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Dream About Losing A Fight meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean if u dream about animals fighting?

They were 2 lions and to elephant's fighting each other like in Africa or somewhere what does this mean?

Hey, Spotty Cow. Dreaming of a conflict is symbolic of some conflict from your waking life. The lion symbolizes strength, courage, and aggression. The elephant in dreamese refers to the same qualities plus intellect and faithfulness. The elephant also tells of a need for patience and understanding. But you will also overcome your problems. Even if you lose a battle now and then, you will still win the war. Hope this helps. Seeking insight, Bret

Example: What does it mean when i lose my hair in a dream ?

had a dreamt where i woke up and sat on a chair combed my hair and as i was combing my hair a strand of hair fell off, i couldnt tell if it was my eyebrows or front section of hair so i touched my eyebrows to check on them, they fell too

Example: What do dreams about anger and fighting mean?

most nights i have terrible dreams of anger,hatred and fighting...
my friends and family sometimes die in these dreams and no matter how hard i try to save them i lose them.
i have woken in the middle of the night sweating because of them and they are becoming more frequent.
i would like to know if/or what all this means.

Example: What do dreams about anger and fighting mean?

most nights i have terrible dreams of anger,hatred and fighting...
my friends and family sometimes die in these dreams and no matter how hard i try to save them i lose them.
i have woken in the middle of the night sweating because of them and they are becoming more frequent.
i would like to know if/or what all this means.

Example: Can any dream experts tell me what getting beat up and fighting means while dreaming?

Can someone who knows alot about dreams help me out please? My dream was about me being in a park and I was getting basically beaten by this Guy... he was surrounded by.his friends and of course they did nothing. But strange thing is my grandfather was there and didn't do anything either, like he didn't try to help me or call for help... does it mean anything? and I had another dream about beating up this girl cause we were in some type of argument...

Oh BTW both of these dreams were in the same night.

Example: Keep dreaming bout losing a baby.. meaning?

I keep dreamin bout losing a baby :( First one I had on the subject other night, I was being dragged kicking and screaming into a room and being told I had to have an abortion, I was screaming and fighting with the 2 nurses as I ...didnt wana have one, but they kept insisting I had to, when I woke up I'd clearly been thrashing about in my sleep as I'd pulled all the muscles in my back and also a muscle in my hand and wrist (v.weird as I'd dreamt one of the nurses had me by the wrist and was dragging me into the room) but thankfully I woke up before they managed to pin me to the bed, then last night I dreamt I was afew weeks pregnant and had to go for a scan, but the doc was really weird n kept mumbling stuff at me, he scanned me with the internal scanner thing and told me that either I'd already lost the baby, or that the baby was dying. I was proper upset and told him he must be wrong, was insistant he'd got it wrong, and I jus upped and wandered round the hospital for hours, crying and in a daze. Weird thing was.. the 'hospital' was my secondary school, and the room I'd got scanned in was one of the rooms in the old science block. In the end I jus sat at a window, crying my eyes out, and watched the snow fall

Example: What does it mean when you dream that lucifer is trying to possess you but you keep fighting for it not to?

okay, i am 18 years old and a girl i'm using my brothers account because he has one and i do not, and i am really in need of an answer! I had a dream that lucifer was trying to possess me, but i covered my entire room with holy water and he kept coming disguised as my friends trying to get me out of my room. My mother wouldn't believe me and when i tried to scream i couldn't. Then for some reason this spirit of sort tried to help me realise why this was happening to me, we talked about sorcerer's and demons and religion. In the end all i could think of was trying to kill him even though i knew he was already dead but in the forms he came at me. In the end he was an adult male i shot at him with a machine gun chased him through the town to a hotel every time i got close to killing him he turned younger it went from an adult to a teen to a child to a baby till i destroyed the entire hotel after that a lil kid came out with a bunch of strollers and said to me don't lose faith in god and disappeared.

Example: What does it mean to dream losing a loved one?

The dream started with my baby sister wanting to be with me in a crowded parking lot but I was in a car and trying to reach out to her but someone was holding me not letting me. That's when I lost sight of her and fought my way out of the car and busted the car door open to find her. I couldn't see her so I looked at a bunch of people and started screaming "Where is she?! Where is she?!"

The crowd pointed to where she was and she was in a whole (there were like hardwood floors) and she laid there with the top of her head with a little blood. And there were like keychains with pictures of her behind her head. I got the feeling she was hit by a car but I didn't see it with my own eyes.

I began crying hysterically and holding her, and everyone just disappeared around me. I was screaming and lost my voice.

That's when three men appeared that I didn't know. They seemed just like three regular men passing by. That's when I realized I was dreaming. And I looked at them and with my hoarse voice and asked "Why did this happen?! Just why?! Does it mean she is really gonna die? Like in the other life no this one." And they looked at me and shrugged. That's when I started following them and begging them for answers and I asked "Does it mean she's in danger? PLEASE tell me!" And they said "Yes she's in grave danger.. or it could mean that it's her time to well you know, die" And I started screaming "no, no please don't tell me that. She's just a baby. She needs to live she's innocent why not take me just please not her..." And they said "She isn't going to school she..." And I stared at them crying in confusion. And they said "Maybe your aunt arenda knows" And i have no idea what my aunt had to do with it. And That's when i saw someone spying on us and then the men saw and they all laughed and waved at him. Than I started crying again and telling them that this couldn't be right. Than I woke up.

I just don't understand why she died, why there was blood at the top of her head, why there was a keychain on her wound, and especially why those three men showed up that i've never seen in my life. Please answer this. My sister really means everything to me.

Example: Keep having dreams of losing fights?

so i keep dreaming i get in a fight with someone (friends, randoms etc) and try to bash them but im really weak and cant hit properly.
anyone know what this means?

Example: I keep dreaming that I lose fights?

I've had several, probably about 20, dreams that I get in a fight with any of several close friends (whom I usually haven't been getting along with when this happens). But, in the dream, we'll be yelling and it'll escalate to physical. But when I punch them my fights move in slow motion, and when I hit them, it's like punching a pillow. Not hard at all, and my fists just slide off, and it doesn't hurt them. It's weird. What could this mean?

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