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Dream About Lord'S Prayer meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

I cannot recall everything for I awoke in the middle of my dream but what I do recall vividly is calling for Jesus and praying as I was standing on something that looked like a hill and was quite dark around me but it seemed there was someone with me who I could not see in my dream but kept trying to sway my belief in Jesus without even saying a word which made me more persistent in calling for Him. I did not hear or see Him and I awoke suddenly and felt frightened and said the Lord's Prayer before I fell back asleep. What does this mean?

It means you think about religion too much. You've probably been obsessing about it lately. If you thought about avocados that much, you'd probably have a dream about a giant bowl of guacamole.

Example: Meaning of my dream?

I wanted to know the true religion...and I also asked for prayers to God for me to ppls here...So I had a dream last night...I will just say the important event in my dream...In my dream I don't know why, but I suddenly cried out "Christ you are my lord", I think thats what I said and suddenly in my dream I began to feel strange sensation, which might be impossib;e to describe, all I can say is, it might feel like, there are strong powers coming into you...then in my dream i think i wanted to go to heaven, But I just floated off only inches I think but did not went to Heaven, but remained on earth.What does my dreams mean..I didn't say Jesus in my dream?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Recently,i'v been having strange dreams and i mean strange cause when i wake up i always say to myself "wow,what was that?"

Since im a religious person and strongly believe in God i sometimes think that God is trying to tell me something and giving me a message through my dreams but i dont know.I dont really remember but i'v seen something was trying to kill or attack me and i dont know what it was but to me it seemed like a moment of clouds surrounding me and trying to scare me and as soon as that i woke up.Right when i wake up i always have this feeling in my heart of that dream and cant stop thinking about it i dont know why?Can anyone please help me?

Example: What does this dream mean?

So it all started when I was with one of my friends, and a future roommate, (who said he was my current roommate's older brother's friends right now in real life). We we're in our own house, they were my roommates, and we had this really neat house near the ocean. We hung out for a while, and then we went inland to a field to see some other friends at a picnic. We left the picnic and brought back some more friends, some that I didn't know ie they only existed in my dream. We were walking back from the car to my house and this huge thunderstorm had been forming. And all of the sudden, A tornado started to form almost right over our house. So I and one of my friends ran inside, I turned around and all of the sudden, this force tried to take one of my friends away, but he got away. I am not sure about the last part but I am pretty sure a monk ran in to our house and fell on the floor and died. I then woke up with a major heartbeat, and then said the Lord's prayer, and went back to sleep. 16 minutes ago - 4 days left to answer. Additional Details The force was green, and very quick, almost like a lightning bolt but wider.

Example: Meaning of the Hail Mary Prayer?

What is the meaning of the prayer/how did they come up with it?
only serious answers please!

Example: What does prophetic dreams mean?

Within the past 5 to 8 years I have the Lord has given me the gift of prophecy in which I thought I would never develop. Sometimes God speaks to me through worship times at church, in prayer especially with a word or two and/or just revealing an image or several all at once, and/or in my dreams at night. Recently I had a dream a couple of weeks ago of hugging a man while my right hand was holding an object (turned out to be a small white box with my leftovers from our date that night), my purse on my right shoulder, and embracing my left hand on his upper back on his shoulder as we were located in front of front door outside. Interesting enough this prophetic dream came true two weeks later than I thought. Note: I was on my first date with this man too and he walked me to my door. What does this mean? Please give me the best honest answer(s) you can and no dump ones.

Example: Meaning of my dream islamicly?

I had a dream that shook me up a bit and i have no idea what it means if anything so if you have any ideas plz help me out.
So the dream was that I was pregnant and had a baby but I was not married (as a practicing single teenage Muslim girl this is disturbing). In the dream I have no idea who the father is or how it happened I was crying not wanting to see the baby. Also there was another girl in the dream around my age she wanted to move out of her parents house to her own so I helped her find an apartment. I’m not sure why I was at her parents’ house I guess maybe I was staying with them or something. Her mom was helping teach me how to take care of the baby (breast feed) and her dad was just sleeping. I was crying a lot and told one of my close friends “I had a baby and I’m not married” she just laughed like it was a joke or no big deal and was wearing a really funky dress. Then I told the girl that was moving out that I wanted to move in with her I didn’t want to go back to my parents house with the baby although no one from my family was in the dream .
That was it any ideas?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Last night i watched Joel Osteen preach about living your life as a healer like Jesus. How we can help people in their time of need. either it's lending a shoulder to cry on or speaking words of encouragement when the other person is down. Ok, heres how my dream started...

I remember i was at a party for a while and their was a few people i didn't know. And the house was getting really full so i decided to go upstairs to get away from the crowd. As i was walking to the last floor i heard someone crying. It was coming from where i was heading. When i got there, to the room, there was a woman in the middle of the floor crying her eyes out. I couldn't sense if she was in pain physically or emotionally but i went over to ask what was the matter. she didn't look at me or answered. And i didn't know her So i decided to go back downstairs, but then i gave it a second thought and asked her if i could pray for her as i lend my hands to help her get up. Then she stared at me for a good 3 seconds and took my hands. i started the prayer like this: "Lord Jesus, we repent our sins, come into our hearts, we'll make you our Lord and savior." Then she started to cry even more, but this time i could sense it was tears of joy. so then i continued: "Lord Jesus we know we are sinners but with your love and support and your amazing ability to forgive we know we can stay on the right path to our Heavenly Fathers Kingdom, God." And i continued to pray some more. When i finished Her husband came up looking for her and found her crying. When the lady turned around she gave him a big hug and he didn't know what was going on. then she turned to me and grabbed both my hands and said "Thank you so much, I can feel peace again." She turned with her husband and went back downstairs and that was the last i saw her.

I remember she was wearing white but i couldn't really see her face. What do you think? Your thoughts? All are welcome to answer!
Atheists please don't criticize me or my religion, i will respect you if you can give me a respectable answer.

Thanks to all.!

Example: What did this dream of a Jesus statue crying mean?

i saw a statue of Jesus crying an next to it was some statue that was pouring out silver coins..i cant really remember the rest of the dream but this statue stuck out to me..i am a very spiritual person i am not religious, before i go to bed i do say the lords prayer but im in no way a extreme religious person...what could this dream mean?..Thank you

Example: What does this dream mean?

I have this reoccuring dream where I think I'm awake on my bed at night and want to get up. I usually can't, so i'm pinned to my bed and i hear female voices talking to me. I feel buzzing sensations flowing through my body and I pray the Lord's prayer and I wake up. There are times that after I get up, I still feel the buzzing and I feel weak. What does this mean?

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