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Dream About Losing Sight meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

This guy that I am friends with benefits with and I were in my dream. We were laying on the floor on my little sister's room, while he was on top of me, and kissing me. As that was going on, the sun was coming in through the window and getting in my eyes by how bright it was. I've looked up different things on what this could mean, but I would like some feedback.

This guy must mean a lot to you.I'd say you think of him as someone that is Intelligent and, well, hot.The sun usually symbolizes male energy,active and conscious.Only you can figure out the symbolism of your little sisters room.Some questions to ask yourself are:how do I feel in my little sister's room?Does it make me feel younger,little or more adult as in taking care of the sister?Does it add an element of thrill or risk doing that in her room(as in,maybe we'll get caught)? You say this guy is a friend does that mean you have not made out with him like in your dream?It changes the meaning a lot if you have.If you have I would say that you may think he is a little too much for you, that he is blinding you to anything but him.On the other hand if you are simply friends it could mean that you would really like it to be more but feel that you would have trouble not becoming engulfed in his "brightness" and lose sight of yourself.Another question to ask is did you like the sun in your eyes like that or not.I'm thinking it was probably distracting to you which could mean that your higher self is trying to get your attention about this matter.you know,shine a light on it so to speak.
Hope this helps some.

Example: What does it mean when you dream off losing an arm?

I had a dream last night that left me kind of shaken. I drempt that I had a girl, who I don't recognize cut off my right arm (from the elbow down). I am left handed. In the dream I remember for a while I didn't really care, then I started having regret because I saw how badly I'd disfigured my body. I remember being hesitant to tell my parents, but when I did I remember telling them that the arm was bad or infected and needed to be cut off. They didn't really seem worried and close to the end of my dream I was holding the severed piece of my arm against where it had been cut off. For a little bit it was like my arm had fused back together. I showed my mom and asked if it would heal and she said maybe. I was a little happy but then when I looked down at my right arm it was purple and limp like it was rotting. Then the severed piece just fell right off and I woke up. I don't know why but when I woke the muscles in my right arm right above my elbow throbbed.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had this dream of the ocean rising... It started raining, my brother and my friend were with me. We were walking together along my main street. My brother in real life has a crush on this friend of mine, so in my dream I was going home but he wanted to stay with her so I left him and her alone and walked away. The next thing I know I'm at My ex-mother in laws house looking out the window. There was the most horrific sight I have ever seen, the clouds were dark, It was still raining but on the next block I could see the ocean covering all of the town that is next to us. The water was so blue and beautiful but is was streaming so fast and rising even faster. I thought immediately of my brother and ran out the door to search for him.There were people everywhere running on the street, everyone was looking to get to higher grounds. One family was in a hummer, I asked the father to please drop me off where I last left my brother, but he was going the opposite direction. I got off the car and proceeded to look for my brother. All i kept thinking about was finding him and feeling the anxiety of losing him. My phone was ringing in the dream, the ring tone was my boyfriends it was ringing and ringing and that's what woke me up was him calling me in real life as well. I was crying and felt relieved that he woke me up, but immediately looked for my brother in the room. He was sleeping.

Example: What does my dream mean?

Last night, I dreamed I was a prince on a white horse, galloping through an enchanted forest protected by a witch's magic. I met the witch's fair daughter and we instantly fell in love. We rode out of the forest, with the witch hot on our heels. But as long as I had my horse, we were unharmed by the witch's magic. It was a long chase. Suddenly, my horse sprouted wings and took off, taking us high up into the sky. Just when we thought we had outsmarted the witch, a thunderbolt struck us, injuring my horse's wing. We fell to the earth, and she snatched my lady-love from me. I searched for her frantically and battled the witch to the death. When she saw that I was losing my foothold, my lady-love intervened for me and she was killed by the witch. She died for me. Then, along came my horse. She lay down beside my lady-love and she talked, telling me to cut open her chest and take her heart which I did. When she died, my lady-love came back to life. And right beside her was an enchantress

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream in which i was standing in the church parking lot beside my mother. She was talking to this other lady at the church. I was just standing beside her being silent like i usually do and looking around. When a few feet ahead of me i saw my cousin standing there. Then this bee came flying to where she was and she was fanning at the bee trying to get him to go away.he flew around her head then landed on her head and she got him off and he flew off and turned into a wasp and came flying around me I tryed to get him to go away. he landed in my head and stung me. I could feel my head swelling up and i began to walk away and held my held then i looked around and i was at a distance from my mother. So i decided to walk back but my head began to ache and i started bleeding. I almost fell but i somehow managed to stay standing up. I saw another lady from the church. She grabbed me and i told her what happened and that i needed to get back to my mother. She looked in my mother direction and said she couldnt help me but she would help me to sit down. i told her No i just need to go back. She looked at my injury and she said she couldnt stand the sight of seeing too much blood and began to hunch over and throw up. So i took her arms from around me and made my way back. Then my mother saw me and she ran over to me asking what happened. then i woke up

Example: What do my dreams mean?

