oh and my back is hurting even though I wasn't physically shot.

Example: What does this dream mean? read below for context?

I had a dream that I was holding an art gala of my art work, and that there were men from all over (all men) most of them dresed in professional business suits or dressed in black coming to look at my artwork.. and all of them had cameras. A lot of them had old fashioned cameras that they used back in the 1800's

My friend mohammaed was talking to me on the phone, there is something wrong with his phone and I can never hear his voice clearly when we talk over the phone... He was very quiet and I couldn't hear anything that he was saying. And then I think he came by with the others to see my artwork.

The room was dark and everything was shadows... none of the faces of the photographs could be identified, but they seemed to blend into the sillhouette.

My art work consisted of moving creatures, that could change, and I painted them by making the creatures move as I pleased... And then solidifying them and trapping them in time, in much the same way you would if you were a painter.

One of the paintings was done in neon colors. You had fiery reds, passionate oranges, and illuminating yellows making the scope of the artwork. And then you had neon blue, green, and purple forming the shadow of the artwork, and the intensity of the colors was bright and beautiful... The artwork seemed to have a life of it's own and move as it chose to move, as I tapered and tamed the artwork with my brush... making the creature in the swimming pool painting, conform to the limitations I set for it and freeze into a drawing.

There were also pictures of men who had had their prviate organs transfixed and punctured into woman. That is I had given them a gender change. There were also photos of men being raped. I tried to engage in sexual relations with a man and then woke up.


So I decided I would write a book interpreting all the prophetic revelations of the bible... (which I believe are much easier to interpret than the torah or other deuteroconical books)

I sent my ex-boyfriend e-mails with my interpretation of scripture on a regular basis... and he doesn't reply or say anything to me either good or bad.

So what do you think it means?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamt that Edward Cullen, or, well I guess Rob Pattison, who I don't even like, well he kissed me. And it was GOOD!

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