I often have dreams where I have trouble walking, in example: I'm moving my feet and I can't go anywhere, I struggle to lift myself up off the ground, or I feel I can't support my own weight. I also have dreams where I can't see, have blurry vision, etc. Do these dreams mean anything?

Example: Dream meaning? Just curious?

I can't really remember the beginning, maybe something about someone trying to kill me. But it's the ending I'm more curious about anyways. The first major thing I remember is stopping whatever person from killing me and thinking I was safe. I was with my cousin, and we were at a family reunion or something. Right as I stopped this person from killing me or whatever, the entire room of people started closing in on me (and my cousin). This includes my immediate family, extended family and a bunch of people I don't know. For whatever reason I knew they were trying to eat me (I don't think they were trying to eat my cousin but she was just a shocked by all of this as me. I specifically remember my dad and her dad coming at us. I'm generally aware when I'm dreaming, so I thought this was that time when I was going to wake up (I have dreams a lot when people are going to kill me but then I wake up right before they do), but I didn't. They got really close, and my cousin and I booked it out of there by just plowing through everyone. When we got outside there was a massive amount of people who were also trying to eat us both I guess. There was a huge hill we were about to run down and we grabbed eachothers hands so we wouldn't lose eachother. But before we could go down, my mom grabbed my hand. For some reason she wasn't trying to eat me either. I remember sliding down the hill with the three of them, and noticing only half the people were trying to eat us and the other half was bugging out trying to get ice cream from this ice cream cart (they were acting like the cannibals but over ice cream.) There were also big pine trees we passed. We finally got to the bottom and came to this sidewalk and road were a couple cars drove by, but we weren't sure if the people in the cars were going to come after us either, so we ran down the side walk. We came to a part were a big wall of rocks ran along the side walk, and right as we were about to turn and go down another road (still following the sidewalk), we noticed a little opening in the rocks. We ran back to it and were about to go into it when a car passed us. We still thought it'd be the best idea pull ourselves into it(it was above us), even though there could have been people inside too. But then I woke up. Any idea what any of that means?

Example: What could my dream mean?

Last night, I dreamed that I was eating dinner with Nazi soldiers and, despite the fact that I was not considered a member of the Aryan race, they all seemed to like me and we dined cheerfully. Later, I left and my lover, an Italian spy, came to give me news that all of the propaganda surrounding the war was untrue and the Axis powers were losing. The American soldiers were closing in and soon, I was disillusioned with the sight of thousands of dead Romani and Jews in a concentration camp. I cried because I truly didn't know what was going on and I was faced with the horror of everything that took place in the camps. My dream ended there.

Example: What does it mean to dream losing a loved one?

The dream started with my baby sister wanting to be with me in a crowded parking lot but I was in a car and trying to reach out to her but someone was holding me not letting me. That's when I lost sight of her and fought my way out of the car and busted the car door open to find her. I couldn't see her so I looked at a bunch of people and started screaming "Where is she?! Where is she?!"

The crowd pointed to where she was and she was in a whole (there were like hardwood floors) and she laid there with the top of her head with a little blood. And there were like keychains with pictures of her behind her head. I got the feeling she was hit by a car but I didn't see it with my own eyes.

I began crying hysterically and holding her, and everyone just disappeared around me. I was screaming and lost my voice.

That's when three men appeared that I didn't know. They seemed just like three regular men passing by. That's when I realized I was dreaming. And I looked at them and with my hoarse voice and asked "Why did this happen?! Just why?! Does it mean she is really gonna die? Like in the other life no this one." And they looked at me and shrugged. That's when I started following them and begging them for answers and I asked "Does it mean she's in danger? PLEASE tell me!" And they said "Yes she's in grave danger.. or it could mean that it's her time to well you know, die" And I started screaming "no, no please don't tell me that. She's just a baby. She needs to live she's innocent why not take me just please not her..." And they said "She isn't going to school she..." And I stared at them crying in confusion. And they said "Maybe your aunt arenda knows" And i have no idea what my aunt had to do with it. And That's when i saw someone spying on us and then the men saw and they all laughed and waved at him. Than I started crying again and telling them that this couldn't be right. Than I woke up.

I just don't understand why she died, why there was blood at the top of her head, why there was a keychain on her wound, and especially why those three men showed up that i've never seen in my life. Please answer this. My sister really means everything to me.

Example: Do people who accidentally lose their sight still dream?

do people who can see but lost their sight due to accident or illnesses can still dream?

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